Grudges, Ultimatums and Secrets, This Week on AMC!

It’s one juicy week in Pine Valley! Greenlee (Rebecca Budig) holds a grudge against Kendall (Alicia Minshew). Adam (David Canary) has a secret he’s keeping from Annie (Melissa Claire Egan) and Zach (Thorsten Kaye) is back with an ultimatum. Watch this week’s All My Children promo after the jump.

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    Ryan Scott—

    You can rest assured….
    Lorraine Broderick is gonna remain on the writing team, according to Donna Swajeski. I don’t know if it’ll be in a co- head writer capacity or a storyline consultant, but she’s staying. I don’t necessarily think that she has done anything MAGICAL with the show, but it is DEFINITELY a vast improvement from Chuck Pratt’s massacre/hatchet job!! Of course, toy solider would write the show better than Chuck Pratt did. There are still a few glaring problems with the show that Broderick has not corrected, but I understand that true change takes time and doesn’t happen in just a few months. I think she is going in the right direction, though……

    I think that Agnes Nixon probably begged and pleaded her to stay around because she knows that Broderick is one of the few writers in the show’s history with an untarnished track record for making the show socially relevant, character-driven and entertaining. I know that Agnes is nervous about the idea of Kreizman and Swajeski being head writers on the show, especially since they were at the helm of GL when it ran off the cliff.

    I am not gonna automatically condemn Kreizman and Swajeski until I see what they bring to the table. Who knows?? They may actually make the show entertaining again. Nowadays, the show is at about a 6, ( 7 when Erica Kane is on), but it’s not nearly as good as it was in the 90s….I am still hoping that it can get back to that level of magnificence, but I am not holding my breath.

    Greenlee is becoming a pain in my side, and I am starting to dislike her. She needs to stop being so damned bitter and get her sense of humor back. We already have too many bitches without redeeming qualities on that show—(Colby and Annie), so Greenlee doesn’t need to join that mix!!

    Kendall needs to just tell Greenlee to go to hell and concentrate on her marriage, which she is gonna do. And when she comes back to Pine Valley this summer, PLEASE don’t do another Kendall/Greenlee/Ryan triangle. A Kendall/Greenlee/David triangle might be entertaining, but the writers are still drinking Megan McTavish’s Kool-Aid (Ryan and Greenlee are meant to be, blah, blah, blah)…

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    I agree Alstonboy. AMC isn’t must-see but it has improved.

    Like Swajeski and Kreizman, I remember reading interviews with Chuck Pratt and Barbara Esensten/James Harmon Brown before him and they all swore up and down they were working with Agnes and wanting to do her vision.
    I hope this time it’s actually meant.
    It’s make it or break it time in Pine Valley.

    I wish Agnes Nixon wasn’t 82 or she could take up the HW position.

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    Ryan Scott—-
    I agree. I wish that Agnes Nixon would just push all these rookies aside and become head writer of the show again herself, but that probably ain’t gonna happen. I would love to see what she would do to restore the show to it’s former greatness. She is still a story consultant, but I doubt she has much power, as has been evidenced by the past three head writing DISASTER teams!! She keeps telling these writers to "follow the characters, concentrate on the characters and not ridiculous and stupid plot twists," but I agree, none of them listen, and they fail EVERY time!!! AMC can’t afford to have another Chuck Pratt or Megan McTavish drag the show down again!! Next time, they may end up on the chopping block. I hope that Kreizman and Swajeski can save the day!!!

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    Greenlee holds a grudge?????????????????  Greenlee is mad, Greenlee is jealous, Greenlee, Greenlee, Greenlee!!!!!!!!

    People thought you were DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You don’t have the right or anything else to be pissed off at ANYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Where does she get off being mad at anything or anyone?  And just how STUPID is this storyline?  Give me a break!  Now kiss and make-up with Kendall — you know you’ll do it later anyway! 

    I’m so tired of these writers thinking that we’re all so stupid.  Give it a rest AMC!

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