ROTFLMAO: Introducing “Emmy Abernathy” from Victoria Rowell’s Secrets of a Soap Opera Diva!

Oh Lord, I can’t breathe from laughing! Fans of The Young and the Restless will DEFINITELY want to check out the MVID below (after the jump) from uber photographer Derek Blanks photo shoot with Victoria Rowell. The shots, and companion video clips were taken for the cover of Rowell’s scandalous, upcoming novel Secrets of a Soap Opera Diva (think: Valley of the Soap Opera Dolls).

While I’m not exactly sure which Y&R diva may or may not have inspired the character of perennial Sudsy winner Emmy Abernathy (I have my hunches)—arch rival of the saucy tome’s lead heroine, Calysta Jeffries (both played by Rowell in the clip)— I can bet that whoever she is, she’s one soap opera diva who will be trucking it down to a SoCal Borders to pick up a copy of Rowell’s scorching-hot read on May 4!

Also, if you haven’t picked up the latest copy of Essence magazine (the one with Jill Scott on the cover), you’ll want to. The glossy picked Secrets of a Soap Opera Diva as their latest Essence Book Club selection!

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    I would not read anything by this self promoting hack.  She needs to grow up and move on.  Y and R got rid of her a long time ago and she should just face it and move on.  Someone should also tell her how damn ridiculous she looked in that stupid Obama dress.  She is just absolutely unbelievable stupid.

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    Then why do you keep commenting on all the posts about her? If you don’t like her then get over it. You ain’t hurting my VR by one second. Her book sales are still gonna flourish regardless. And like they always say, "Your haters are your greatest motivators. They always be the first to have something to say. The first one to buy your product so they can have something to talk about." Just stop being a hater. VR is getting her hustle on and calling Y&R out on all their ish as someone should. Its ridiculous that its 2010 and yet all the prejudice behind the scene stuff still goes on. If anything, Y&R needs her now more than ever. The show is crap w/o her. Keep doing your thing VR. VIVA LA DIVA!!

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    and FYI the show didn’t get rid of VR…she left on her own in 2007!  Don’t get it twisted!  Haters to the LEFT!

    Now gone somewhere with that foolishness!

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    I don’t agree with your views about Victoria Rowell (she is one of my favorite actresses in daytime history), but I certainly respect your right to speak your mind. I personally think she is the best black actress that CBS daytime has ever seen, or ever will see…..

    Smitty and BFluellen1—-

    I also agree with you all. Vicki is doing her thing, and will continue to do it. Whatever anger or sadness she may have about how Y&R has treated her/her character, the wind from all those $100 bills that she is cashing will help dry her tears, I guarantee!!!

    Victoria Rowell did leave Y&R of her own free will to pursue her book career, but they should have still allowed her to write for the show. She would’ve done far better than Lynn Latham ever did, and they could definitely use her creativity and positive influence to help revitalize the black characters on the canvas. They should cave in and ask her back, in either a capacity as a writer or as Drucilla. She said that she was friends with Maria Bell, but that "friendship" doesn’t seem to have much weight with the CBS brass.

    I think it’s time for me to face the fact that Rowell’s Y&R days could be done permanently. It won’t be easy, but I will try.

    I don’t read many novels, but I might have to preorder this book.


    I think we are all entitled to speak our minds, as long as we don’t resort to name-calling and criticizing other posters simply because we have differing viewpoints.

    We all want to be respected, and not ostracized for being honest.

    I think that some of us take other posts too personally, and that is a mistake, because none of us should take ANY of these shows that seriously, they are FICTION, after all. The actors and writers go home after they yell "cut" and nobody dies or is tarred and feathered. Let’s try to remember that. It’s okay to have passion, but let’s avoid inciting World War 3 in the process…….

    Okay, I will dismount from my soapbox now because I am dizzy!!!

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    I listened to the interview that Mr. Giddens and Co., did with Ms. Rowell…and don’t get me wrong, I find her very articulate and courageous, but I have a question or two in regards to the subject of the "prejudice behind the scene stuff".
    First, during the interview she was voicing some upset about the wardrobe she was being offered. It was either "on sale" or something Melody Thomas Scott did not want to wear. I guess I kind of questioned, would they suggest buying sale items for all their stars given the economy we live in? And if she was being a Melody Thomas Scott hand me down, was it something bought whole sale so they were trying to account for money already spent?
    Second, during the interview Ms. Rowell spoke about Peter Bergman. It seemed she was deeming him one of the "prejudiced types", but the one thing that came up in my mind was didn’t his character on ALL MY CHILDREN, Dr. Cliff Warner, have a romance with Debbi Morgan’s Dr. Angie Hubbard, one of the big name African American actresses in daytime? Not to mention, didn’t Jack Abbott have a romantic storyline with a Chinese woman, and he had fathered her son years ago? Wouldn’t we have heard things about him back then? He’s too verbal not to say something. But then whose to say, right? I find Peter Bergman a bit of an enigma, but when something personal is brought up about him, in this grand of a project, I have to wonder from curiosity about him and all these stars.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Whether you like her or not,  whether you think her claims or ridiculous or not, Victoria Rowell poses a very good question that NEVER gets answered in all the, "Oh I hate her, she’s crazy." Why DOESN’T Y&R have any black writers?
    They most assuredly have benefitted from blacks onscreen and at home parked in front of our TVs. How many black celebs love this show, Tyler Perry, Aretha, Mary J. Blige, etc., so why the hell doesn’t this show try to add more diversitty  behind AND in front of the screen?
    No one likes to go there because it makes people uncomfortable, but why is it? And not just on Y&R, but in all of daytime, there are only THREE black writers, and only one of those ever led a writer’s room. It’s bullshit. People can say it’s not, and that no "talented blacks apply" and blah, blah mother fucking blah, but Maria Arena Bell never ran a writers room before she got her job at the top of the food chain, she was a script writer three billion years ago, so you mean to tell me they can’t find on black script or breakdown writer?
    It pisses me off too. Now the rest of it, is between Victoria, her costars and the good Lord, my name is Les, and I stay out of that behind-the-scenes mess, but the dialogue she started about blacks behind the scenes is, I am sorry— dead on.

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    I don’t think that Victoria was calling Peter Bergman racist or prejudiced, but merely one of the many highly paid actors who have had it WAY too good for WAY too long, and they are unable to properly understand the plights of other actors who have NOT had it that good…..

    Peter Bergman probably just recites his lines and goes home, and he PROBABLY doesn’t really care take the time to stand up for others who don’t have power or a voice. Victoria was trying to be an advocate and help other people advance. She was trying to build unity and a sense of community, but many actors just thought she was a loud mouth who needed to just "shut up and color." I am sure that Victoria knew that EVENTUALLY black actors and characters were gonna get pushed by the wayside, and she was trying to prevent that before she quit.

    I am sure that Peter is not a racist, but he doesn’t have to deal with the issues that many black people in daytime have to deal with, which is a lack of diversity and people who can represent them in a POSITIVE manner. Peter has it pretty damn good. He’s a great actor, and he deserves all of his success, but he has never had to be a black man or black woman in the daytime television. If he were for even ONE day, I bet he would become less complacent.

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    Victoria Rowell was on Y&R for 17 years, which were before this economic crisis!  

    As for Bergman, I don’t know him and can’t comment on him.  However, just because he played a person who has interracial relationships doesn’t make him free from prejudices in his real life.

    (P.S.  Jack Abbott’s on screen love was not Chinese.  She was Vietnamese.)

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    I agree with you alstonboy. I think many of us wouldn’t know that feeling. I think that as a celebrity it would be hard on your nerves, and applaud her for keeping it together. 

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    This is satire on Victoria’s part, and it is directly related to the fact that she has never won a Daytime Emmy, despite three consecutive nominations (1996, 1997 and 1998)…..I think it’s an outright travesty that she never won one!!! She was also upset in 2006 when Lynn Latham and other producers behind the scenes prevented her from being nominated for an Emmy by blocking her name from the list. That was one of the main reasons why she left the show, that and them not letting join the writing staff!!!

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     Whatever went on between her & her co-workers is between them & I understand how she might rub some folks the wrong way but she brings up an interesting point about the lack of diversity in writing. No matter how you may try to sugarcoat it,  there is absolutely NO logical reason for the lack of minority writers in daytime.

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    With Brenda Dickson’s financial problems now following her bitter divorce, I doubt she has a spare $11 around to even be able to afford a book, poor thing…..Dickson was fired and Victoria Rowell quit of her own free will. There is a difference….Also, Dickson hasn’t done anything significant since Y&R, which I also find sad, whereas Victoria has done movies, did another television show in conjunction with Y&R, is a best-selling author, and now a rap star.

    The only real similarities, I’m afraid, between Brenda and Victoria is that they both portrayed highly popular characters on Y&R who left and came back…….

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    I know VR goes on and on about race and not winning an award but did she ever stop to consider that maybe they felt she just didn’t deserve to win? 


    Not unlike Susan Lucci, and if I recall correctly, she’s white. Perhaps that’s why SHE didn’t win for years and years?

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    I certainly respect your right to either like or dislike whoever you please, but I don’t agree……I would never agree that Vicki didn’t DESERVE to win because I feel that she did, but the Emmys are a crapshoot ANYWAY….Winning is more so based on LUCK than anything else, and many talented and deserving actors have lost out over the years because of innumerable factors—-being in the wrong category, picking the wrong tapes, and sometimes you simply can’t win because you are in a category with actors who have stronger material, or who are more deserving. Each time that Vicki has lost, I have felt that she was simply a victim of being beaten by someone who had stronger material.

    In 2005/2006, Vicki had strong material due to Drucilla fighting for her marriage, the whole Carmen storyline where she basically had a nervous breakdown, and dealing with Neil’s affair, but she lost because she spoke her mind, and that is probably why the producers punished her by not putting her name into the pre-nom hat, so I agree, maybe the powers that be didn’t feel she deserved to win, but that is more based on vengefulness and wanting to punish someone than anything else.

    If you wanna discuss why Susan Lucci didn’t win all those years, it is because she picked the wrong tapes. She picked a bunch of overly melodramatic tapes that were more comical than anything else. It was rumored that the people who watched her tapes on the blue ribbon panels would usually just laugh and howl at her tapes as opposed to taking them seriously. Furthermore, the Emmys are voted on by mostly OUT OF WORK actors, who were probably jealous of Lucci’s success and fame. She is the Queen of Daytime……

    Jealousy and vengefulness can cost people jobs, careers and awards…….

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    VR just does not talk about the emmys being prejudice but daytime TV being racist as a whole. And it is. And out of 36 yrs of emmys we have NEVER had a black woman win for lead actress. We’ve only had ONE (Debbi Morgan for Supporting in the late 80s) win an emmy. Now on the other hand, my fellow black men have been lucky to have won in every category (Kristoff/Darnell for Supporting, Kristoff/Monti/Kevin for Younger actor, and Darnell/Al for Lead actor) but other than that, my beautiful black sistas have not gotten tossed anything. From VR’s performance her last year on YR, Tonya Williams’ performance back in 96 with the AIDS story, and the many other black actresses that been in daytime and were overlooked (Sherri Saum, Rhonda Ross Kendrick, Amelia Marshall, etc.) and have given stellar performances. And I think Vicki should’ve won an emmy by now. Hell, I think MTS should have an emmy to her name by now. Its a lot of women who should have emmys, but I think she is upset about the process to get nominated. Its a popularity contest as she stated. Its not about work — its become about who is liked the best. And that isn’t fair. She’s never said that she should’ve gotten one but she has stated that the block voting is not fair. It should be about the work at the end of the day. But she doesn’t has to worry b/c she is about to get a hell of a lot of recognition when her book hits the stands. She is gonna shine a light on the prejudice that exists on daytime and I for one cannot wait.

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    #17 first off, I don’t dislike VR. I’ve always liked her as Dru, but I find her REAL personality can be very abrasive. You do not leave a job talking about people you don’t like publicly then say, "Hey, take me back!" knowing that you will have to work with these same people. Act like an adult and keep your yap SHUT. We all have people we have to work with that we dislike. She burned her bridges behind her, which wasn’t a very intelligent thing to do.

    When you say "Each time that Vicki has lost, I have felt that she was simply a victim of being beaten by someone who had stronger material." You’re really saying the same thing I am, for whatever reason, the other person deserved to win more than she did that year.

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    #18 I know daytime tv is predjuiced. It ticks me off majorly that on Y&R there are so few blacks that they’re all are related to each other. GMAB. God forbid we have a black family on Y&R that doesn’t even know the Winters. And where are the Asian people on the show? The Hispanics?

    But I don’t think that VR is going to shine that light on it when she’s alienating so many people with her attitude.  Heck she’s alienated so many people she can’t even get back ON daytime tv at this point. And while it SHOULD be about work, I think ALL award shows has that "who is liked more" slant to them.

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    I SOOOO agree with you! The problem isn’t that VR is abrasive or anything. It’sthe fact that SHE SPOKE OUT!!!!! I don’t get why no one can see that. She spoke about how she was TREATED by Y&R and she left partially because she also wanted to WRITE and she wasn’t going to be allowed to. Whether or not you want to put blinders on or rose colored glasses for that matter, you can SEE that there are really no people of color on Y&R. It looks like Tatyana Ali was also let go. And let’s not forget that when both Kristoff & Bryton spoke out of this very subject they were BOTH off screen for ages. Even Kristoff jokes 1/2 heartedly that the reason he was off for so long was that he spoke up. This is the only thing that’s keeping VR off the soap. But considering they write all of their characters as dumbasses lately, of course they don’t want her on. She’s too good for them. It’s not sour grapes it’s a person of color whistleblowing on the industry. I agree to the left HATERS!!!!!!!

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