DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES SCANDAL: Nicollette Sheridan SUES Marc Cherry, Claims Assault!

A not so beautiful day in the neighborhood. The onscreen drama of ABC’s Desperate Housewives appears not to hold a candle to the hit soap opera/comedy’s behind-the-scenes shenanigans, that is, if you believe the shocking claims of one former series regular. Nicollette Sheridan, who for five seasons stole husbands and scenes on Wisteria Lane as maneater Edie Britt, is suing DH creator Marc Cherry for a cool $20 million, claiming assault and battery, gender violence and wrongful termination. TMZ broke the story on Monday.

According to the website’s report, Sheridan— who shot to fame as Paige Mathison on the long-running CBS primetime sudser Knots Landing (She also brought my all-time favorite fiction heroine, Lucky Santangelo to life in the 1990 NBC minseries Lucky Chances!)— says the former Golden Girls scribe struck her across the head and face on set when she asked about a line in the script. Five will get you 10 he never tried that business with Bea Arthur!

 Sheridan’s suit goes on to claim when the actress complained to ABC about Cherry’s alleged behavior, the showrunner fired her and killed off her character. Megan McTavish would be proud. In another outrageous claim, Sheridan’s team alleges when her costar Teri Hatcher found about about the supposed abuse and complained to TPTB, Cherry reportedly wished Hatcher dead, saying, "I hope Teri Hatcher gets hit by a car and dies."  Sheesh, and I thought my old newspaper boss was a douche because he gave us hams one year for Christmas instead of a bonus. No word yet from ABC or Cherry’s camp on these scandalous developments. 

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    TV Gord

    The reason this is happening a year after the fact is apparently because she has been trying to resolve things through other channels.  ABC has acknowledged that she complained to them when it happened, buit things weren’t resolved to her liking.  She may have also lodged a union grievance, which takes time.  It’s not like these charges come from out of the blue.

    I don’t know which side to believe.  I like both parties, so I’m sorry this is happening.  If Sheridan is telling the truth, I hope some of her former co-stars would have the integrity to back up her claims.

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    TVGord, good post. I don’t think any of her costars are gonna come out and support her. I mean wasn’t there always fighting among those women. I remember the whole blow up about the Vouge photoshoot. Who knows if any of that is really true though. I always heard NS was the nicest of the group. I actually believe her, I do. I think somehting went down on the set especially since she has made the claims and ABC said they investigated.

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    What the hell is going on with D.H. is it still on? Did they not make very many? Last week there was 2hrs of Extreme Make Over, this week it’s 2 hrs of Brothers and Sisters. Last time it was on was a rerun. Then for a couple of weeks it wasn’t on. What the the hell?

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    Sounds like someone needs a paycheck. I have not seen Nicolette in ANYTHING since "Desperate Housewives"………..Yeah, I heard she has a new TV series coming up, but I doubt it will be even PARTIALLY as successful as DH is…..

    With that being said, I miss Nicollette Sheridan on the show!!! Marc Cherry was a fool for writing her off in the first place. Dana Delany’s character has become a JOKE and needs to be written off immediately. Drea de Matteo’s character is nice, but I heard she is leaving at the end of this season, so they need to find a real KICK ASS actress to replace her.!!! This show is gonna be pretty dry without a bitchy character to shake things up!!!

     I don’t believe that he assaulted her, though. If he had, she should have reported him/ SUED him IMMEDIATELY instead of waiting so long!!!! It completely ruins her credibility, and makes her look more DESPERATE than anything else!! No pun intended.

    $20 million dollars is RIDICULOUS. She’s a good actress, but she’s not worth NEARLY that much!! Come on, now….Who does she think she is??? Meryl Streep??? LOL!!!

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    I am not sure who to believe sometimes there is a grain of truth to certain stories. I for one noticed a trend in DH season endings. It seems like for a couple years they almost made it look like they were killing of the character Edie. I remember thinking at the time oh boy is it contract renewal time. But then series would begin and somehow she would not be dead then this last season it was like wow you really did finally kill her. Edie was great she was a riot. But she was not always shown as much as the others and the front cover with the girls holding an apple never showed her so maybe that was another sign of "hey I don’t like you"

    If there was really abuse other had to had seen it but they won’t talk unless they want to lose their jobs and times are tough. So I am on the fence as to who to believe I would want a little more information before making any decisions.

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    I don’t know who to believe, although it is on record that Marc does have a temper, but the fact Nicolette waited a year to file, and plus wouldn’t that had been leaked, if it did. We will see.

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    Maybe Sheridan got her degree from the "Victoria Rowell School of Keeping Quiet While Still on a Show".

    Could Cherry have been thinking of killing off Edie/firing Nicolette when Edie faked her suicide? Was this before or after the slapping?

    Either way, Dh never should have killed off Edie. The show’s completely not the same w/o her.

    Now that they need a new vixen to mess w/ the housewives, I suggest casting Victoria Rowell who’s adept at drama and comedy. Or maybe Vanessa Williams. Either way DH needs a black minx.

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    I’m one of those people who’s caught in the middle. We know that Marc Cherry had a hate on for Nicolette like nobody’s bussiness, after all he did model Edie after someone he hated in highschool bu I’d hate to think of him but Nicolette adding that she could’ve earned millions of dollars if Cherry hasn’t fired her, gives me pause. I guess it’s a situation where both are telling their own truths.

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