The Po-Po Make an Arrest on Y&R!

The hunt for Adam’s (Michael Muhney) killer leads the Po-Po to make an arrest this week on The Young and the Restless. Who will the victim be and are the writers throwing us a red herring? Watch this week’s Y&R promo after the jump.

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    We all know that Victor did not kill Adam.  Looks like another ridiculous story.  The show has gotten so bad that this long time viewer,  finds it hard to continue after 27+ years of loving this famous Bill Bell soap opera.  What a shame that the writing has been given to the bunch now in charge.  I do not understand how the Bell family can put up with this.  I also cannot understand the sponsors allowing it either.  I see the show lost 128,000 viewers last week alone and will probably be that many more this week.  What a shame to rundown such an outstanding show.

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     Victor’s arrest is classic soap story telling.  A villain is killed.  An innocent person is arrested.  The guilty person is revealed or the dead man turns out to be alive.

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    Victor isn’t the one that will be arrested for Adam’s murder, but who cares who killed Adam?  I’m sure that person has a seat right next to Jesus up in heaven waiting on him/her!

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    For some reason this promo does not appear to be available to Canadian viewers (at least in my area), so I have not been able to see it.

    Who knows … maybe Adam is actually dead but that really is highly unlikely. I’m just wondering how all of the "suspects" managed to have such revealing conversations and dealings with Adam down in the basement so quickly after he fled Sharon’s room and ended up down there. There obviously is something in the air regarding the fellow in the same costume that Phyllis ran into and attacked before all the mayhem broke loose. And how were the authorities so quickly able to positively identify "Adam"?
    Smitty … I know you are jesting but as far as we know Adam really did not commit any crimes (bad as they were) that deserved any more than a cell in an institution or in a jail. I really don’t think that a murder here can be justified by any earthly or heavenly body.

    So we have to deal with all that until they finally discover that the murder was not committed by anyone we know and love, except maybe Pattycakes, but that is unlikely too.

    We also have deal with "nice" Lauren and evil Lauren for the time being. We are probably going to have to deal with that for a lot longer than we care to. Michael and Paul seem to suddenly have taken their stupid pills over the weekend and are missing everything that could bring this to a merciful close. I think in the end though that it will be Ryder who will spill the beans.

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     Victor won’t be arrested, but if the spoilers are true, the person that will be arrested will be a definite red herring. This person has no motive to kill Adam.

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     Victor won’t be arrested, but if the spoilers are true, the person that will be arrested will be a definite red herring. This person has no motive to kill Adam.

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    I don’t think Adam is really dead and with this current regime his twin will be back in town by December terrorizing our screens.   SIGH….I HATE THIS SHOW! (right now)

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    I like it that Victor is arrested but not for this one.  He’s always above the law, untouchable.  There are other civil crimes Victor is directly responsible for and should be put on trial.

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    From what I hear, Brad Bell ain’t doing that great of a job writing B&B either. However, the Bell shows have always had a reputation for classic, mostly conservative storytelling techniques, with a few plot twists thrown in OCCASIONALLY to keep things interesting, but this show is slowly becoming just your average, run-of-the-mill plot-driven mess!!!

    Victor did not kill Adam, and we all know that Adam isn’t dead, but if it means protecting his family, he would stay behind bars for the rest of his life. If he knew that Nick or Victoria did it, or even Nikki, he would take the fall in a heartbeat. However, I would much rather see Victoria or Nick in a jail cell, personally, because both of those characters irk me to no end. Why lock up the most interesting male character in Genoa City?? Lock up his BORING kids instead, and don’t give them any airtime. LOL!!!!

    I am sure that the "mustache" ain’t gonna stay behind bars for long!! He’d better not!! This show needs all the interesting characters they can on the canvas to compensate for the other foolishness that’s going on!!!

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    I posted it the other day. Saw it A MILE AWAY when we first saw this ‘Character’ mid March.

    THAT’S SAD. When you can close out a "Murder Mystery" 6 months before the writers have it wrapped up for us. And how a 80% BLIND MAN can do all this just makes me LAUGH! 

    I LOVE THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS and I hate to jump on the "THIS SUX!" Bandwagon, but, unfortunetly,  I have too.

    Yet, I’ll take the "Adam’s Murder Caper" ANYYYYDAY over Daisy Duping The Adult Set of this Moron town.

    Sabrina. Daisy. Two "Actresses" that are SOOO HORRID They’re unwatchable.

    I only watch Y&R now, stopped tuning into OLTL when Crystal Hunt Single Handedly Ruined it. Y/R is treading dangerously close with me in that way…… Get Yvone Zimma and her big mouth, teeth and chin OFF MY TV!!

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    victoria will be the one in jail.  lame-o s/l.   i cant believe they lost that many viewers last week, but i’m assuming the whole sheila stupidity turned them off.

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    Either Adam isn’t dead and the body is really Rafe, or Rafe killed Adam. He’s the most expendable character, and the only one they haven’t shown, not even once, since the basement scenes. And it’s a convenient way to get rid of the gay guy, as per usual.

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    Victor is many things but a killer is not one of them   This has become this worst show on daytime. All you have is people turning it on then  then might watch about 5 mins of it.

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    I will be back when Victoria and Billy continue their little thing.Wake me when you done with Shelia, Lauren, thing. I want Lauren to know about BIG RED and Michael Affair.
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    goyankees … come on, Sabrina was a definate fresh breeze and a touch of class and another one who exposed the selfishness of the Newman brats via Victoria. Her stint was much too short.

    alex197923 … Victor may not be a killer or maybe he is; we will probably never know. However, we do know where Adam got his DNA from. Victor does deserve to be punished for his past deeds and confined rather that just running off to some monastry for one of his miracle cures.

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    My money IS on Paddycakes having done it!  She was the one with access to Jack’s hankie..I’m starting to believe that maybe Adam really IS dead, FWIW.   Patty already said she took care of Adam in one of this past week’s episodes.   What I can’t figure out is why Victoria couldn’t just quietly tell the police, expecting it to be kept confidential, that she was with Billy Abbott.  She’d rather be a murder suspect?  That just doesn’t gel with me.  She’s not going to lose custody because she was hitting the sheets with another man.  The marriage is over, and divorce is pending.  Nobody expects her to stay faithful to JT. JMVHO

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    Goldgirl … I think you are right about everything you said above.

    The US episode I saw today did drive me wild though. I just so hope (futilely probably) that the Lauren/Sarah debacle does not go on forever like all the rest does right now. The only faint glimmer of hope lies with Ryder (bowing to his better side) and Fen (who should start saying "that’s not mom" soon).

    I also get annoyed with holier than thou Neil coming down incessantly on Malcolm. What exactly has Malcolm done that Neil can’t get over for the sake of his "daugher"? We are also going to have to contend with St. Olivia the Miracle Worker. She is so self righteous and selfish that it makes all the other self righteous and selfish characters around seem tolerable.

    At any rate … it is starting to seem painfully evident that Drucilla is waiting in the wings to make a dramatic "surprise" return. But where was she when her daughter needed her? Neil will have two around to drive him batty with jealousy!

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    If this “Simone” character turns out to be a recasted version of Drucilla, I will raise holy hell!!! Maria Bell and Paul Rauch would be fools to try to recreate the same MAGIC that Vicki Rowell created with another black character/actress…..Who am I kidding? This sounds exactly like the type of foolishness that they would do. If you hear a shrill, loud screaming sound, you’ll know it’s me!! I am hoping (with my fingers and toes crossed) that they don’t go there!!!

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    oh lord have mercy…that better not be Dru coming back.  She went over the cliff.  she’s dead.  While i would love her to come back, having her be alive after that is ridiculous.  (but also interesting that Big Red is involved in 2 people’s accidents…Dru’s and Paul’s..)  but I agree with the comment above…I can ceratinly see them trying to pull that s/l off…Dru was nursed back to health by some hikers that found her….she had amnesia and couldn’t remember anything that happened to her or who she was (sounds like the Nick in the plane crash s/l which they will just recycle) but now she is getting her memory back b/c Malcolm discovered her in the jungle somewhere…

    i agree that I think Patty did it…probably was angry what Adam did to her she killed him (although i still think its not really Adam dead) and then is trying to frame everyone else but screwed up with jack’s hanky.   also the pen that they found was the one adam stole from nick (the one that vikki gave him) so i’m sure that’s how they are going to pin it on vikki.

    i really need to start drinking to watch this show now….sometimes i think i just watch to see what ridiculous thing they do next!

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    You would think with soaps being cancled right and left Y&R would turn out stories that would gain them viewers instead of losing them. 

    I don’t care that Adam is dead. I don’t care who killed him.

    The Lauren clone story is beyond ridiculous.

    I couldn’t stand Dru, so I hope the new actress is not going to revive that character.

    The recast on Malcom was so atrocious I could care less what Neil has to say to him. Just get it over quick so Malcom does not have to be on camera.

    Auntie Olivia should have gone over the cliff with sister Dru.

    There might be hope for the Ryder character if he bucks Momma Bear, but Daisy dear needs to go.  Her acting and her character makes me miss Eden. Now that is bad.

    Even though I liked William Russ as Tucker, more than I like Steven Nichols in the role, and that is nothing against Nichols, the only hope right now to make the show interesting is to get on with more Tucker/JT story lines that involve sticking it to Victor.

    Right now the show is a complete snore fest. 

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    This site irritates me.  You flag something as offensive as it asks you do and they chose to do nothing about it.  I wonder why they even have the check box????????????????????????

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    I’ve never seen anything on this site (at least under Y&R spoilers which is the only place I look) that I’d think of as being offensive.
    Do you mean that it offends you or do you think that whatever you flagged was generally offensive?
    Just curious.

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    Chilly Fan 25

    It is unlikely that Adam is really dead.  Then what would they pull out of their bag of tricks next?  An Adam clone?  With the way things are going on Y&R right now I wouldn’t put it past them.

    And Victoria may be boring and way to into her daddy for a middle aged woman but a killer she is not.  The only way she could kill anyone is with her lame acting. 

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    In answer to #28 tedew,  they finally removed the two comments with a lot of filthy langauge in them that should not be on a site that any youngster might read,  even though they might talk worse. JMO

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