What if Knots Landing Starred Drag Queens?

This has the be the funniest mess I’ve seen in a loooong time! Check out a bunch of drag queens doing dead on reenactions of Knots Landing’s greatest moments after the jump. On the Abby Scale, I give it a 10! For more hilarious web comedy, visit The Mike Justice Channel on You Tube.

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    Good stuff here kids!

    Say what you will about when LML was running Y&R (and I know we can all say a few things) but she did good work when she was on Knots Landing.

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    Jamey, I think it’s actually just two guys dressing in drag, but they both really have the characters down. Whichever guy is doing Michele Lee, has studied her KL performances rather closely! Wish they’d tape more scenes!

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    OMG! LMAO!  I remember all these scenes. They did a good job, especially with the "Val finds the babies" scene, right down to the clothes they wore.  About the only scenes they missed were Sumner and Paige playing strip croquet and Abby burying Peter in the cement.  Classic stuff!

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    Hilarious stuff! Especially "Harrrry! Gooo! They wanna take the baaaaaaaaaaaaaaay-beeeeeeees!"

    Knots Landing was THE best soap EVER in daytime OR nighttime. Don’t even bother arguing with me on this. Hopefully, these drag queens can help drum up enough interest in Knots to convince Warner’s to release the rest of the series on DVD. So far, only the first two seasons are available, and that’s a shame. The greatest soap ever, outlasted both Dynasty and Dallas, yet it still hasn’t received the DVD treatment it deserves. There are a lot of Knots fans out here, Warner. Are you listening?

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    Daniel St. John

    God bless these drag queens! I loved Knots Landing and I remember all of those scenes. I love that they re-enacted the Laura memorial video scenes….Laura and Greg were my favorite couple on the show and I always held out hope that tthe character would comes back but alas it never happened.

    WOuld have enjoyed seeing these guys do a couple of Anne and Claudia scenes too.

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    Amazing does not even describe this clip (or Knots Landing for that matter).  I started watching the repeats on TNT’s Lunchbox Theatre in the late 90’s, and that was my introduction to the show. I love Dynasty and Falcon Crest as well as the original 90210 and Melrose Place, but I have to agree that it was the best nighttime soap ever. Daytime still goes to GH and we will just have to call it a draw for ultimate supremacy.

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    At first i almost felt insulted as a fan of Female Impersonation.. These are not Female Impersonators more commonly known to the world as Drag Queens..they are cross dressers…

    but moving beyond that… It was spot on… the only sad part was the disrespect they displayed to the community they are representing…

    Btw.. Young and Restless has been consistantly the dominant soap… andall around   well written soap in daytime history… Gh has just been consistantly known for writingAMAZING  for Sweeps.. and theyve been doing it for years… the reason for the emmys…

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    What a FABULOUSLY FUN YouTube video! A highlight of my day! These young men clearly LOVED Knots Landing just as much – or, perhaps WAY MORE than – I did.

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    ROTFLMAO!!! KNOTS LANDING is my all time favorite nighttime soap and one of my all time favorite shows period. I remember each and every one of these scenes. Thanks for sharing Jamey.

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    Hot Mama Jama

    ROTFLMAO…………That was just too funny. Great job! The Karen bits were so spot on. Yeah, Knots Landing totally rocked, then Falcon Crest came in 2nd with Another World 3rd place (for me) as best ever soaps.

    I loved Greg & Laura’s relationship and Jill Bennett was just smashing when she put her exit plan in motion. I never liked Ben’s exit from the show.

    My favourite clip from this montage would be the Abby/Paige one.

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    This was so good I had to watch it again last night.
    It’s all delicious but my favs are LillieMae and Joshua on the roof and Abby dealing with a strung out Olivia.
    The mock opening credits are bomb too! 

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