One Life to Live Mini Spoilers!

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Hey y'all! I'm back with a few glimpses into next week, April 12, on One Life to Live.


Starr/Cole/Hannah: Cole and Hannah are caught in compromising position. It's trouble in paradise for Starr and Cole.

Todd misses Tea. Todd and Tea have a heart tot heart. Tea faints after leaving court and Eli takes her to the hospital.

Jessica/Cristian/Brody: Brody and go out on a date. Things go downhil quickly when Jessica sees Cristian and Layla there. Jessica is determined to get her man back.

Natalie/Marty: Natalie confesses her feelings about John to Brody and Marty overhears. Marty and Todd get into an arguement. As Marty leaves the hospital, tragedy strikes.

 The duo are on a mission to find out who killed Melinda. Kelly could be in serious danger.

Rex/Allison: Rex demands Allison tell him the truth about his paternity. Rex begins a search to find his parents.

Danielle/Destiny/Matthew: Rehearsal for Langston musical begins and shenanigans ensue for the three teens.

Sierra Rose:
The custody battle for Sierra Rose gets underway.