A Father Takes the Fall for his Son’s Crime on GH!

The Corinthos family is in crisis as Sonny (Maurice Bernard) takes the fall for Michael’s (Drew Garrett) crime. Will Carly’s (Laura Wright) lie save them both? Watch this week’s General Hospital promo after the jump.

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    Look at that that pic of Drew Garrett between Jason and Carly, it’s eerie how much he really looks like he could be their son (I’m not forgetting that AJ is Michael’s father but Sean Kanan and Steve Burton were the spitting image of each othe back in the day. 

    Sigh, what a shame

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     I agree Troymcclure ..
    Drew looked so Much Like Jason and Carly that you felt they are family….
    and not to mention he is amazing actor that had fantastic chemistry with all 3 of his parents…
    It is a shame 

    On the promo front… I love that they did showed Jason Sonny Carly and Michael and called them family , and they are a real family  …
    I Can’t wait to see the scenes 

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    I am enjoying the day to day scenes and interactions between the characters, but this trial is becoming tedious. As much as I’m enjoying Diane and Coleman offering comic relief and the Doberman Pincher with lipstick on (Claire) getting told off every five seconds by someone, I am ready for this to be resolved!!! The only real problem that I have with GH is that the storylines that they SHOULD prolong and flesh out (like Keifer being forced to pay for his crimes, which never happened?) are ended too soon, and the stories like this trial and all the hoopla regarding Claudia’s death are dragged out. Might I add that Claudia was ALSO never really forced to deal with the repercussions of what she did to Michael?? They simply killed her off a few episodes later.

    And don’t get me started on how they’ve dragged out Spixie’s "love story" long past it’s point of being interesting….This couple, for me, have become fast-forward material!!!

    Not that I’m gonna stop watching GH (still the best soap on daytime!), but some balance would be nice…

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