Judi Evans on Adrienne/Justin/Hope Triangle: “Three Nice People Trying to do The Right Thing”

TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan caught up with Days of our Lives’ Judi Evans and discussed her return to Salem as Adrienne Kiriakis.

It’s so terrific to have you back on Days. Plus, we find Adrienne in a rather fresh kind of romantic triangle with Justin [Wally Kurth] and Hope [Kristian Alfonso]. There’s no villain here, no one to hate or resent. It’s radically adult.

It makes a great dynamic and I’m hoping they’ll keep it playing. Adrienne and Hope are friends and they’re both good girls and Justin’s a good guy. No one is being manipulative. Hope didn’t have the same feelings for Justin that he had for her, so she brought Adrienne back to Salem, thinking he was just substituting her for Adrienne. She tried to do a good thing by reuniting them. Usually in a triangle the ex shows up out of nowhere—or comes back from the dead!—but here it’s just three nice people trying to do the right thing.

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    I’m feeling good and excited for next week with all the Hope episodes.  Thank goodness, about time getting screentime.  Can’t wait!  As for Justin and Hope, uh no, that won’t last long nor do I want it too. 

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    Thanks for posting the link to this interview, Judi is right, this is one of the more adult storylines on Daytime right now and one of the few things I really enjoy on Days right now. Hope it continues to be excellent.

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