Greenlee and Kendall Come Face to Face on AMC

Kendall’s (Alicia Minshew) back in Pine Valley and Greenlee (Rebecca Budig) wants answers from her friend and business partner. Watch this week’s All My Children promo after the jump.

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    SO.. now the truth should come out that Ryan lied to Greenlee about Zach and Reese having sex which is why Greenlee went racing off to confront her pal Zach only to be forced off the road by a Kendall/Zach driving while fighting.

    Then Greenlee can learn how everyone looked for her but David hid her NOT to save her but to hurt Ryan. His lies that he didnt tell them because he wasnt sure she’d make it are pathetic, even McTavish could have written a better excuse than that.

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    Greenlee has become such a BITCH!!! I hope that Kendall reminds her of all the CRAP she’s done over the years—–like almost KILLING Spike, and almost getting her convicted of murder by snatching that pregnancy pad off her stomach!!! Or taking Ryan away from her—even though Ryan was hardly worth the trouble???? I am hoping for Greenlee to get her sense of humor and bubbly spirit back sometime this year!!!!!

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    Soaptown USA is saying that AM is back for good at the end of the summer and its looking like it will be WITHOUT TK.

    I am stoked to have AM back but bummed about TK.  I dont understand why he would want to go to OLTL – I think that show is DYING.

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