Soap Stars Featured in TeleNext and Wal-Mart Produced Secrets of the Mountain

Who said Procter and Gamble was out of the scripted TV game? NBC is relaunching its Family Movie Night with Wal-Mart and TeleNext Media’s (P&G’s Production arm) Secrets of the Mountain, starring Days of our Lives’ Shawn Christian, Paige Turco (ex-Dinah Marler, Guiding Light; ex-Melanie Cortlandt, All My Children) and Barry Bostwick. The flick, which was initially rumored to be a backdoor pilot, tells the story of the James family in an "edge-of-the seat thriller that reminds us that when times are tough, families don’t run away from problems – they run back to each other." Check out the trailer after the jump.



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     Eh, good for the actors and Shawn Christian.  It’s always great to see some Daytimers do some primetime stuff.  I can’t say I’m wowed.  I am not a fan of Wal mart, still getting over what Telenext did to GL and NBC is a gamble…so I’m on the fence about it.    It will be real interesting to see what the ratings are.

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    Ok, now I say it is good they have cast some former soap and current soap actors in this "National Treasure" regect film.

    Why is Family Movie Night on Friday Night when most children will be out with their friends? Why would they want to be home watching this?

    Lord NBC has been on a decline for years and this will not help it.

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     I saw this commercial played at the movies when I saw Bounty Hunter this past weekend. Funny my friend recognized Paige as the old Dinah, but I didn’t notice I guess cause I really wasn’t watching GL much at that time.
     Plus I had to convince my friend there was more than one Dinah and she was getting her mixed up with Wendy Moniz’s Dinah because she said the Dinah that was with Hart lol.

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