Call the Orkin Man, Stephanie Wants Donna Gone on B&B!

Finally! Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery) has decided she wants her man back and you know what that means. Donna’s (Jennifer Gareis) gotta go! Watch this week’s The Bold and the Beautiful promo after the jump. 

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     Round #27362  lol  but it’s good to see.  Glad to see lots of Stephanie and Eric coming up.  Can Donna just go back to being the schemey sex kitten who just wants to get in the next available man’s pants?    That is what made me love that character.

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    I agree daytimefan0001. Where’s the bitchy Donna w/ her “hemlock surprise” quips? Donna needs to get bitchy again since Pam’s humiliation of Donna has been too one-sided.

    B&B has even incorporated Donna’s weight gain (bec of Gareis’s pregnancy) into the show by letting Pam make cracks at her. However, it’s very odd that a show centering on fashion has never addressed the topic of weight gain being the end of a modeling career in fashion. Donna was after all a model for Forrester gowns and bikinis, so that drama for Donna that would be logical. There could have been good scenes where Eric has to tell Donna that she can’t model anymore bec of her weight gain, and Donna could have discussed the pressure to be thin in the modeling business w/ her model sisters Brooke and Katie. Certain topics like bulimia, recreational drug use, anorexia, over partying, and weight and body issues fit perfectly into B&B’s canvas unlike any other soap. It won’t feel forced and will actually seem organic on B&B bec these are topics in fashion.

    Donna’s weight gain could have even brought up a lot of issues in Eric’s marriage to Donna since their relationship began because of the sex and bec Donna is very pretty. Their rel was always based on the physical, so B&B should have gone there. But as usual it’s back to Eric kissing Stephanie, and Donna being reduced to Pam’s brunt of pranks and jokes.

    It’s odd how B&B regularly humiliates its blonde Logan women Brooke and Donna, the 2 female characters who are the most overt and unapologetic about their sexuality. B&B regularly has Brooke and Donna in skimpy lingerie or costumes, and B&B has routinely humiliated them for laughs. Brooke has been dumped in a trash can, strangled w/ a feathered boa, had her private dance for Ridge be interrupted by Taylor or mistakenly crawl into the sack only to discover that its Stephanie and not Ridge. Donna’s been turned into an oompa loompa, had glitter and honey dumped on her, had cold water thrown on her in the steam room, etc. They even had Donna’s clothes ripped from her in an elevator that Steph rode, only for her grown son Marcus to witness his mother end up naked in a hallway. That’s one way to combine 2 running elements of B&B: incestuous themes and the humiliation of sexual women.

    It’s funny how antiquated notions abt female sexuality still play out on B&B. I’ll give you Donna, since she is a bimbo. But Brooke actually has a brain, yet she’s ridiculed, humiliated and reduced to being the “slut”. Yet she created BeLieF, ran FC, created the Men’s Line, Brooke’s Bedroom, etc. B&B’s tired formula is this: bad girls are sexually out there, while the good ones are fully clothed. Hope’s the goldilocks virgin who Oliver really loves while Steffy uses her sexuality, so she’s automatically the bad one. Wouldn’t it be great if virginal Hope was the bad girl who used her virginity to get Oliver to do all kinds of crap for her, while Steffy is the heroine who happens to be sexual? Of course that would never fly in Brad Bell’s one dimensional writing.

    Yet B&B’s male sexual object, HOwen, is never verbally insulted or humiliated by an enemy. Yes HOwen gets debased by the tacky, revealing “outfits” he wears. But it’s not the same as when a lingerie clad Donna gets verbally or physically assaulted by Pam. Nick has only called HOwen “six pack” w/c is far from insulting or “meathead” w/c is light compared to Brooke and Donna being called “sluts, whores, floatation devices, all boobs and no brains” etc.

    Yet HOwen is all the more an easy target for being humiliated since he actually did sleep his way to the top. He married Jackie, that’s why he’s the face of Jackie M’s indulge line. it’d be great if B&B had Nick routinely humiliate HOwen the way Donna’s humiliated by Pam. All the more should HOwen be degraded or called a “whore” by Nick or Jackie once his tryst w/ Bridget comes up. Golddigging howen slept his way to the top, offered himself to be Jackie’s boytoy and admitted he was also interested in Jackie for her money.

    Whereas Brooke actually made contributions to FC, and you can argue Donna did the same, since she installed the sky lounge, was Vice President, and actually came up w/ campaigns (the Goddess line) instead of only modeling them.

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     Stephanie is a pompous dirt bag who pretends to be the paragon of virtue but is as corrupt as they come.  This is a woman who faked a heart attack to break up her son’s marriage.  She is the same woman who sicced a psycho on Brooke who nearly raped her.

    Eric has always been an oversexed buffoon. Since the show began, Eric has left Stephanie and married 3 other women:  Brooke, Sheila, and Donna.  Didn’t he also bed Lauren?

    They’re great love is a joke.  

    Donna deserves better than Eric.  

    Paging Justin Barber!  Come save the day!  Donna needs you!

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    To Stephanie’s defense, she had no idea that guy Andy was a rapist.  She was just trying to get Brooke a man besides someone that is in her family.

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    josstheguy, you’re right. Stephanie is a vile witch and nothing more. I loathe and despise her.

    And i think they should just kill Eric at this point, he has no purpose anymore at least his death could give us years of strories.
    I can’t wait until he dumps Stephanie again, i guess the fact that he makes Stephanie miserable make him semi-valuable lol.

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    Josstheguy and CarlyCfan

    You are absolutely right. Stephanie is a big mouth hag..and I have always hated her.


    You stop defending her! Get on the Brooke Logan train. What are you waiting

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    @ Smitty: Don’t believe the hype!!! I have been a SDF fan forever and am not letting any of the Trojanised crap turn my head! LOL

    These are the standards:

    Stephanie is in love with her son
    Stephanie is a manipulative, conniving and evil bitch
    Taylor killed Darla
    Stephanie got Brooke raped
    Stuffit is just like her grandmother

    Oh my, there are soooooooooooooooo many! LMBO!

    Now I could take a year and list off a bookful of Trojans-best/worst probably ending up with:

    Brooke killed her brother and almost her sister

    Brooke threw her alzheimer Mother under the bus (both just to get Ridge back)

    Now if Beth finally confides in Brooke that her sister is also Eric’s child, my list will continue with…

    Beth allows her daughters to sleep with their sister’s father and bear children

    Brooke keeps the incest quiet for yet another round

    oh the ressources are abounding…. I love it!

    At least my list is a bit more original. But seriously……. The truth and nothing but the truth…the oject of a Trojan is to infiltrate, infect, reproduce and destroy. That is why I call them Trojans!  Being prepared is my motto, got my scans all geared up to fight off MRLV (MULTI RESISTANT LOGAN VIRUS) along with Taylor, Stephanie and Stuffit. I can’t wait for the Trojan fans to start blaming Stephanie for Beth’s accident. Even after seeing what actually happens, they will be a twisten! ROTF… this old game is still amusing!

    Have a great weekend!

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