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Are we fans of Damon and Colby? I’m definitely a fan of Damon, I’m not sure if I’m a fan of this pairing. It could be that I’m not really a fan of Colby. But we all knew the minute that Liza told Colby to stay away from Damon; their friendship was going to take a turn. SPOILER has it the two continue to connect and when Damon runs off its Colby he comes home with. Tad is relieved that his son comes home but, he’s still aggravated that he can’t seem to find something to bond over with his son. Will Damon feel like the walls are closing in on him? Looks like that’s the case as he takes off from the hospital and Colby’s his co-pilot. Will the pair be in trouble when Damon is a little out of control behind the wheel?

Will Angie be on Team Damon? It looks like Angie will try to get father and son to see eye to eye. He even impresses the good Doctor when she spies Damon with a disturbed teen.

Jack and Erica back on track?
Lord I hope so since I just can’t see either of them with anyone else. Opal thinks Erica should just come clean and take a leap of faith with Jackson. With Jack staying in PV, he needs to set up his office and offers Krystal a job as his paralegal. Will Erica and Jack’s daughters be the reason they can’t make it work?

Tad is also being offered a new job! Ryan wants him to be his new casino manager after he, Tad and Krystal catch Craig and his sticky fingers stealing.

JR’s plan to take down Annie… It all starts with Annie and JR’s invitation to testify before a congressional subcommittee that is intended to increase awareness for the National Bone Marrow Registry. With JR assuring Annie that all he wants is for the two of them to get along, Annie confides in her step-son that she doesn’t trust Brooke. Sorry Annie, its JR that you really shouldn’t trust, he’s got the congressman who invited you in his pocket.

Greenlee, Greenlee, Greenlee…  I’m still hoping for a REAL love story for Greens and David despite their declarations of love coming up I’m still not completely swept off my feet. Greenlee can’t seem to figure out why David wants to keep her away from his trial. Is it because the truth regarding her accident is coming out? David’s determination to keep her away MAY not matter as Greens is on a mission of her own to find out everything about that fateful night. David tells Liza the truth about Kendall being behind the wheel the night Greenlee “died” and Jackson tells Erica that Greenlee needs to know what really happened that night.

The set-up for Adam and Brooke to ride off into the sunset… He’s dreaming about her and he’ll remember happy times they had together. Brooke tells Adam that she’s feeling a little “lost” with her kids scattered and living on their own. After almost letting his health issues slip to the family, Adam apologizes to Brooke who is thankful that Adam is ok. Is that a little premature? Adam’s life is SPOILED to be “on the line.”

RANDOM and CRAZY… Colby is going to be Damon’s tutor for the GED. Gayle better watch out for Turbo as David’s trial begins. Greenlee, PI? She’s looking for something in Erica’s office. How far will David go to protect his wife? Colby isn’t sure that JR can pull off his plan for Annie. Kendall RETURNS and squares off with her former BFF!

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    I can only hope that the two crash into a tree, and that it is revealed that Colby is actually a robot, and the REAL Colby is stuck in a well somewhere.

    I like Damon, but I don’t want him with Colby. In fact, I don’t want Colby with anyone I like. She is pathetic! Good thing Petey got out!

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    Why can’t AMC find a good Colby? Is it so hard to find a talented young actress?  Instead of Colby, I would like to see more story for Natalia. SK is smoking hot and can act!  Damon with Natalia would bring about some serious tension between  the Martin and Hubbard clans.

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    Ok, y’all AMChildrens help me w\history,  

    1.  Is this Hilliary, Damon’s mom, was she seeing Tad during the hey day of Angie, Jessie, Liza as teens?  He’s 18, when was Tad suppose to sleep with Hilliary?

    2. Would that make Damon older then Jamie? 

    This just seems a little confusing, not knocking it because I like the character, just don’t know  whole history of AMC.  AMC needs to bring back Jamie and please recast Marisa with Alexa (original Babe). I loved her.  Just darken her hair more like David.  They don’t need to do triangle with Erica, like someone had wrote, "been there, been done to death"…just let Erica and Jack have a sweeping romance.  Erica  and Jack could tell both Kendal and Greenlee, GET IT OVER IT, family tensions..I love it!  Put the real rilvary back in order Greenlee & Kendall , Erica & Brooke!   Erica & Brooke doesn’t need to fight over a man, both a huge, sucessful business women, what it Brooke gave exclusive coverage for Greenlee in Tempo, Brooke shut out Erica…meow…love when those two are cat fighting, Erica needs another bitch on canvas like her and long standing bingo Brooke

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    As always thanks for the spoilers, Regan!!!!

    I have grown to like Damon, but I don’t him and Colby, I say bring back Dre or Petey for her.

    Can’t wait to see what happens with Jack and Erica and Brooke and Adam.

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    Regan Cellura

    I may be wrong but I could have sworn there was a throw away line where Tad said he met up with Hillary 18 yrs ago for one night. Did anyone else catch that or was I hearing things?

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    I don’t really care how old Damon is, or whether the writers have taken liberties with his age. I like Damon, and I like the actor playing Damon as well. But they need a DECENT Colby, but they need to find a decent CASTING DIRECTOR first!!!!!Judy Blye Wilson has proven herself TOTALLY and COMPLETELY incompetent!!!! If she did cast a new Colby, she’d probably be worse than the actress playing her now!!!

    Greenlee is becoming too bitchy for me. She does nothing but yell at people, accuse everyone of "having it out for her", and she has lost the sense of humor that I once enjoyed about her. This "new" Greenlee is nothing but a pitbull with lipstick on. I find it difficult to sympathize with her at all, much less care about who they put her with. I love Rebecca Budig, but I wish the writers would give this character some BALANCE!!!!

    When the REAL Greenlee returns, I would love to see a realistic romance between her and David, but the writers have made it clear that the only man she really loves is Ryan, and she’s only using David to try to hurt Ryan and get revenge on him, so it seems pointless to have them declare their love for each other when we all know they are just gonna turn around and put Greenlee back with Ryan in three months!!! Who do I root for???

    I have heard rumors that they are gonna kill off Adam Chandler, and that when he returns in the future, it will be as a GHOST (just like Alan Quartermaine!). I REALLY hope these rumors are false, and I hope that Lorraine Broderick isn’t stupid enough to repeat the past mistakes of Megan McTavish and Chuck Pratt and kill off core characters just for shock value.


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    Tad explained to both Jesse and Krystal that he and Hillary did get together for one night several years after their divorce and just before she married the man who Damon thinks is his father.

    So that’s how they are explaining his age.

    I like Damon ok but this Colby just isn’t doing it for me.

    I am still loving David and Greenlee together!

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    David & Greens are fantastic together.  If TBTB played their cards right, they could have a huge long-running triangle with David/Greenlee/Ryan. 

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    Hey Regan- thank you for this!  I may be in the minority when I say this- but I like this new Colby.  Granted she needs to grow as an actress– but so did Kelly Ripa when she first aired.  I like the Colby/Damon pairing– especially with the undertone of the Tad/Liza past relationship.  I do think this story would have more PUNCH if Hillary came back for a few episodes.  I read a rumor that Damon will be involved in a major accident cause he was texting while driving!!!!  IF THIS IS TRUE- MY HAT IS OFF TO AMC— this is a huge problem and so many of us do it– and dont realize the lives we put into jeopardy!!!!!!!  They should have damon seriously hurt a major character– Randi perhaps– putting Jesse/Angie/Tad in a very odd spot.

    I have liked the Greenlee/David pairing from their wedding day.  I would love to see Greenlee/Erica feud kicked up a knotch — maybe having David & Erica start to grow closer— just at a time when Greenlee realizes she has real feelings  for David.  And david could be torn!  Would Erica cheat on Jackson with his daughters HUSBAND?? Now that is a real soap opera quadrangle!!!  I am more vested in that – then Pratt’s Erica/Ryan/Greenlee triangle– that was GROSS!!!!  I agree however that Erica needs a real foe. 

    I am soo anxious to see the Chandler/Cortlandt feud play out.  I have my toes and fingers crossed for a recasting of ROSS CHANDLER- now that Adam is leaving.  I would also love for it to come out that PALMER didnt update his will since he was married to VANESSA.  WHich could mean dad would inherit a lot!

    I am not really getting the reason for KRYSTAL right now- athough I do like the actress– they need to give her something she can sink her teeth into.

    Happy to hear the HW’s are being smart about the timing for the recast of Bianca!  Although I love the idea of Brooke & Adam leaving togther— I wish Brooke was sticking around.  Erica needs another strong powerful woman as a foe.  Greenlee is an ok match up– but once Kendall come sbakc– the feud between Erica & Greeenlee was fizzle out. I think the show needs the ANTI-ERICA — kinda like Dorian is the anti-Viki.  These women at times are similar- but couldnt be more different.  Erica is reactive where as Brooke is clam and collective that is why these two at odds worked.  If not Brooke- then maybe Vanessa can come back.  For this to work Erica would need to be more toned down and written as the heroine doing what is right always– and vanessa written as the woman who wants everything ERICA KANE HAS!

    Ryan needs a new love intererest so he can move past Greeenless– I mean the auidence has moved past those two as a couple– so lets get him a new love and be done with that Rylee pairing.  Ryan and Madison are alright– but I think Ryan and Natalia would be better.  Part of what I & most others cant stand about Ryan is how he is written as a hero ALL THE TIME saving his lady in waiting!  Well– lets see Ryan in a relationship with a woman who can protect herself (and him for that matter!).

    Angie & Jesse— just happy when they are on my screen!!

    I am also excited to see Liza back to her old ways!!! 

    **** I may get boo’ed for saying this BUT I am enjoying AMC way more then OLTL these days!  I’m seriuos– AMC is on track- and OLTL has been such a downer in my mind.  I hardly care about most of their current storylines– Jessica is Highschool?  Rex’s paternity changes AGAIN???  Blair/Todd/Kelly– really???

    Blair excepted Todd moved on a while ago with Tea– why should I be vested in a Blair/Todd/Kelly triangle now???  Silly– the person who should be most effected with teh Todd/Kelly friendship is KEVIN!!  He should be spitting nails.  But for  whatever reason OLTL wont bring Dan G back full time

    The only OLTL story I am enjoying right now is Marko~ Langston~ Ford. 

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    TV Gord

    I’ve mentioned this before, but the problem with the Tad/Damon connection is that 18 years ago, MEK was off the show (trying his luck in Hollywood) and Tad was presumed dead after going off the bridge with Billy Clyde.  He was actually roaming the countryside as amnesiac Ted Orsini. 

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    I really like Damon! This actor is so great, I am glad AMC kept him and put him on contract. I see why now….I love how AMC is writing this character. This whole "Like father, like Son" storyline he has with Tad, is a hit in my opinion!

    This Colby is such a wild card…sometimes I like her, sometimes I don’t. But I do enjoy her whenever she is with Damon, like on today’s show for example.

    I cannot wait to see Kendall! The showdown with Greenlee\Kendall should be great.

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    I wish they would take the Greenlee/David connection seriously. Also, I think I’m the only person in the world who doesn’t like Jack/Erica. Jackson comes across as sooooo whipped when paired with Erica. I get the whole strong woman thing, I really do, but the character of Erica takes it to an extreme and I don’t think she’s capable of being anything but selfish in a relationship. I haven’t like her pairings since Dimitri and if she continues to be this way, I hope Erica ends up alone. No man on my screen deserves to be demasculated the way a man paired with Erica tends to be. Just my .02.

    Also, I can’t stand nuColby and since I’m liking Damon, I don’t want them together. I’d be totally on board with this whole Annie/JR s/l if it means that they end up falling for eachother (for real) and I can be put out of my misery with boring Marissa. I really like Annie (sane and/or crazy) and think she never gets a fair deal. I also miss the Annie that first graced my screen.

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    I can’t believe people are tripping over the timeline of Damon’s conception and birth.  Colby was born in 1999 for pete’s sake, why are people going on and on about where Tad was 18 years ago in real time?

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    TV Gord

    You’re right, Ifad.  I’ll get back to my ironing now.  (That kind of quibbling is part of the fun of watching soaps for me, though.)  :-)

    My favorite one recently is Frankie Hubbard coming back as a 25-year-old.  When he and Angie were on The City back in 1995, he was a film student in college. 

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    Thanks for the spoilers, Regan!
    I;m not really a fan of Damon/Colby. I like the actor who plays Damon and even Natalie Hall sometimes, but I don’t like them together. They and Ryan/Maddison are the only fastforaward material for me. The rest of the show looks great this wait. I can’t wait to see mor of J.R’s plan to seduce Annie!

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