Who is Bridget’s Baby Daddy on B&B?

Bridget (Ashley Jones) is in the midst of a baby daddy brouhaha, not knowing who the father of her child is Owen (Brandon Beemer) or Nick (Jack Wagner). Meanwhile the Logan girls face a family crisis on The Bold and the Beautiful. Watch this week’s promo after the jump.

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    I don’t really care who’s it is. All four bore me to death, as does this story. All call four (or five, now that Bridget is pregnant) can exit stage right.

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    Someone needs to throw it in bridget’s face that she’s in competiton w/ Brooke. She goes after men involved w/ Brooke. Ridge, Nick, even Dante. And she goes into designing lingerie to compete w/ Brooke’s line. And now she’s preggers and it could be her step father in law’s baby? Bridget is just like Brooke.

    Instead of this dumb Beth arc, Stephen should have married Tay. How much fun would that have been? Tay as the step mother to Brooke, Donna and Katie! They could have axed Ollie, Aggie, Rick, Bill, Katie and Thomas, paired Whip w/ Hope since B&B loves pseudo incest. Whip pretended to be Hope’s father.

    B&B has no internal logic! The time sequencing is all colors of crazy. Whip marries Tay, but pitches and directs the Cabana boy campaign the day after! LOL! Storm kills himself. Donna marries Eric. Then they hold Storm’s funeral. LOL! So was Storm in the morgue during the festivities? Whip announces his engagement. Bridget says she’ll design a gown for Tay. The wedding’s the next day! LOL! Brooke gets raped, doesn’t tell Rick abt it but tells Bridget. Rick’s holding a sing off w/ Constantine for Phoebe. Brooke tells Bridget to go to the concert. LOL!

    B&B even ignores these details or scraps arcs. Tay tells Eric not to bring Donna to her wedding since they are not close, yet Donna was at her wedding to Nick, which was illogical since Brooke wanted Nick. Steph had these mini strokes and told no one abt it, but that was dropped for this Spencer takeover crap. Bill’s video will instructed that FC be returned to Stephanie.

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    Worst Story of 2010? This has to be one of the early frontrunners. How soon will this get axed? I have stopped watching because of this exact story. It is that boring, predictable, and draining. Same recycled scenes. Same rehashed dialouge. Every single day for over a month. Brad needs to step aside now. He has no more ideas as a writer. Most unorginal uncreative crap he’s penned in years. You knew it was coming. There were no twists or surprises with the sex video.  That would’ve been something new and fresh. It is following the same old tired pattern. So many good performers on this cast. They all are going to waste. We will never see their true talent on display with Brad as writer.

    The absolute last thing that Bold and Beautiful needed was some long dragging baby related drama…that will take up god knows how much story and airtime for the next nine months…oh please let this be a short term plot device to just break up the couples. We just recently got away from the surrogate plot ..now it’s straight into another pregnancy story…and nobody will care or talk about this one either. Same five characters will be involved in driving and propping this one as the last one. Bridget, Nick, Aggie, Jackie, and Owen.  I don’t want to see the boring whiny Bridget and the overacting annoying AJ front and center in yet another baby related drama for like the 4th time since 2006. 

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    It is amazing that there is so much negativity on this site. It is a shame. Why do some of you keep watching and complaining about these shows. If you don’t like what you are seeing I have an idea, STOP WATCHING! I get SO tired of all the negativity. No, B&B is not the best soap right now but it is certainly not the worst. Get a grip and stop the negative comments ALL the time. I understand if you want to criticize these shows every now and again but this is overkill.

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    I also feel that Brad Bell needs to take about six months off to "rejuvinate and come up with some fresh ideas." This man has been head writing this show for over 15 years without taking any breaks or sabbaticals, and the only other writer in daytime history who can say that is his father, William Bell Sr., who wrote Y&R for 25 years without any (known) breaks or sabbaticals (unless you count writers strikes, but I am not sure if he participated in those).

    I think that Brad Bell has too much pride to ever admit that he needs help, plus he probably feels an obligation to his father to keep going. After all, this is his "legacy" and he has been enjoying the perks of nepotism for his whole LIFE, so why stop now??

    B&B is a half-hour show, so they should have TWICE as many storyline ideas to use, you would think. I agree that he is teetering closely toward becoming "creatively bankrupt". I hope he gets the message soon, and stops drinking Maria Bell and Paul Rauch’s Kool-Aid—–which carries the following side effects:

    a.) Frequent (and extremely tacky) displays of self-congratulation, even when your stories are silly and make no sense.

    b.) Propping up and praising actors that are MEDIOCRE on their best days and HORRIBLE on most days (he already has done this for years, and continues to do it.)

    c.) Developing amnesia and forgetting that the same story he’s writing now, he wrote THREE months ago, but being too lazy to actually try to come up with another story. "They liked it before, so they’ll like it again. No need to come up with anything fresh or new. They’ll keep watching."

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    I guess I will be the odd person out here. I like B&B.  I like it over Y&R right now, as a matter of fact.  With that being said, the whole who’s is the baby daddy thing with Bridget is going to drive me to distraction.  I don’t know if I can take much more of her sniveling and whining.

    NIck maybe boring to some, but I like him. I will take him over Mini Me (Owen) any day of the week.  At least NIck looks like a man where as Owen looks like a little boy trying to play grown up.

    And last but not least, I am Stephanie’s biggest fan!  I love watching that woman in action when she takes on Brooke-Ho and all her ho sisters. lolol

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