Ex- Y&R’s Michael Nouri Heads To AMC


TV Guide Magazine’s  Michael Logan is reporting that actor Michael Nouri (Ex-Elliot; Y&R) has been cast on All My Children. Nouri will play the contract role of Caleb McGraw, a mountain man who is slated to be a love interest for Susan Lucci’s alter ego Erica Kane. The actor is best know for his roles on The O.C., The Proposal, Brothers & Sisters, and Flashdance. Look for Nouri to make his debut  on May 24.
(Editor’s Note: Why in high hell didn’t they cast him as Dimitri?!)

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    I am glad that they are throwing a third wheel into Erica and Jackson’s "romance" (if you would even call it that???) I would like to see them eventually get back together, but I don’t want them to turn into some boring married couple, because then I would probably stop caring completely. This show already has enough "Stepford couples" who bore the living crap out of me (Randi and Frankie, JR and Marissa)

    Putting a popular couple back together is the kiss of death, as far as I’m concerned. Bring on the slings and arrows and interferences, this is a soap after all. Give me drama….

    I am glad that they are bringing on a new man for Erica, as opposed to just bringing back one of her old lovers. Sometimes I think that writers bring back old lovers out of a sense of laziness…as opposed to creating interesting new characters for the show, which is part of a writer’s JOB. I complain a lot about new characters taking over the show, but as long as the new characters are interesting, I have no real problem with it!!! I just hope these writers make this an interesting story, because interesting stories on this show have been lacking for the past few years……

    If they do bring back Dimitri, it should be Michael Nader, not a recast. Just my opinion.

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    I’m happy that Erica is getting more of a story, BUT Susan Lucci whether by a freak of nature or a great plastic surgeon looks fantastice for approaching 65.  Mr. Nouri looks like a weathered old man compared to her and Walt Willey.    Couldn’t they find a man who has aged better?  Gregory Harrison,  Perry King,  etc.

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    I too am really happy that they are adding a 3rd wheel to the Erica/Jackson romance- and I’m even more happy that its a mature man– not somoen 30 years Susan’s junior!!! 

    I am however disappointed that they decided to bring on a NEW character.  I have a different take on the new character piece.  I think a lot of times New HW’s would rather create a new role- then look into the shows past and find an old character rich with history & solid roots!  They create a new role- bring on new family members and rewrite history of our current cast – to also give them ties to the new character.  Like a current cast member is the long lost child of this guy or we learn that a woman had a child at 15 with this guy and she is________.  THAT KINDA  stuff drives me crazy!  I would much rather them do their research and realize we could bring back so&so who has been gone for 15 years but is connected to X,Y & Z and write him they we vision.  This way it brings back a charcter we long time fans know- and their past with the exisiting character is brought to life– it just adds richness to the current cast of characters.  Rather then bring on someone new- bring on 4 or 5 new characters (an ex wife & children ) who take away screen time for the cast we know and love

    I would have MUCH rather read that Mr Nouri was cast as Ross Chandler!!!
    In a way – I feel casting jamie L as Lizaand having written this lame back story of her going to law school while on the run from Adam was CRAZY!!!  Jamie could have been cast as Julie Chandler (last played by Lauren Holly) who left Pine Valley to attend Law School.  She is the niece of Erica and Adam, KENDALL’s COUSIN (imagine her knowing her husband had sex with her cousin on a table) & Palmer’s grand daughter.  But the HW at the time (pratt) was too lazy to reIn search in my opinion.  Instead he wanted/needed a female lawyer with ties- so rewrote Liza and made her 15 years younger too!

    **Jillian who did Michael play on BROTHERS AND SISTERS??  I dont rember him.  He looks so much like Alfred Molina (Dr Octavious, SPIDERMAN 2) 

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     When I first read the story I thought "hasn’t Michael Nouri already been on AMC?"  Then I remembered that Jack Scalia played the same type of part a few years back and in my mind they are same person.

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    When I saw the headline, I thought Dmitri too! What a wasted opportunity. Although a "mountain man" might be fun. Or a horribly awful stereotype of Appalachia.

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    Daniel St. John

    MIchael Nouri is probably the last actor in the world I would have thought of for a role described as a "mountain man" and he hasn’t aged particularly well either based on that picture.
    I am beginning to wonder if Drake Hogestyn is being blackballed or something because I just knew that once AMC moved to CA it would be only a matter of time before they brought him on the show as a romantic lead opposite Susan Lucci.

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     Holding out for Drake Hogestyn as Dmitri.
    I liked Erica best in that brief time when she and Jackson tied the knot and it seemed the stories would truly turn to focus on them as a couple finally and dealing with  ALL THEIR CHILDREN.  There was Bianca, Kendall, Greenlee, Lily,Reggie…quite a group.

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     Exactly!  Why create a new character?  They should have just hired Michael Nader.  Fans love him.  Or, just had Nouri play Dimitri.  

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    I loved Erica with both Jackson and Dimitri it would have him back and have fight Jackson over Erica I think he`s only another man besides  Jackson I would love to see her date.

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    BLAH – this is the same Jeff Martin, Chris Stamp story over again.  Change Jeff’s safari jackets for plaid and there ya go.  How boring.  The only way I buy Erica looking twice at someone other than Jack would be some hot stuff corporate guy who was sexy as all get out.  I would love to see Nadar come back or even Hogestyn.  How about the guy that is playing Kiefer Bauer’s dad on GH since thats short term (Bradley Cole??  is that his name from GH) or someone like a Justin Deas as Ross.  (I love the idea of Ross returning to the canvas.)  there are a million good actors that have the sex appeal to play opposite La Lucci but MN aint it and as a mountain man?? T hats laughable.

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    TV Gord

    I wonder if it’s a way to tape some Erica scenes on the east coast, since it sounds as though–at first, anyway–she and Caleb will be secluded from the rest of the cast. 

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    Nice to see them hire a mature gent to be Erica’s new love interest. I don’t see him as Dimitri. I have wanted to recast Dimitri for the longest time with STEVEN BAUER.

    Finally an Erica storyline that doesn’t involve freaking KENDALL or RYAN!

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    TV Gord

    It would be silly to bring back Dimitri, at this point.  His entire family has been decimated.  It’s better to start with a clean slate.  TIIC don’t have to deal with all the recasting backlash that’s bound to happen, too.

  14. Profile photo of Dariclone

    I agree, Jillian. As much as I’d love to see Michael Nader back on AMC he has a really strong resemblance to Dimitri. Sad to see them waste him on a brand new character.

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    Kind of wish they would have bought in Drake Hogestyn as Dimitri, but I have been a fan of Michael’s for years so we will see what happens.

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