As The World Turns Replaced With Pyramid?

Entertainment Weekly is reporting CBS may have found a replacement show for As The World Turns once the sudser leaves the airwaves in September. According to the article, CBS has confirmed a pilot for a revamped version of  the game show Pyramid is currently being shot.
The nework hasn't  released any information on what will fill the time slot ATWT currently holds. Meanwhile, rumors are buzzing regarding the Tiffany network possibly picking up a talk show hosted by Valerie Bertinelli, which also is being created by CBS/Paramount studios.

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I hope it falls flat on it's ass, I was just told my a friend that works in TV station that Let's Make a Deal is being shoved to the late night grave yard in some markets or being replaced by local programming. And they are looking into first run syndication for ATWT like Dr. Phil or Oprah, if they get enough TV stations to sign on. Contact your local stations. If by some miracle does get picked up need to get back the core families and why soap fans fell in love with soaps. Contact ATWT comment line talk to a live person.
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This is BS

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The ratings will be even lower than ATWT's!

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Yeah, the same senior citizen women who have dutifully watched Lisa, Bob, Kim, Nancy, Lucinda and all of these beloved characters for over 50 years are just gonna be ECSTATIC about watching a stupid game show instead, aren't they??? I agree, this is BS. You can't replace a soap with a game show and expect the same level of viewership. This is about as stupid as soaps replacing soaps with SPORTS and expecting people to still watch!!! When will this network learn????

I recommend watching YouTube during this time slot so that they can remember what a wonderful soap ATWT is, and always has been.....and how CBS just flushed it down the damn toilet without a second glance.

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Well, something has to replace the show, and Let's Make A Deal worked for CBS, so it can't be a surprise that they'd go that route again.  Considering how cheap game shows are to produce, the fact that a show as lame as Deal increases ratings 12% is hard to ignore.  CBS shareholders will be happy, and that's all that really concerns the network brass.

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Here is Marcia Mccabe talking about possibility of ATWT being sold into syndication, it's a long shot she says, at the end of the interview were she says that. Note that this was done back in February. I know it doesn't have a chance, and I know all the BS that there not even trying there just telling people what they want to hear.

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I wouldn't be surprised if the network puts in a half-hour game show, and give the other half-hour to B&B. That show's been expanding its cast way beyond what a half-hour show can contain.

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 It's interesting to me how the folks at P&G 'tried' to find a new home for GL, which was in a much uglier place than ATWT is now, but no one even tries to find ATWT a new place to call home.

There is an audience for soap operas.  I think Martha Byrne's "Gotham", which is an online soap, proves you can shoot a good show, but do so on a cheaper budget.  Her shots are much better than how GL ever looked after they made 'the change' and I wish one of the networks would put give her 30 minutes to try it as a soap on television.  A two year commitment to see if it would work.  

DOOL has shown soaps can bounce back.  I wish OLTL would take a page from DOOL's book make some painful, but necessary cast changes, refocus the soap, and get back to amazing storyline.  The show just has too many characters they are trying to tell stories for right now.  It is hurting the show.

ATWT reminds me a great deal of my favorite soap of all time, AW.  It is painful to know the show will be leaving the air in a few months, but I love that the writers were given more time to wrap stories up and give fans good stories until the very end.

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Don Hastings Dr. Bob says it was CBS not P&G that killed the show. I believe Bob. Just wish see more vets. Moonves is hell bent on destroying the soaps. Any cheap shows can find.

5:22 Don Hasting audio interview what soaps should be. Don't think B&B and Y&R are safe.

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TV Gord, I am with you this shouldn't surprise anyone, and like I said before, back in the day, game shows came on before the soaps in most areas. Let's Make a Deal has worked for CBS, why not a new Pyramid.

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My sympathies are with all the ATWT viewers, I couldn't even stand the original Pyramid. And I like Valarie Bertanelli a lot, but why is she *everywhere* all the sudden?

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Does anyone know if Kreizman still writing for ATWT? If so, is he writing til the end in June? What's the story with the writing?