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CHATTER about Morgan Corinthos…or more specifically about Aaron Refvem. Apparently the little man booked himself an NBC pilot. Will another Corinthos kid get a new face? My guess? IF NBC picks up the pilot, yep! As I was typing this blog, ABC Soaps in Depth tweeted that the role has been recast. Geesh! What in the world!

More on Kiefer getting run over… Sweet Justice? Will he be alive when he makes it to GH? I’m hearing that he MAY be and that when he dies at the hospital, we COULD be in for a mystery. Anyone interested in that? Sam wants Alexis to keep silent for Kristina’s sake. She’s been through enough and she needs her mom. Jason thinks something is up. Will Spinelli help him figure it out? No matter how Kiefer’s life actually ends or who figures out what really happened, it LOOKS like Kristina will believe that Ethan is at fault for running her boyfriend down. Is this just another thing for Krissy to blame herself for? IS this how Franco makes his reappearance? RUMOR has it that when Kiefer bites it, Franco thinks Jason carried out an order. Remember his threat?

Everybody has a past… Ethan learned about Luke’s and now Dante will learn about Lulu’s. RUMORS say that Dante will find out that Lulu had an abortion. What will his reaction be? Who else has a back story? It looks like Dr. Lisa has a secret coming up or out.

I’ve been looking forward for the truth about Claudia’s killing to come out. Now, I’m not so sure. I can’t say that I’m sitting on pins and needles anymore with the reveal set to come out and I have no idea who will be the one acting it out. Will we get to see Drew Garrett finish it out or will Chad Duell be the one ending this storyline? Prosecutor Claire is getting closer to the truth and she will find out that Michael killed Claudia. I sort of want Dante to find out first and try to protect his brother. Remember, Duell debuts on April 20. It appears that some of his first scenes are with big brother Dante.

Liz is sprung… I mentioned that Patrick gives her a ride home. Steven isn’t so sure she’s ready to leave Shadybrooke but, his sister is ready to be home. Nikolas wants to keep Elizabeth safe from Helena.

RANDOM and CRAZY… Will it be Sam and Molly who find Kiefer on the side of the road? Diane will know the truth! From Maxie’s testimony, Claire figures out the car was Michael’s. Olivia will be no help, to either side. Johnny wants a roomie! 

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  1. Profile photo of troymcclure

    I hate that Kiefer dies but at least he isn’t murdered by the "upstanding" citizens of PC. 
    I’m happy that Kiefer causes havoc even from beyond the grave.  Kiefer was a great villain played by an awesome actor that I would’ve liked for him to possibly return in the future.  Immagine how that would turn Kristina’s life upside down.

    I’m curious to see Krissy’s reaction to his death

    (dammit, I’m gonna miss Christian soooo much)

  2. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Are the writers really gonna jump into a "Who murdered Keifer" storyline??? Really? It would’ve been nice for Keifer to actually have been properly punished first!!!! This seems like a copout for the writers—-not justice or punishment!!! I wanted to see this kid get sent to prison or hung on a meat hook, not run down by a car. I was hoping for a bigger payoff for this story.

    Having Ethan, Jason or even Sonny have to pay for running down that dirt bag makes Keifer the victim, and he is far from a victim. I think that this is a LAME storyline twist, and I feel cheated by it.

    PS—I know this is all "rumor," but I REALLY hope none of it is true.

  3. Profile photo of RockiDreams

    Wow, I am shocked that Kristina might believe Ethan ran Keifer over.  She has such stellar character and integrity to point the finger – ahem – at others.  What is with that family and hitting people with cars.  I am going to guess that Dr. Lisa might have a Patrick bambino tucked away somewhere?  Oh please, no more Franco.  That was so tiresome along with that tedious song they play when he is on.  I want the Liz/Nicholas story to move along with the evil Helene (Helen?) in the mix.  Love her.  I am glad to see Diane is still going to be on my screen more often – she is fantastic.  Thanks for the spoilers as always.

  4. Profile photo of Sane85

    I also still feel like it’s a cop-out, for reasons I’ve mentioned previously. As for Lulu’s abortion, I think the more important thing that Dante should find out is how slept with a married man with the sole purpose of breaking up his marriage. And, she more or less did it because she was bored. But, that’s just me. Now that I think about it, why are they bringing this back up right now? Some of us are just beginning to like Lulu again, and I know I don’t need to be reminded of why I hated the hussy to begin with.

    Also, will someone please tell me what the hell Liz is even still doing in Shadybrook? I still haven’t heard a diagnosis for her being in there in the first place, so I don’t understand why anyone would doubt that she is okay to leave.

  5. Profile photo of keanna

    As always thanks for the spoilers, Regan!!!!

    I know Kristina’s been through alot, but Ethan is becoming the more sympathetic figure here, he does not deserve this. I just hope the truth comes out before very long. I still say that killing off Keifer is a cop-out.

    I am with you, Regan as far as Claudia is concern, I just don’t care if the truth comes out anymore. But I do want Dante to be the first to find out as well.

  6. Profile photo of troymcclure

    [quote=Regan Cellura]That is a RUMOR out there. It’s POSSIBLE that he dies from his injuries from being run over.[/quote]
    Oh it isn’t definite?  I read a rumor about a Sonny vs kiefer showdown which I’m dying to see, apparently Kiefer tells Sonny she deserved what she got.

    I’m sure Kiefer will end up dead one way or another but I still think it would’ve been great to see a different outcome.  Send Kiefer to juvie and anger management classes that still leaves the door open for a return in the future and it isn’t so morbid.  I really have a problem with them killing off a kid.

  7. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Keifer isn’t THAT stupid, is he??? He seems to be afraid of Sonny, and the last time I checked, he wasn’t SUICIDAL! To tell Sonny Corinthos to his FACE that "Kristina deserved what she got??" Saying something that stupid would be the equivalent of signing his own death warrant and BEGGING Sonny to kill him!!!! I don’t know if I believe that rumor. Keifer is not a TOTAL moron.

  8. Profile photo of twinvirgo55

    I totally agree with you.  Once Kiefer is outed, good writing dictates that we see him suufer and be punished for his actions.  The hit and run and eventual death turns him into a victim.  Most importantly, there must be concsequences for those who falsely accused and persecuted Ethan.  We must see on screen their reactions to being wrong. This should cause a rift between Sonny and Luke.  There must be consequences for Sonny always jumping to conclusions.  He is never right.  The dumbest mob boss in the history of television.  He would be lost without Jason, Carly and Diane.

  9. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    The worse part of today’s show was every time we had to hear Liz whining!!!  It was so nice not to have to see her for a few days at least!

    What is it with all the Davis women blamming Ethan for everything wrong in their lives?  I hope when this storyline ends that all of them get punished for their actions!  That includes Molly who illegally broke into 2 email accounts and sent false emails, not to mention all her lying.  I definitely hope that Kristina gets punished for stealing a car, driving illegally, causing Claudia’s car accident and killing her baby, blamming others for her actions and then lying repeatedly to the police about who beat her up.  And if Alexis really does lie about hitting Keifer with her car and allows Ethan to take the blame, then I hope she is punished as well.  And not with silly community service this time!  Both Kristina and Alexis should serve time in jail!!!  And perhaps social services should be called in to see why both of Alexis’s children are allowed to run wild.  If GH is trying to portray Alexis as a lousy parent they are doing an excellent job of it!

    I’m beyond caring if the truth about Michael comes out or not.  With DG gone I’ve lost interest.

    Johnny acted like an imbecile in court today.  Does he think Sonny and Jason will let him live after what he did, especially in front of Kristina?  Johnny did look a little guilty when he noticed Kristina in the back row crying.  When this trial is over I don’t think Johnny will be around much longer.

    I thought the judge was a hoot today! 

    I was happy to see Jason insist to Sam that Lucky was going to continue to investigate Kristina’s beating whether she liked it or not.  I was also happy to see that when Luke discussed having Lucky continue to investigate Kristina’s beating with Alexis, she actually agreed to it. 

    I thought Luke’s talk with Ethan was well done.

    Loved seeing Tracy give it to Nickolas!!!
    Sad to see AR go but I wish him the best of luck!  TPTB made a stupid mistake not putting him and HP on contract.  She could be the next to go.  Both are such talented young actors and it’s disappointing to loose either of them.

  10. Profile photo of liason4real

    Regan, thanks for the spoilers.

    Is it me or just plain sloppy writing, but Liz spent one month in the hospital during the bio-ball mess and now one month in SB without getting any therapy other than the nonsense with Dikolas and Doofus….why? 

  11. Profile photo of jlj0117

    I want to see Lulu apologize to Ethan, for being the crappiest sister on the planet.

    As far as her abortion goes, and her reason behind it…………………it was a while ago. She has lived with remorse for what she did to Georgie and Dillon, and it just isn’t something I hold against her anymore.

  12. Profile photo of Sane85

    jlj0117: Uuugh, see this is exactly why I wish they don’t even bring it up. If I have to hear one more time how Lulu has lived with remorse, etc. I may just start hating the tart again. The fact is that the only remorse she lived with was getting knocked up. She never gave a flying fig what she did to Georgie, and frankly would probably have kept at her plan if she hadn’t ended up pregnant. The only thing Lulu did was feel sorry for herself. And, if she never apologized to Lucky for being the crappiest sister after the Jake fiasco, I highly doubt she will to Ethan.

    Woooosah! I have to remember that I have actually been liking her recently. Woooosah!

  13. Profile photo of GHfanatic4lyfe

    I am really enjoying the Kristina storyline.  Well, maybe enjoying isn’t the right word when dealing with such serious and graphic subject matter.  I find myself watching and waiting for all these different beats to be played: I wish it was May so I could see how this ends!  Like most people, I feel it is a huge cop out for Kiefer to be killed and not have to account for his abusive behavior.  Especially if it is Alexis who is the one that hits him.  What is making me upset is that Ethan will once again have to pay for someone else’s wrong actions, all because he reached out to the lonely girl in the first place.  This reeks of hypocrisy.  How many times have we seen Alexis and Sam and even Sonny all over town demanding that Ethan pay for his actions?  Never mind that the 3 of them (Sonny especially- but that is another Oprah) have never had to deal with the consequences of their actions.  Will Ethan get an apology when the truth comes out?  No, they will cover for Alexis!  I guess it is only a matter of time before she puts that Butler costume back on and starts pouring tea and sympathy. 

  14. Profile photo of jlj0117
    The fact is that the only remorse she lived with was getting knocked up. She never gave a flying fig what she did to Georgie, and frankly would probably have kept at her plan if she hadn’t ended up pregnant.

    she didn’t find out that she was pregnant, until after she had told Dillon the truth.

  15. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    I have read some spoilers that say that Dante doesn’t react well to hearing about Lulu’s past abortion, but I don’t understand why Dante would be upset about it. If anything, he should be understanding and empathetic without passing unfair judgments. Hell, he isn’t naive. He knows that stuff happens, and sometimes you have to make hard choices. I know the writers are gonna have to eventually create some tension between these two, but I hope they can come up with something better than this to drive these two apart.

    BTW: I don’t believe most of what I read, so this is probably crap as well!!!

  16. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Isnt Dante Catholic??  Plus his mother had a preg. at 16.  I am sure abortion was something that many women would have considered in that position, so it would make sense that he feels fortunate that he mother had a value system that kept her from going that route.

  17. Profile photo of BigDede

    Please end this stupid Kristina storyline.

    Now he gets ran over by Alexis!  And Ethan gets blamed. 

    I wasn’t a huge fan of Ethan/Johnny’s little adventures but I’ll take that over Ethan being blamed for every freakin thing that goes wrong in Kristina’s life!

  18. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    I agree this blaming Ethan is a bit heavy handed, they are overdoing it….I’m sympathetic now let it go…

    Guza doesn’t know when to drive the point then move on he’s got the sympathy card going for Ethan why club me to death with it.’

  19. Profile photo of LovesDog

    I doubt Lisa has secret child with Patrick. Guza keeps telling  us how Patrick’s life with Robin and Emma is a drag, if Lisa has a child, then his life with her would also be a downer. Lisa is light and fun. Puke. Robin and Steven should get together. Johnny is another option.

  20. Profile photo of PurpleRocks

    Maybe Lisa got pregnant with Patrick’s child and then got an abortion.  That could explain why she’s so jealous being with Robin and Emma.  She could be regretting it and thinking that this could have been her life if she told Patrick about the baby.  Who knows.  That chick has a few screws loose and will probably do something really messed up to break Scrubs up, in my opinion.

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