Happy 47th Birthday GH!

Happy 47th Birthday General Hospital! I’ve had a bumpy relationship with my favorite daytime drama, however even though at times GH makes me mad, there have been plenty of moments I have absolutely loved!  Clink-Boom, Lullaby Massacre and some pairings that I will never forget. Check out some of my favorites after the jump.

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    Happy 47th GH.

    GH has always been my favorite soap i quit watching all others but GH is my one addiction i cant give up those were all some great episode especially the Liason NOP.

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     Happy Birthday, GH!  I may not always agree with how the stories revolve around the mob, but I will forever be a fan.  For me, GH rocked in the 90’s.  I still watch pretty regularly because of such a talented cast and the fact some of my favorite residents of Port Charles, like Robin, Tracy, & Jason, are still part of the show.  

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    Yeah, even on it’s WORST day, GH is still better than most of the other soaps on their BEST day. Congrats on turning 47…….you don’t look a day past 40. LOL!!!!

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    How about:

    Alan getting caught in an explosion while trying to kill Rick and Monica
    Alan trying to drop the attic roof on Rick and Monica
    Tracy withholding Edward’s meds, only to find out Edward was testing her
    Laura’s rape
    Luke and Laura’s wedding
    Heather Webber drinks LSD laden Milk meant for Diana Taylor
    Alice Grant kills Diana Taylor
    Susan Moore’s Murder Mystery
    The Death of Stone Cates
    Anna and Robin come to town
    Anna and Duke fall in love
    Luce Coe is a sex kitten disguised as a librarian
    Dominique dies in Scotty’s arms/Lucy serves as the surrogate to their love child
    BJ’s Heart
    The Nurses Ball
    Anna and Robert fall back in love
    Burt Ramsey is Mr. Big
    Ryan Chamberlain stalks Felicia
    Kevin Collins has a break down and goes after Felicia
    Tiffany and Bobbie battle for custody of Lucas
    Caroline Benson steals Tony from her mother Bobbie
    Carly falls down the stairs during a fight with a drunken AJ
    Carly and Jason meet and start a no-names affair
    Carly and Sonny mourn the death of their unborn child
    AJ kidnaps Michael and fakes his death, JaSam rescues Michael
    Metro Court Hostage Crisis
    Kristina needs a bone marrow donor/Sam loses her baby
    Zander and Emily on the run
    Lois pops out of the cake
    Ned and Lois at Coney Island
    Lucy and Damien Smith wager a bet on whether he can seduce Bobby

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    WOW good memory those were all some good storylines Tamara Braun rocked in the AJ kidnaps Michael storyline she will always be my 2nd favorite carly another storline that comes to mind is when ric locked her in the panic room that was a good one.

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    EET – How about Luke and Laura on the run, dancing in the department store, sleeping on opposite sides of a hanging blanket, etc.?

    And what about all the Robert, Anna, Luke and Laura adventures?

    Congratulations on 47 years General Hospital!  I can’t believe I’ve watched 36 of them.  GH, the best soap on television!!!

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    Sassy THOSE TOO!!!  LOL

    Robert and Anna are my all time favorite couple although they really werent together on screen long.  I loved when she tied him to that pole and then she had to race all around pc trying to find someone willing to untie him LOL

    And Liason fan thanks for reminding me …

    my favorite TB story…

    Ric locks Carly in the panic room!!!

    I also loved the faux Ric rape when she ties him to a chair and wants to kill him.

    I didnt add Trevor vs. Ric  because although they had those amazing scenes where he told his father that he wanted to knock his teeth down his throat, the storyline was never given the room to really be explored.

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    *sigh* Great picks. My favorite will always be Clink-Boom. 
    Happy Birthday, GH!!. You’ve pissed me off at times but I love you still. 

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    TC irene

    Wow y’all have brought back some great memories.

    I loved Edward’s Thanksgiving Nightmare, also when he had his "heart attack" while Tracy withheld his medicine.

    Sonny/Brenda in Puerto Rico..OMG or when he found out she had worn the wire on him.

    Jason Morgan "goes to church" on Faith Roscoe is right up there with Clink Boom imo.

    Any Nurses Ball EVER !!!!

    So many to choose from I could be here all day.

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    Regan Cellura

    There were so many to choose from, I went with what popped in my head first! I will always love when Lucky popped up at Kelly’s and introduced himself to Ruby. Loved Zander and Emily on the run, Emily trying to fly off the roof when she was high. Any nurses ball. Frisco and Felicia’s first meeting. MetroCourt crisis. Jason holed up in Liz’s studio. 

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