Goodbye Kish

Monday was Scott Evans (Oliver Fish) and Brett Claywell’s (Kyle Lewis) last day together as OLTL’s popular pairing Kish. I found the courtroom scenes to be touching and was oh so glad that Gigi (Farah Fath) decided to stop fighting for custody of Sierra Mist. After everything that has happened I am glad to see Kish get their “happy ending,” but it doesn’t excuse the atrocious way ABC and One Life to Live handled their departure. What did you think of Kish’s final scenes together?

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    It was beautiful scene of Kishierra showing love for each other and it was very touching.

    What’s up with Gigi getting all the screen time? Ok, so I know what’s up but I didn’t like it. When Oliver was awarded the baby, did you notice, cut off on the right hand of the screen, that Kish hugged and Oliver gave Kyle a kiss? I bet you may not have because the camera was too busy getitng a close up of Gex hugging. Who got custody?  aaaahhhh!!!!!!

    Anyway, I love Kish and I’m sorry to see the leave OLTL. Both Brett and Scott are great actors and did a great job acting out a great love story that will stand the test of time. Unlike the rest of the show that can’t even stand the test of airtime.

    I’ve removed OLTL from my TiVo and will support ATWT until their end in Sept. Reid-Luke-Noah triangle should be very exciting to watch, unless ATWT wimps out too, at this point I’m not holding my breath.

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     Sucks that OLTL got rid of Kish, especially since there is not much else worth watching on it these days.

     Good thing I’m watching As The World Turns now!

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    Haven’t watched 4/12/10 episode of OLTL but I was thinking about the custody "battle" over the weekend and thought that Gigi would make the better parent because she already has experience as a single mom with Shane.  I thought the court would take that over the bio dad  who has no experience; but a first time mom and dad don’t have experience either.  The courts seem to favor the bio parent(s) in these custody hearings if they are shown to be fit and won’t endanger the child.

    Anyway we all knew where this custody hearing was headed – awarding Sierra Rose to Fish.

    I wonder if Luke Kerr still thinks that OLTL should be the last soap standing.

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    I loved how Oliver so matter-of-factly told the judge he was gay — nice to see his gay parenting angst evaporate in the face of that baby. Thanks to md1347 for pointing out the kiss and hug that I totally  missed because of the Gigi focus. I was literally yelling at the tv afterwards because I thought they weren’t allowed to kiss or hug over the news — since it wasn’t the focus, I wonder if Scott and Brett added that on their own. The scenes with Layla/Cris/Oliver/Kyle in the apartment and these last ones were so sweet and yet made me so angry about the wasted potential. 

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    TV Gord

    Boycotting the most gay-friendly network is a little silly and self-defeating, don’t you think?

    I thought it was a terrific resolution to the storyline and I’m sorry to see Kish go.  However, there’s still plenty on OLTL that I enjoy, so I’m not going anywhere.  Hopefully, TPTB will remain true to their word to keep the guys in town on a recurring basis, and maybe we’ll see them return to the frontburner again sometime in the future.

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    TC irene

    Next to the Bo/Nora scenes yesterday Kish was my favorite thing about the entire show.

    I loved Oliver explaining to the judge how he hadn’t had time to get a lawyer cause the baby needed him and Kyle cause she had had a difficult last few days and they needed to get ready for her at home. I also loved how that while Oliver was speaking Kyle was keeping Sierra happy and content in court by engaging her and making little faces at her.

    I am really gonna miss these characters/actors they were such a breath of fresh air.

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    Gord, This is a more likely scenario:

    In a few months, Roxy will get a phone call scene where’s she’s talking to Kyle (one-way, of course). She congratulates him on his new job (probably in Seattle, since that’s where most of the ABC characters go to disappear, all the way back to Linc Tyler on AMC). She tells him she’ll miss him and Oliver and Little Sierra, but will come and visit.

    Next time Roxy is off the canvas for awhile, she will mention that she was in Seattle visiting the Kishes. They will never be mentioned again. 

    IF the show survives another five years, Sierra will reappear as a teenager and move in with her aunt Gigi, because her two dads died in a car accident. That’s a big IF, though.

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    It would have been nice to have Kish in their final scenes with their baby WITHOUT the whole damn focus being put on FIFI-LA-PUKE again!   I am so sick of this nasty character and I’m really starting to wonder what she has over FV that he would be willing to get rid of several extremely talented and likeable cast members to try to save her totally useless character, knowing full well that viewers hate and despise her and want gone from the show immediately.

    Again, the joy of getting the baby as shown by Oliver giving Kyle a sweet kiss and hug was cut off so bluntly, and all so we could watch FIFI-LA-PUKE and GOOFY hug for a lengthy amount of time.   Mr. Valentini, nobody gives a rat’s patootie about FIFI and her GOOFY!   WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!  

    OLTL has really slapped their viewers in the face with this mess and, personally, I think Frank Valentini should have been fired IMMEDIATELY for ever letting this happen.  This was not a business decision, it was a catestrophy!   And, Mr. Valentini, if you think FIFI-LA-PUKE is going to save this show for you, you better think again.  If anything, SHE will be the one to bury it (or at least what’s left of it now that YOU have hacked it apart and gotten rid of some of the most talented people on the show).

    I, personally, would love to see ABC do a completely different show with Kish as the main characters.   Scott Evans and Brett Claywell are two of the most talented individuals to come on a soap in years.  They could easily carry their own show and their chemistry is totally "OFF THE CHARTS."  

    As a life long viewer of OLTL, I really hope this horrendous decision really comes back to haunt Mr. Valentini.   He should have to feel just as miserable as he has made the OLTL viewers feel over this mess.  Instead of sucking up his pride and doing the right thing to bring Kish back for the viewers, he will stubbornly refuse to do so and even come up with one excuse after another for letting them go (all to no avail because viewers aren’t stupid enough to believe a word that comes out of his mouth now).

    So, as of Monday, April 12th, this life long viewer of OLTL and the ABC network became a non-viewer of OLTL and will no longer view any ABC network programming.  I won’t be back unless Kish comes back.  

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    I thought there was a lot of great scenes, but as a "sunset ending", it sucked. It wasn’t an ending at all. It seemed more like a beginning of a story, not an end.

    I wont be watching OLTL anymore.

    I do hope they bring them back at some point, even if it’s just temporary to give them a proper send off.

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    Amazing how a soap struggling to survive gets rid of its only characters worth watching. The Messica storyline is just atrocious, and I am also so sick of the whole Natalie and John thing.  That has been done way too much already.  Bye Bye OLTL.  I still hope the show survives but I am doubtful and will not watch unless Brett and Scott are brought back and treated with proper respect as they should be.

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    I wanted to tune into OLTL today to see Oliver and Kyle settling into the whole full-time parenting thing but I knew they wouldn’t be there so I didn’t even bother. I don’t think I was the only one.

    It’s a huge mistake letting them go like this. There is so much story potential here and with Schuyler/Roxy. It’s a shame we won’t get to see either new family find their way together. Even worse is the fact that most of the stories and characters that they kept are nowhere near as interesting as the ones they let go.

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    The actual Kish and Sierra Rose stuff was nice and it was great to see how far Oliver’s come since the story kicked off but the actual ending was so blah that it left me disappointed.  And way too much Gigi/Rex propping–seriously they’re the couple that ate the show.

    Perhaps if Sky or Rachel or Kim were still around or Viki and Blair had something interesting to do and the show wasn’t taken over by High School Messical, Teen!Jess and the unholiness that is Fangston I might stick around but there’s nothing worth watching.  At least if Kish were still around I’d be apt to suffer through the nonsense until the other stories started getting better again but since they’re not, I’m not going to waste my time. 

    But then again I’m not a ‘mainstream’ viewer as I liked Kish and don’t find rapists the least bit sexy. 

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    I loved the Kish scenes yesterday.  Mostly because they are like water in the desert, even a few drops is refreshing.

    I agree with dkp, the scenes totally seemed like the beginning of a new chapter not the end to their story.  I loved how Oliver/Scott Evans was so honest and upfront about himself and Kyle and how Kyle/Brett Claywell was so supportive and obviously enamored with Sierra.

    I really, really disliked that the whole custody battle was focused on Gigi and that her speech was nearly longer than the entire proceeding itself. 

    I guess we know why Kish wasn’t the focus but they ABSOLUTELY should have been.  This would have been a terrific story.  Just tell a simple story about two hardworking men now battling to raise a child.  No need for any more than that.  I am still heartbroken that OLTL and ABC gave in to "whatever" and let it all go so abruptly.

    I won’t be watching OLTL anymore and it breaks my heart too.  I loved the show I saw through the end of last year.  I waited anxiously till it came on.  I don’t recognize this year’s OLTL as being anywhere close.  It’s stupid and boring.  Kish was the only respite from my changing the channel, but even their story had become nearly non-existent. 

    Although I loved the show for telling the story, I won’t be watching because they took this that story about a minority couple and made it the fallguy for everything wrong with the show.  There is no excuse to treat an award winning story and devoted actors and writers in this way.  No excuse. 

    Bye, bye OLTL.

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    it was bittersweet. count me in as another straight woman who fell hard for kish. i actually cried when they were awarded custody of sierra. brett and scott did an amazing job; i loved the look on kyle’s and oliver’s faces when the decision was rendered. i can only imagine how wonderful they would’ve been had they been allowed to continue playing these two characters.

    once again FTR – disney corp made an IDIOTIC decision when they decided to let these two go. there was *so much* story left to tell…

  15. Profile photo of bliss

    I’m definitely disappointed. It was a complete non-ending… They just walk away. Everyone deserved better than that… Kish, Scott and Brett, and the fans.

    There was so much story left to tell, which was highlighted in their last episode. I would have loved to see Oliver, Kyle and Sierra Rose as a family, with their extended family of Roxy, Cristian and Layla being involved. Grandma Roxy would have been awesome. Cayla would have been great Godparents.

    Instead Kish were reduced to props for Gigi and Rex, even on their last day. It’s sad.

    I hope ABC and OLTL realize what a major mistake they made by dropping this groundbreaking storyline. I think Brett gets to prop Rex one more time on Friday and then that’s it for Kish, as well as me as a viewer… I’ll no longer be watching OLTL after this.

    Thanks to Brett, Scott and Ron for giving us a mostly great year of Kish. It’s just unfortunate this is what it came down to…

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    I am still so greatly disappointed regarding the decision made by OLTL to let these characters, Kyle Lewis and Oliver Fish, and the actors, Scott Evans and Brett Claywell, go from the show.  There is so much lost potential here for these characters and the show.  It really does seem true that this show has let these characters go due to fear of telling this story and fear regarding loss of ratings due to displaying diversity.  OLTL should bring these  characters back, at least to give them a decent ending as the ending this did receive was not even an ending.  We know that the show decided to end the storyline abruptly and didn’t even tell the actors they were filming their last scenes.  They set up so much expectation with these characters raising this baby and they even reminded of this last week by having Oliver and Sierra spend time with Cayla, Roxy and others.  What a loss of telling a gay parenting story, of giving the fans the payoff that has been building for 9 months.  It is sad, disappointing and it still angers me even though we’ve known this for a month now.  I’ve now tuned out of OLTL for good after yesterday.  So many others losses, including Kim, Sky and Rachel make it impossible to continue to watch this train wreck of a show.  This ten year "mainstream" viewer is out for good.  I’ll come back only if KISH returns.  Additionally, I don’t want to be part of this mainstream that OLTL covets as this is obviously a very intolerant group of people.  I’ll be watching ATWT as they are giving gay characters visibility. 

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    I was very disappointed with Kish’s final scenes. It seems to me that they did everything they could to make the scenes more about Rex and Gigi than about Kish. I don’t care about Rex & Gigi, never have, never will. All the pimping and propping in the world isn’t going to change that. I’ve been watching OLTL for 20 years. I’ve stayed with it through a lot of bad storylines and bad decision making, and yesterday was my last day. ABC treated Kish, their portrayers, and their fans with total disrespect. Apparently, Brian Frons & co have decided that the Kish fans aren’t the “mainstream” audience they want for the show. Whatever the hell that means. Good luck finding that new audience, Brian. I’ll be taking my midwestern, twentysomething, white, female, suburban butt elsewhere.

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    While there were some lovely moments, this was, overall, a supremely insulting non-ending. Fade out, never to be heard from again. Viewers embraced them, were invested in them, and were ready and eager for the next chapter in their relationship: raising a child together. 

    Instead, they are shoved off canvas as if they were a contagion. We wouldn’t want a strong relationship on canvas, one that could be mined for organic drama. No, let’s have a brain-damaged 30-something run around town acting like a twelve year old. Or, we can see Rex and Gigi suck all the air out the show by looking for Rex’s daddy. Again. For the 900th time. Those are apparently all preferable to writing storyline for the gays.

    Since OLTL couldn’t get rid of the characters fast enough, I will follow them out the door since a twenty-something, straight, married girl is not part of OLTL’s desired audience.

    When OLTL decides to give these characters the ending they and their fans deserve, I will return. Otherwise, so long Lllaniew.

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    As someone that has watched OLTL for most of the few decades I’ve been alive, I hardly feel the sting here. No offense, but I’m kind of over the whole "I only started watching OLTL for Kish and now I’ll tune out" dialog. People that have been with this show far longer have been kicked in the gut in so many ways over the years. This is disappointing but the animosity is a little mystifying. Even once we consider the TPTB’s handling of their exit, is this really the worst thing that could’ve happened to a soap?

    Look no further than Pratt’s run on AMC for egregious PR disaster after egregious PR disaster. . 

  20. Profile photo of east.west

    Agree Nova and TVGord!

    I do think that this was a classic case of bad pr 101, but the whole situation just make me smdh w/the comments (some rational and some highligting the worse part of being a fanboy). 

    The only thing that has change is that they got rid of interesting SUPPORTING character and good talent. They still have in tact this much praised about team. I think the only thing that has change is that w/o those characters (esp Kish) on the show it opens ppl eyes that the problems that have been w/the show for a while (hell most of last yr) is highlighted even more.

    But not to be bash by the fans, the ending was not that great. Nice, but not what should’ve been and that was the point w/this decision, that will unfortunatly have some of the audience tuning out when the show can’t afford that. 

    Well in closing ppl are going to do what they want which is either watch or not.

  21. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    Well, no offense to you nOva, but I’m personally kinda over this show dumping so many of its’ most talented players in favor of watching non-actors like Fath and seeing Bree WIlliamson "acting" like a teenager, among other hot mess storylines.  The problem I have with dumping Kish is TPTB making them and their storyline the scapegoat for sagging ratings.  I mean, it couldn’t have anything to do with a rapist who TPTB have been trying to shove down the audience’s throat as an "anti-hero" for the last decade or another rapist who tried to rape his own daughter.  Nah, those aren’t ratings killers at all.

  22. Profile photo of dkp

    People decide to stop watching their soaps all the time for various reasons. I don’t think Kish fans leaving is any different from when other people decide to stop watching. Yeah, some only started watching for Kish, but I’ve read plently of comments from people who watch OLTL for 10, 20, 30 years who will stop watching now that Kish is gone. Are they not going to beconsidered real fans of the show? 

    ABC basically threw Kish and their fans under a bus and, so why would they continue to watch or support a show that doesn’t respect them? It’s a two-way street. Maybe had they not scapegoated the gays, not tried to slander the actors, and gave the fans an actual send-off, like most other couples get, many of the fans might have still watched despite no Kish. Also might help if the rest of the show was worth watching. Almost whole show is crap IMO.  And just a few months ago, I thought almost the whole show was great and watched and was enterained everyday. I can’t say that now.

  23. Profile photo of nOva

    I actually agree with many of your points, ChrisGa. My issue comes from the subtext of entitlement that I detect when new fans discuss the show. There’s a LOT wrong with OLTL right now. The writing is messy and juvenile, Ron C has an obsession with paternity (has there NOT been a paternity storyline during his run?), the wrong characters are being paired up, and Kelly’s return has been dead weight. Those are just a few examples.

    The ratings were piss-poor before Kyle and Fish so I can’t even wrap my brain around the discussion of where "blame" lies. 

    But let us be clear. The name of the show isn’t One Kish To Live. The characters do not reside in Kishview and the name of Viki’s home isn’t Kishfair. OLTL fans have suffered worse and stuck with the show. If I were to follow the behavior patterns of Kish fans (as in, those that came to the show strictly for Kyle and Fish), then I would’ve stopped watching when Hank and RJ were written off.

    Yes, I went there.

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    Kishmet Lily

    I have watched OLTL for over 25 years, and I too have stopped watching now that KISH is gone. You are right that characters come and go but the way in which these two were shoved out the door has just been insulting to me as a fan. Had ABC-D stated that the characters had been cut due to budget and some of the B characters needed to go because we live in tough economic times, I would’ve been disappointed but I would have understood that. But that isn’t what they said.

    The very first statement that came out said that they were responsible for the ratings decline and didn’t resonate with mainstream viewers. Since the majority of KISH fans are 18-49 year old women who are a very coveted demographic as far as ratings, this makes no sense. OLTL has been resting in 4th place in this demographic above B&B and AMC for many months. Granted, they are in 6th place overall, but why would you piss off the one demographic you are actually doing well in? I’m not sure what their definition of mainstream is but it apparently is everyone other than the 18-49 year old women.

    They then stated that they had concluded the story they wanted to tell with KISH. As we saw on Monday, that is far from the truth. There is still a lot more story to tell. It is extremely ironic to me that ABC Primetime is doing very well with shows that are highlighting gay men raising a baby (Modern Family) or wanting to raise a baby (Brothers & Sisters; Desperate Housewives). But obviously primetime viewers are far more tolerant and mature than daytime viewers.

    Soap operas are failing because they have forgotten their purpose which is twofold. One, tell a great love story. Soap Opera’s are the Harlequin Romance of daytime television, however, they have forgotten this. KISH was a breath of fresh air because they were a great love story. How sad is that? That should be the norm not the exception. Second, be relevant. Agnes Nixon is to soap operas as Gene Rodenberry was to Sci Fi. Shine a light on the underbelly of society and bring it out into the open. It isn’t pretty but it needs to be done. Soap operas have spearheaded many issues that needed to be brought out into the light of day: rape, incest, AIDS, child abuse, racism, etc. Homosexuality is no different and soap operas should be leading the charge and continuing their excellent track record of being change agents for our society. Instead they are backing away in fear.

    I guess maybe that is why I am so crestfallen over the demise of KISH. They were a great love story and had social relevance which encapsulates what soap operas mean to me as a viewer. I apologize for the rant, but I am a bitterly disappointed fan.

  25. Profile photo of jsg03jd

    The ending for Kyle, Oliver and Sierra was more bitter than sweet not to mention insulting because Kyle and Oliver were added to the list of characters who were sacrificed at the altar of the extremely boring and badly acted duo of Gee Gee and Rex.  Even Scott Clifton’s last line as Schuyler was a Rex propping line, which disgusted me to no end.

    ABC Daytime Media Relations’ Jori Petersen stated that "The Kish story did not have the appeal we hoped it would. We are going to spend our time on stories that have a more favorable reaction from our audience."

    This of course begs the question, what are these other "stories" that will elicit "a more favorable reaction from [OLTL’s] audience"?  Bora, Cress and Jolie reduxes?  Todd beating up Cole and raping Marty again, so to speak, by killing her baby?  Ridding the canvas of almost all the black characters?  This hideous upcoming High School Messical Part 2?  Jessica Sue Got Married at Cris and Layla’s expense?  Non-stories for Dorian and Viki?  Nonstop front-burnering of the insufferable Gee Gee and her idiot boyfriend Rex, whose entire history has now been retconned in order to give Farah Fath and John-Paul Lavoisier more airtime to play "Who are Wrecks’s Parents?"  The arrival of show killer Jean Passanante who has written one horrific story after another on AS THE WORLD TURNS?  If ABC Daytime really believes the idiotic and thinly veiled homophobic statement uttered by Ms. Petersen, then they’re even more deluded than I thought about the intelligence and sophistication of its viewers, especially those who helped increase ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s ratings for its evening broadcasts at SOAPNet likely because of the introduction of the KISH storyline in the third quarter of 2009.

    ONE LIFE TO LIVE is supposed to be the soap that featured characters from the different strata of society.  It has veered so much from Agnes Nixon’s vision that this soap should now be called ONE STRAIGHT WHITE LIFE TO LIVE.  As a 22 year viewer, I cannot and will not support ABC Daytime’s ethnic and gay cleansings in what was once the only truly diverse soap in its lineup.  I’m not a member of the coveted "mainstream audience" so, to hell with ONE LIFE TO LIVE.  Here’s to its imminent cancellation.


  26. Profile photo of days4ever

    I didn’t watch yet and I may not even watch it. I have stopped watching the show because of this exit and I hope more people do so the show can just be canceled. There are a lot of fabulous actors on this show and the writing is usually great but this just makes me so upset that ABC would do this to us and get rid of the best couple on the show.

  27. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    I can’t believe people want the entire show to be cancelled just because a couple of characters are being written out!  How petty can you get!?!?  You’re not getting your way, so lets throw dozens of actors and behind-the-scenes people out of work.  Get a grip on yourselves!  I’m ashamed to read some of these comments!

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