Jillian's B&B Spoilers!

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Stephen/Beth: The Logans are back in LA due to Beth's condition rapidly deteriorating. Eric extends an invitation for his in-laws to stay with him. Peace in the Forrester home ends when Stephanie and Beth get in a bitch-fest over her staying with Eric. Stephanie makes the gesture to move out of the guest house, to ease the stress in Eric's life.

Bill/Katie: Dollar Bill tells his wife the in-laws can bunk in with them.

Bridget: She discovers she's pregnant. Bridget's guilt eats away at her and she decides to tell Nick about her affair with Owen, but Nick winds up creating a romantic setting.

Owen: He volunteers to take a DNA test to prove if he's the father or not.

Stephanie: She doesn't pay attention to Beth's attacks, which leads to a tragic end. Stephanie tries to paint her version of Beth's accident, which may cause problems for Ridge and Brooke's marriage.

A mother forces her child to keep a huge secret.