Perry Moves in for The Kill on Episode 11 of Gotham!

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What do you get when you cross an As The World Turns vet with an Another World alum? One pretty hot smooch! Perry (Matt Crane) wants Catherine (Martha Byrne) to go out on a date with him. When she hesitates he decides a nice buss just might do the trick with his Nicole Miller co-worker. Meanwhile, Crane's former AW cougar Anna Stuart (Elizabeth)—they were one of my all-time Bay City couples, Matt Cory and Donna Love— warns her wheeling,dealing son Richard (Michael Park) about that deep-pocketed beeyouch Dinah (Maeve Kinkead).

I am really impressed with how this little-web-soap-that-could has come together. Nice direction, likeable characters, clear sound quality and an intriguing story that advances at a pace that makes sense (though I wish eppys aired every week). Now if they could just settle on a theme song! Oh, and more of that Melanie Smith chick! Where'd she go? I wasn't watching ATWT when she played Emily, but she is FIYA as Cat's ball busting big sister Claire. :p