Aiden Turner Speaks Out On DWTS Exit

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In the wake of the being eliminated from Dancing With The Stars, former All My Children star Aiden Turner (Ex-Aiden), talks to ABC Soaps In Depth regarding his stint on the show. Regarding fan support Turner said,

Without them, I probably would have gone home the first week. I thought I had a few weeks left as far as the fan votes [were concerned]. Edyta said that I was getting better each week.

Tuner talked candidly about the judges critiques of his performance saying,

"I thought they were bullies [Monday] night,” he candidly shares of the trio. "If that’s what they think, then that’s what they think. I hope they’re not lying. I was told to do certain things [during week 3]. I worked on them, not being so careful, but more carefree [in my routine]. I thought there was significant change.”