Eric Braeden Reminisces About 30 Years at Y&R

In an interview with TV Guide Canada, The Young and the Restless’ Eric Braeden takes a look back at his 30 years in Genoa City and reveals some of his favorite Y&R moments.  

TVG: You celebrated your 30-year anniversary recently, what are some of your favourite Genoa City moments?

EB: The storyline that was a huge turning point in my career was when I asked Bill Bell to explain why Victor was who he was. And then one day, I looked at the script and I said, “Well, I’ll be damned.” It was around the time Michael Evans was still on the show as Douglas. Nikki was always trying to find out what really happened in Victor’s background. It was Christmas Eve when Nikki finally asked him. Victor revealed he was left at an orphan at the age of 7. That’s when I knew I wanted to continue acting on Y&R because I felt like I had finally touched the audience with my performance. The reveal humanized the character. I was sick and tired of the dehumanization that many actors feel when they play the bad guy. As you know, I’ve played a lot of bad guys over the years. So when a very reluctant Victor confessed to Nikki about the horrors he faced as a child, I loved it. My other favourite moment was when Y&R brought on Victor’s mother. When Douglas informed Victor his mother wanted to see him, Victor thought she was an imposter looking for money. Victor began interrogating her but then she said something only Victor’s mother could have known. When she left Victor at the orphanage, there was a hole in Victor’s sweater. Only she and I could have known that. That’s my all-time moment in the history of the show because I didn’t know how to play it. I thought, “Well, let’s go and just do it … ” What transpired onscreen was a mixture of anger and sadness. I loved how it turned out. No question. Later, Victor’s father appeared in the form of George Kennedy, whom I admire a great deal. That whole storyline rang very true to me as well.

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    Congradulations on thirty years to Eric and to the fans ( like me).  Outside of the parts that Eric mentioned, I really loved when Eric and Nikki would break up and then make up again.
    Their scenes would always bring out a vulnerability to Victor that one would not normally see. But I love the tough as nails Victor too!

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     Love that he said Victoria Rowell and Drucilla should be back on Y&R! He’s right that the show really needs her. And it’s funny when he said the actors who have an issue with her should get over it (paraphrasing here) and it’s funny how he called out Peter Bergman as one of them! LOL

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    Love that Eric Braeden is back on the show.  He is the biggest part of the show.  Just wish Bill Bell could be back too,  to get this show back on track.  I do disagree with him about V. Rowell and can not see any reason to bring her back.  Y and R thankfully will never do that so I need not worry.  Keep up the good job Eric/Victor and stick around another 30.

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    What an arrogant old fuck.  It’s not 1982 anymore Eric Braeden and you are not the Great Victor Newman.  You’re a leathery, line-mumbling, old actor with bitch tits.  You caved and gave into the Y&R producers’ demands because your only other income option is Social Security.

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    I love and miss Victoria Rowell too but it seems for whatever reason she is not wanted back. I wish she would take the advice of the character she is trying so hard to play again and that would be something like Dru saying: If you don’t want me then I will go somewhere that will.

    I am not a script writer but it would be something like that.

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    LOL @ some of the comments. Eric Braeden almost ASSUREDLY is more than financially comfortable, and I am sure that if he never made another DIME from this show, he would be perfectly fine. He is probably a smart investor who has been strategically building his nest egg for the past 30 years……. I doubt he will end up in the food stamp line ANYTIME soon, or reliant on Social Security.

    I am not going to begrudge anyone the right or privilege to dislike Eric Braeden, but he is the biggest male star that this show has ever had. Being opinionated is not always a bad thing, especially when you have over 40 years of acting experience under your belt, and have seen, heard and done as much as he has. Everyone on this website is certainly opinionated, and none of us have any problems voicing our opinions about actors, writers, producers, storylines, fashion, Botox and practically everything else, and we have every right to do so. Why shouldn’t Eric Braeden and other high profile veteran soap actors be given that same luxury???

    In some of his older interviews, I have taken issue with his overuse of profanity, but I still find him to be a wise and intelligent man. I’d hang out with him. He is definitely an IRREPLACEABLE asset to the show, and I hope he stays around for another 30 years. This show would not be nearly as interesting without Eric Braeden’s version of Victor Newman!!!

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    [quote=PrincessPerfect]What an arrogant old fuck.  It’s not 1982 anymore Eric Braeden and you are not the Great Victor Newman.  You’re a leathery, line-mumbling, old actor with bitch tits.  You caved and gave into the Y&R producers’ demands because your only other income option is Social Security.[/quote]

    I cannot stop laughing after reading this comment.

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