Kate Collins Returns to AMC as Janet Dillon

All My Children fan favorite Kate Collins is returning to Pine Valley as Janet Dillon, the mother of Amanda Dillon (Chrishell Stause), according to TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan.

“Janet, in her insanity, thinks she can manage Amanda’s career better than anyone else and wants to take her and the grandbaby off to Europe. She’s even made fake passports,” reports Collins. “And of course she sees Amanda’s husband, Jake, as a big threat to all this. He’s an obstacle and he must be dealt with!”

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    Fabulous!!!  I have been campaigning for the return of "Janet from Another Planet" for a while now. Annie is a tiresome villainess who has been nothing short of boring and predictable. Time for her to step aside and let a REAL villainess come back and shake things up in Pine Valley!!!!! I am used to Robin Mattson’s version of Janet, but Kate Collins is also wonderful!!!! Let the good times roll!!!

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    I don’t want her to kill Greenlee, I just want Greenlee to pop a Midol (or a dozen!) and shut up for five seconds!!

    However, she is more than welcome to torture and/or throw Marissa and Randi down the nearest well (like she did Natalie!)………and leave them there until they get new faces and become interesting!!!!

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    From reading the full article from TV Guide, I think she definitely is Amanda’s stalker, ‘AmandaFan’ LOL! I love it, this is so Janet. I can’t wait to see her, this is GREAT NEWS!

    luverica, I LOVED those episodes when Janet bombed the ball…classic Janet, it was so crazy, but I loved it to.

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    YEAH!! It’s always fun on AMC when Janet From Another Planet is on!!!! Hopefully she doesn’t do anything to bad to Jake and Amanda. Ooh, what would happen if her and Anne got locked up together!!! I’d love to see that!!!

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    This is great news because I just started watching AMC again. Honestly Robin Mattson will always be "my" Janet and I preferred Kate Collins as Natalie, but I’ll take Janet anyway I can. Anyways, just having one of my all time favorite AMC characters coming back is great.

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    Oh wow!  Someone please let me know her first air date!

    I love Chrishell, she is drop dead gorgeous.  And I directed a scene in class from AMC where Janet was in it.  I did a ton of research and love the character!

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    Hey everyone!  I’m a newbie, here… and just wanted to say hello.

    Anyhow… I’m just curious as to how they are going to explain how Janet got out of the mental institution, after killing Trevor Dillon, and blowing up the ball.  Btw… I LOVED Robin Mattson as Janet, and would love to see her back on AMC as a different character.  Perhaps they could bring her on as a character who would be out for revenge against Janet, because Janet ruined her life, after committing so many crimes, using her face. 

    Just a thought.

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    I don’t know how they are gonna explain it, unless Janet is threatening/blackmailing a judge or the person who runs the mental institution to get him/her to clear her for release back into society??I agree, they should bring back Robin Mattson in SOME capacity. It would be HILARIOUS to see Robin Mattson playing scenes side by side with Kate Collins. I don’t know what has happened to Robin in recent years, it appears that the has fallen off the map. So many talented actresses, so few soaps for them to pop up on. Sad state of affairs!!


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    Jamey Giddens

    I SO agree TV Gord. I loved Kate as Natalie and Janet originally, but I prefer Robin’s Janet over Kate’s at this point. McTrashy turned Janet back into a bat shit crazy loon, when Robin’s version became a scrappy, slightly-off kilter antiheroine. I STILL burst out laughing when I think of Palmer cheating on Opal with Janet! You can’t tell that kind of story with Janet now, because she blew up the damn town and killed Uncle Pork Chop. TOO FAR. These writers love to take it TOO FAR for one stupid Sweeps Week story, then they’ve ruined a character. (Are you listening Maria Arena Bell?!)

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    A shame to waste such a talented actress as Kate Collins on such a caricature of a role.  That is exactly what Janet has become after all the development of the character while Robin Mattson played her.  Its a shame to return the Janet to her original portrayer in such condition. 

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