Victor Alfieri on AMC Role: Ciro “Doesn’t Respect Anybody, but in a Good Way”

We Love Soaps Damon Jacobs caught up with All My Children’s Victor Alfieri, who will play the famous photographer Ciro on the soap, where he will be mixing things up with the gals at Fusion. In the interview Alfieri sheds light on what AMC fans can expect from his character.

We Love Soaps: How is he crazy?

Victor Alfieri: Ciro is his name. He lives in his own world. He doesn’t follow any rules, he doesn’t respect anybody, but in a good way. He’s a very famous photographer. He thinks he is The Man and that people should just go to him. It’s funny to play because he’s a little cocky, but I’m playing him likable. He will make you laugh. He’s fun to play, and I think he’s fun to watch. He provides that comedic relief that every soap needs. So I read the material, I called my agent and manager said, “Yes, I want to do this, this is crazy, this is fun.” It happened very quickly. I accepted the first week in March, and started working March 10th. I met with the producer and the casting director, and both ladies are super nice. I felt right at home. I felt good inside. Like, “Wow this is a good family.” I showed up on set and all these ladies were so beautiful. I figured, “I’m going to stay here awhile.”

Read the entire interview at We Love Soaps.

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    We have Erica and Greenlee gnawing at each other’s ankles every five minutes, and now they want to bring some testosterone in the mix???? I am guessing that he will be that "THIRD WHEEL" in Jackson and Erica’s 12,000th romantic entanglement????

    Or maybe he will come between David and Greenlee—once they become a REAL couple????

    I will, as usual, reserve my judgment until I see this guy in action……..This is AMC, so I am used to being disappointed. I will try to have an open mind, though…..


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    In the interview, he mentions that his character obviously has a thing for Natalia, and that it could possibly go somewhere. Since Natalia is a Fusion model, and he’s the photographer, I think he’ll be interacting with her a lot. So I don’t think he is the third wheel for Erica\Jackson. Thank god. If AMC goes for a Natalia\Ciro relationship, I could dig it…it could be great.

    He seems really into the role, I’m looking forward to seeing him on AMC.

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    Lumpi doggie

        I think it is Fantastic that Victor Alfieri is in  All My Children
    He is the best soap actors around
    and hopefully I get to read some positive and nice comments here for a change. ( Unlike last time reading the negative rubbish on him was upsetting to me too, as I always been a fan of his).  I love reading nice and sweet comments on my favorite actor!. He is just as good as all the rest of the actors in daytime and primetime. and the fact that he can act in a variety of different roles, makes him one of the best.
    I think his character on the soap sounds very interesting and fantastic.
    He is also one of the best actors, last year he appeared on Angels and Demons and was just as fantastic.

    He is a great and sweet person and also a very good looking man.  
    and I am very proud of all his acting work,  from all the variety of acting projects he did in the past.   I am so happy  for him and All My Children should be grateful on getting him on that soap drama.   

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    Lumpi doggie

    Before I forget,  I wish the recent episodes of All My Children would screen world wide, that way, I get to see the great Victor Alfieri in it.
    and many of friends of Germany would miss him too, as he is loved there too. and the rest of Europe loves him too.  All of us Appreciate the great talent Victor Alfieri  brings on the tv screen.  and it always makes me happy and smile, as he is a very charming actor. and he has a great sense of humor.

    Wie Deutschen frauen, liebe Victor Alfieri sehr viele.
    Molto Bello Victor.

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