My New FAVE Y&R Couple Makes The Cover of Soaps In Depth!

I know, I know. This revelation is going to cause a lot of DC’s readers and listeners to scratch their heads (much like I did at learning those twins belong to Sheila this week. Sigh. Maria, Maria, Maria.), not to mention my podcast co-hosts, but I admit it. I love me some Billy (Billy Miller) and Victoria (Amelia Heinle)! Listen, I am as shocked by this development as anyone, but I do, I adore this pairing that I was so prepared to hate. 

It could be that Billy and Vicky’s burgeoning, realistic love story, fraught with decades’ worth of PLAUSIBLE conflict betwixt two warring dynasties is the only tale worth watching on what is quickly becoming a soap operatic train wreck of ginormous, LML-like proportions, featuring one insanely-stupid, stupid STUPID lookalike story after another (more on that later) or it could simply be that Miller is bringing out something fun and mischievous in Heinle, which is translating very well onscreen.

Yep, it’s offical. Heinle has been Millered! Now then, can Magic Miller (he’s been upgraded from Killer as a result of his latest successful assignment) go sit next to Maria, Hogan and Scott when they write the rest of the show, so his wonderful goodness can inspire and/or rub off on their writing, before Victor’s twin Lictor comes to town to, oh I don’t know, eats all of the horses on the Newman ranch because their caretaker at the orphanage fed Victor more curds and whey than Lictor? 

Check out  a teaser of what’s coming up for Harmony’s Genoa City’s sexy, new pairing in this week’s CBS Soaps In Depth after the jump!

This week on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS, Victoria finds herself as a prime suspect in the murder of her half brother, Adam! While Victor’s daughter does have an alibi — that she was in bed with Billy at the time! — will she ‘fess up? After all, it’s not just her freedom that’s on the line, but custody of her son, too!

Only Soaps In Depth has the inside scoop on a mother’s heartbreaking decision — and the lowdown from Y&R’s Christian Jules LeBlanc (Michael) about returning to AS THE WORLD TURNS! — so be sure to pick up the new CBS issue today!


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  1. Profile photo of hvmissy

    Bring billy & Victoria, bk together & let billy be the father not stitch, love him to go & out FM yr & bring down Kelly, that she killed billy”s child Delia thanks

  2. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    LORD IN THE MORNING! Jamey’s chug-a-luged the kool-aid Maria done gave out!! I need to say a prayer because they may come and get me next! That gal ain’t been MILLERED!

  3. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Jamey, I agree. I like Victoria and Billy together as well, mostly because I feel like they have both been weighed down by BORING partners who they were obviously incompatible with from the start!!!Mac is nothing but dead weight with about as much personality as homemade soap, and JT has turned into a self-righteous jackass. I am looking forward to seeing what happens as this relationship develops, and to watching Victor’s head explode in the process…..LOL!!!!!

    BTW: I agree, smiling Billy Miller does make me smile practically everyday!!!

  4. Profile photo of goyankees


    I agree with the BORING former partners. DEAR GOD was that brutal. WHAT’S WORSE THOUGH, IS NOW JT AND MAC WILL BE A DUO! ZZZZZZZZZ……. Yeeeesh! At least the Boring is Contained now.

    I was never an Amelia Heinle ‘hater’, but NOW I’m like "Okay, THIS is what she needed!"

    So I’m going to enjoy this while I can, until the writers drive me crazy and have me loathe them break them with having Billy saunter off with Phyllis or NuHeather. Cuz ya know Eden’s going to get the Queen Treatment at CBS as she did at ABC

    (Sorry. Never a Bianca/Eden Reigal Fan)

    p.s. Amelia – Can ya trim your hair though? Please??

  5. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    I love me some Billy and Victoria too. And I enjoy watching Amelia Heinle these days… Yeah, it’s like hell has frozen over … but yeah, I admitt too – I like them together.

    As for anything else, Y&R pretty much is a train wreck. I couldn’t believe what I saw over the past week. It’s like a "Passions" remake you’re watching there.

  6. Profile photo of dkp

    Well Jamey I’m with you. I was so prepared to hate Billy and Victoria too, but I’m liking them as well. Granted, i still wonder "how would this be if Heather Tom was playing opposite Billy Miller instead." But I’m liking them.

  7. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    I am still SECRETLY hoping that Victoria and Mac will be recasted, or that Amelia Heinle and Heather Tom will somehow find a way to switch places (and shows), and Heather will come back to Y&R as Victoria and Amelia will get to go over to B&B and play Katie. I think that Amelia is a DECENT actress, but she’s just not Victoria for me!!!! I know that Heather Tom has expressed no interest in returning to Y&R, but I can still hope…………….

    If Christian LeBlanc keeps soap-hopping, he’s gonna start giving Tracey Bregman a run for her money!!! Lord knows that she’s done enough soap hopping between Y&R and B&B to last a lifetime!!!!

  8. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    goyankees let me clarify something for you that imo some feel is going on. I’m NOT a hater of Amelia and I don’t think others are also. She just can’t act and that’s what at least I am not loving.

  9. Profile photo of soaplover123

    I am in agreement as well, Victoria and Billy are good together.  There is definitely some chemistry there. It should be fun watching these two.  Right now they are the only things worth watching.

    That Sheila kids thing is so overplayed and does not exhibit anything worth watching. I am just amazed at how long Jana has been in that box and it still so clean and it probably doesn’t even smell. I guess she hasn’t had to use the bathroom in about a month or so.  Wow!

  10. Profile photo of babyc

    Noooo! Aunt Riri has put a chip on Jamey’s brain. Quick, we need brain surgery, Mel is a cinema student, right? She’d do just fine. 

    Honestly, I hate them. A lot. Victoria is acting like she’s 15 and Billy is acting like a horny man-boy, which is actually in character for him. And I definitely don’t think they have chemistry, the couple is forced and contrived and is not make any of them look good.

    Oh Lord.. Billy Miller isn’t the male Crystal Chappell, he doesn’t have chemistry even with trees, case in point Mac, he Millers nobody! That’s why we have Billy on so many silly couples, because MAB thinks he can inject fun and excitement on any boring girl, and he can’t!

  11. Profile photo of Chocolate-Mama

    I hate them. Sorry, I just do. I can’t forget that Billy was in Jill’s womb when Victoria was off screwing Ryan and Cole.

    And why is this such a shock or surprise? Ever since that New Year’s Eve overplayed ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ crap that Billy went through, we knew something was going to happen between these two. Billy Miller reminds me of Jack Nicholson’s portrayal of The Joker. He makes the strangest facial expressions. And Amelia Heinle is lame.

    JT never used to be yawn worthy. He was good back when he was with Brittany. And Mac and Billy might have had some chemistry, if they had hired back that pretty little actress that was originally in the role. I believe her name was Ashley Bashioum. She and Billy Miller would’ve had a lot of chemistry together. Throw in the actress that plays Chloe and that probably would’ve been one of the hottest triangles on the show.

    Worst thing about this ‘shocker’, is that Y&R now is getting to be about as bad as B&B, in terms of the length of a relationship on their soap. This ‘hot’ new pairing will only last about three weeks, before either Victoria begins screwing Tucker or someone, and Billy wakes up drunk in bed with Patti or something.

    NOW, if this were Heather Tom and Billy Miller, I would feel differently. But it is what it is. Uninteresting. Sheila’s stupid kids were easy enough to guess the identity of. All of Lauren’s suspense storylines lead back to Sheila Carter. That story might have had some juice if they could’ve persuaded Kimberlin Brown to actually return.

  12. Profile photo of GossipGirl

    I’m having a hard time liking Billy and Victoria. I admit I miss their scenes a lot because I’m too busy focusing on Amelia Heinle flinging her hair out her eyes. I just can’t get into any Victoria pairing because I just don’t like her. I guess I should give up hope for a Billy/Chloe reunion that I’ve been wanting.

  13. Profile photo of nOva

    Sorry if this already came up but I think it’s hilarious these characters were played by siblings in the past. (Or am I mistaken?)

  14. Profile photo of Jenny

    I’m sorry but I can’t stand these two together.  And 99.9% of that is due to AH as Victoria. Now, if Heather Tom returned then I’d ship them big time. LOL!!

  15. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Ashley Bashioum was equally as wooden and untalented as Clementine Ford is….possibly even MORE SO. No disrespect to you, Chocolate Mama, just wasn’t a fan of that girl.

    As I recall, she actually gave up acting to become a doctor or something. Good career move as far as I’m concerned. Never got her appeal!!! The only actress who has even been HALFWAY decent in this role, in my opinion, was Rachel Kimsey. I have given up trying to figure out why they have such a hard time casting a suitable actress to play this role!!!

  16. Profile photo of BigDede

    Everytime I see Victoria and Billy together on screen, I get heartburn. They are so awful together they actually give me gas! It always look like she’s sleepwalking. Her hair looks like she just got up from bed. She got like 1200 teeth. She is just annoying.

    And the twins being Sheila’s and Tom’s what!

    I was young watching Y&R and BB when Sheila was on but why would Sheila slum it up with Tom when she was involved with rich men.  Why couldn’t they use the actually children Sheila had instead of making up these two twits.

    When is Lauren gonna stab somebody!

    The only thing I’m enjoying is Neil and Ashley.  I want to see Stefan try to make a move so Neil can bust a cap in him.

    Just for a moment, send Phyllis to rehab since she got a broken leg. It’s pathetic looking at her with Nick when Nick’s "cheating baby" is right there in front of her. She looks stupid. They need to bring back Diane so Phyllis can have a true sparring partner since Dru is somewhere living in the backwoods with her Black Tarzan.

    And get a better wig for Lily. That crap is annoying me.

  17. Profile photo of ashlovesgh

    I actually really, really like them.  I have seen a HUGE improvement in Amelia Heinle and she is looking like she is having a lot of fun playing opposite Billy Miller.  There is just so much story to tell between them and I can’t wait to find out what is in store for Billy and Victoria.

  18. Profile photo of reggyreg


    Neil bust a cap in Stefan (oh yes, that is usually how black men deal with conflict)..Dru..with her black need to be really careful of the remarks you might think you are being stereotypical and/or racist.

  19. Profile photo of BigDede


    that’s the way I talk in life. I joke around with my fellow Y&R viewers about Dru being rescued from the river by a Black Tarzan.  As a Black person, that’s how me and my friends have always joked around.

    Neil is not the type of man to bust a cap in anyone.  But I always joke around with my grandmother (who loves this show) that ever since he saw those photos of Tucker with Ashley if he saw them together again he will bust a cap in him.

    If you think I’m being a racist then you need to relax.  If you think I’m being stereotypical, you need to relax.  Stop being so PC. I can see if I called them a racial slur or something than that would be racist.

    So when people say that Y&R bust out Neil and other characters of color on the 1st and the 15th, they’re not being racist or making a stereotype?

  20. Profile photo of Hot Mama Jama
    Hot Mama Jama

     Big Dede, don’t see anything wrong with what you said :-) If anything, I was having a hard time picturing Neil busting someone’s knee-cap as he doesn’t seem that feisty. If anything, he’ll just stare Tucker down…..LOL

    I must admit, I didn’t like the pairing of Billtoria, but they made the Masquerade stuff bearable to watch. So yeah, I belong to camp Billtoria. She needs to tame that hair though. Billy’s charm with Victoria actually works better than with Chloe. I wish they would throw in Heather so we can have a worthy triangle to spar over. No more of the Shick/Phick crapfest.

    Also, keep Chloe with Chance if it means that Nina will stick around some more, as the two ladies are fun to watch together. Bring JT back to life but not with Mac. Let Tucker go for Sharon. She needs a man like that as I can see him whipping that Nick completely out of her brain. 

  21. Profile photo of AlexB

    It’s been awhile since I have had anything to say about soaps.  I used to watch GH, but I was played with me one too many times about my Liason and I stopped.  I hear good things, and while I’m happy for the show, it’s not enough to make me go back.

    Recently I started watching Y&R, a show that, I’m not going to lie, used to bore me, but it’s the one I’m "watching" now.  And I say "watching" because I’m not liking most the crap going on.

    I don’t think that BM is the greatest thing to happen to soaps, but I will give him his props. Miller can act, and he plays the role of BA more than very good. The other is history. The Newmans and the Abotts, the pairing was bound to happen. I like the two together. Alone…Victoria not so much.  I just keep remembering HT version. I don’t even have to expand on that, but I will say that I’m trying to get into AH version. She has not been Millered in my opinion, but I’ll keep trying.  


    I don’t give a smooth damn about Sheila’s flying monkeys.  Neither on of them babies can act and I don’t see the point of either one.  I’m sorry. They need to go, and needed to go yesterday. I don’t care about them snatching Jana.  She can go too. And why did they have to make Kevin a good guy?  I liked him just fine when he was putting people in freezers and setting fires. 

    This is all that they have for Lauren? So sad.

    I was never a Nick and Phyllis fan.  Sorry, never was, and doesn’t Nick have two "cheating" babies.  I could be wrong, apologies if I am.  I will admit that Nick and Phyllis were hot in the beginning but stopped being so when they got married.  I loved Phyllis with Jack.  I would love for that to happen again and for Diane to come back and start some mess.

    Is this whole deal with Billy and NotVictoria going to put JT and Billy in some scenes…you know…the two guys were bestfriends?

    The only parts of Y&R I’m watching right now is the Nick and Sharron aspect of the Adam mess, Billy and Victoria, and JT.

    Can we please have the real JT back?  Please.  I’m not knocking the man’s hate on Victor. I love it in fact. I would hate Victor’s ass too, and wouldn’t want him anywhere near my kid, but damn. 

    Divorece happens and I hate to say it like that, but it is what it is.  What I am absolutely loving about this storyling is that JT doesn’t think that Victoria is a bad mother, and I cheer because it would be so easy to go that route. JT’s thing is that he doesn’t want Victor influencing his kid in any way, and he can’t trust that that will happen if he and Victoria were to share custody because Victoria has always had something to prove to her father when it comes to business, and I’m absolutely loving that.

    Everything else, I FF through.

  22. Profile photo of Carol2

    " Yep, it’s offical. Heinle has been Millered!"

    Unless that means Victoria makes wacky faces, I’m not sure what it entails. Miller had no chemistry with CK, or Clementine Ford, and I never saw any sexual chemistry with Liz Hendrickson either. The only time I saw any was with Sharon Case, and a little with Vail Bloom.

    It would be nice if the show actually bothered to give Billy stories beyond who is in his bed, and these laughable attempts to keep putting him with the Newman family. Victor and Nick can barely even make eye contact with their scene partners, why should I care if Billy is yapping at them. Billy as an Abbott does not work because he doesn’t care about his family (apparently he barely even knows John according to the new history). So what is Billy? Other than Y&R really likes Billy Miller so they write for him? The show doesn’t bother to write for characters now.

    The other problem is that Victoria is written and acted like Y&R’s version of Teen Jessica on OLTL. This is the woman we’re supposed to see as a wonderful mother all while she is romping in secret with some guy who is allergic to condoms.

  23. Profile photo of Chilly Fan 25
    Chilly Fan 25

    I can’t stand this couple and it’s not because I am a Chilly fan.  It is so plot-driven and forced it isn’t funny.  Victoria is a bore who sucked the life right out of JT and her next victim is going to be Billy.  Icky Vicky is a middle aged woman who still worries about what her daddy might do.   

    As for Billy I was hoping they were going to actually give him some dimension for a change, instead they are pimping him out yet again.   

  24. Profile photo of green rider
    green rider

    Re Amelia’s hair – not only does Amelia’s hair style not flatter her I agree that it is annoying that she is always flipping her hair out of her face.  PLEASE cut her hair!


    The hair stylists on this show appear to love long stringy hair, no matter what it looks like on the actress.  In addition to Amelia the other actresses that should receive haircuts include Stacy Haiduk and Sharon Case.  Sharon’s current cut also has here continually moving the hair away from her mouth.  Stacy’s hair is just terrible.  Doesn’t suit her, just ages her.


    Michelle Stafford & Melody Thomas Scott could also use haircuts.  IMO, when both Jess Walton and Melody had shorter haircuts the styles flattered them & they looked younger.  Not sure why the stylists think that their actresses look better with these styles – they are paid to make them look good and I don’t think that they are earning their money!!


    May be a CBS thing – the hairstyles on the Bold & the Beautiful are just as bad.  Every time that Sarah Brown, Jennifer Gareis, Katherine Kelly Lang, Hunter Tylo & Heather Tom are on the screen I want to grab their heads and cut their long stringy hair.  IMO, styles like these just age the actress.


    Send their hair stylists back to school!!!

  25. Profile photo of RebeccaJ

    I agree with the comments about Amelia’s hair. It’s GOT to go…or at least be styled in something that’s flattering. When she pulls the front back with little clips on each side I want to scream that she’s not in the 8th grade anymore!

    I’ve never liked Billy but I like him with Victoria. Odd that Amelia has more on screen chemistry with him than her real life husband.

    I think the character of Mac is boring period. No one has ever played her fun and happy. Ashely B was the most depressing character on the show. She rarely smiled. I think it’s the "do gooder" thing that makes me the most nuts. It’s almost as if they feel someone can’t be building homes for Habitat and sexy/fun at the same time. They just need to slap a nun’s habit on her and be done with it.

    The only thing positive about the JT/Mac pairing is it allows me time to go to the bathroom without missing anything good….

  26. Profile photo of Jazzy
    I am so happy that writers have decided to continue with the love story on Billy and Vikki. We need great love stories. These love stories are truely needed in these soaps. One day a couple is truely in love and next month they hate each other. Vikki and JT was suppose to last forever. Like some of the old characters on As the World turns. Loves is something everyone love seeing.We love seeing the male running around wide eye and eager, and not even her parents can stop them. Billy see something in Vikki, that she knows no one else can see, or understand and she want to live it out . How can her child be taken from her because her husband forget why he loved her.Billy wants to be her one true love. He always refer to as a Princess. I want to see it alive on screen.
  27. Profile photo of AlexB

    I don’t think that Billy & Victoria is plot driven at all.  It was bound to happen.  The Newmans and the Abbotts have this blood fued (sp) if you will.  It was bound to trickle down.  I’m not even gonna comment on Victoria’s age.  It soaps and SORASing can be the biggest bitch.

  28. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    To all the Dingbats complaining about the Y and R ladies cutting their hair.  It would be uneeded as all they would have to do is remove their hairpieces which they all have and they would have shorter hair.  You people need to know what you are talking about before complaining.

  29. Profile photo of Jazzy

    Billy and Victoria make a really hot couple because she know how to become a school girl on screen. It don’t matter about age. He knows how to look at a woman asif he loves her. He don’t care how her father feels. He just care about her . He has the Potential that even Nick don’t possess. He know how to be a billionaires son. He know how to wine and dine her and give her butterflies. This  soap in the last 2 years have only been about who kill who, or who is dying. Time for some different DRAMA 

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