Dante USES Morgan to Get to Michael on General Hospital!

Anyone who thought Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) would be trading marinara sauce recipes, while watching a Yankees game together anytime soon on General Hospital should think again. The imported coffee hits the fan next week, when Sonny’s first born uses his baby boy Morgan to get what he wants! Check out a teaser blurb from this week’s Soaps In Depth magazine (on newsstands now) with all the scoop!

When Dante betrays Morgan in order to get to Michael this week on GENERAL HOSPITAL, Sonny’s eldest son finally learns what really happened the night Claudia died! But will he bring his younger brother to justice — risking his own neck with his mobster dad in the process?

Only Soaps In Depth has the inside scoop on how Michael’s confession shatters his father — plus what’s ahead for Jason and Sam, and Maxie and Spinelli — so be sure to pick up the May Sweeps Preview issue today!





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    What I wouldn’t give to see Sonny take off his belt and give Dante an old school BUTT WHOOPING!!! Spare the rod, spoil the child. LOL!!!! Guza, feel free to write that into the script.

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    I also don’t care about Dumabte I Know his all self righteous is going to hurt Michael and Morgan… 
    what I care is about JASAM they better be ok …. 
    Maybe finally a good Maxi Story 

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    My ability to tolerate Dante dwindles with each passing day. I can’t wait for Dominic Zamprogna or however you spell it to take some vacation time and get off my screen for a few days.

    Though if he’s anything like his on-screen Papa, that probably won’t happen. Poor Maurice, I always feel bad for him in that respect. Tony’s off in Germany for a quarter of the year and poor Mo can’t even have a sick day!!!

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    Dominic Zamprogna is the hottest new actor that GH has, so why would he want to take a vacation now in the midst of such a kick ass storyline?? Actors have mortgages and bills to pay, and most of them welcome as much screen time and work as humanly possible. And why would Maurice wanna take six months off ?? Most actors would KILL to get the amount of screen time and meaty storylines that Maurice gets. Anthony Geary, on the other hand, I think they send off for half the year because it’s so expensive to keep him around the whole year. Anthony Geary ain’t cheap. Neither is Leslie Charleson or Jane Elliott, which is probably why they spend so much time on the backburner.

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    Has anyone actually read this article?  This magazine always has these eye catching headlines which have no basis in the actual article.  Dante warned Jason to protect Michael.  Why would he suddenly use Morgan to implicate Michael?  Why bother protecting Morgan this past week?  They have been writing Sonny the past few weeks like Dante couldn’t do anything wrong in his eyes.  Something smells fishy to me.

    Oh and I heart Dante and his portrayer!!!  That will remain true until that fateful day that he gulps down the full glass of Sonny kool-aid and goes all the way to the dark side.  Right now, he is trying to protect his new found siblings.  I just don’t see him hurting Michael on purpose.

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    Way to go Dante. To each their own but I just don’t get the Dante haters on this thread. I mean for God sakes, he was a cop before he found out he was another one of Sonny’s offspring who did get SHOT by his mobster-lite father. I’m getting so tired of Sonny being the Victor Newman of ABC Daytime. The worst and most UNORIGINAL way this storyline could end if Sonny gets off free. This fool needs to be held accountable for his crap. Enough already.

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    Please, Dumbte himself does not care that Stupid-Sonny shot him so why should I?

    Dumbte does indeed needs a vacation. DZ is a great actor but like Y&R Billy Miller last year he’s eating the show and no matter how good you are it’s never a good thing.

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    He already did FaisonFanInTexas. The only difference was instead of a belt; Sonny whipped out a gun and actually shot Dante.

    I’m serious when I ask this but could someone please explain to me where this ‘Sonny needs to whip Dante’s butt’ train of thought is coming from. Did I miss something? Did Dante do something so horrible that he deserves more hate than Sonny and if so, what?

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    For ME, it was a JOKE.  I know, GOD FORBID anybody makes a JOKE! Personally, I like Dante’.  I just thought what alstonboy said was FUNNY.

    Dante’ does not deserve more hate than Sonny and I don’t dislike him as much as I do Sonny, but THAT WAS FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    luverica, I don’t get it either.  I’m thinking that all the super Sonny fans and super Jason fans are pissed off that someone other than Sonny or Jason is actually getting a lot of screen time and that someone is actully trying to make them pay for their crimes.  Dante doesn’t get any more screen time than Sonny, Jason, or Carly ever did.  I happen to like Dante, and like the fact that he’s on the right side of the law.  Also, if Dante was such a prick and wanted Sonny in jail at all costs, he would have told the cops that Sonny shot him.  I think the only reason he didn’t is because he wanted Sonny to go down for Claudia’s murder b/c he thought Sonny actually killed her.  God forbid a cop actually putting Sonny in jail for murder.  I think once the truth is out, that Sonny is innocent in respect to Claudia’s murder, Dante won’t be so quick to put him in jail for that crime.  He’ll probably move on and try and put Sonny in jail for a crime he actually committed, which is what good cops do.  I really don’t get the Dante hate.  DZ is a great actor, has chemistry with everyone, is attractive, and plays a character that’s not a "criminal with a heart of gold".  He can stay on-screen as long as he wants in my eyes.  And I have no problem with the mob on GH, just that the show General "Hospital" revolves around them, and the fact that they NEVER have to pay for their crimes.  I think Sonny going to jail for a crime he actually committed, like covering up Claudia’s murder or obstruction of jusitce, would be great drama. 

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    Hey FFIT, I love Liz, but there’s no one on GH that has the right to teach Liz a lesson, since they’ve done just as bad or worse than she has.  Now if it’s someone like Helena or Faison going after her for the reasons of pure fun or evilness, I could be down with that :)

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    Hmmmm, let’s see…as far as I’m concerned ANYBODY who doesn’t have 3 kids by 3 DIFFERENT daddies, NONE of whom she was married to can tell Liz a thing or two…

    I like Dante’…ALOT!  He’s purdy, he doesn’t make me wanna get the shotgun(JAX!!!!!) everytime I see him, he’s good.  I’ve always liked Sonny, but after the shooting of Dante’, even I was like, "Um, NO!"

    I am NOT a "SUPER SONNY" fan or a "SUPER JASON" fan.  I am also NOT NOT NOT EEEEVVVVEEEERRRR gonna be a fan of a SLUT who gets pregnant every year by somebody different who she is NOT married to!!  Sorry that I have some morals.

    I have 2 daughters and I have always taught them that the way Liz is acting is NOT the way to be!! They are older and NOT following the "Slut’s Handbook."

    And I am NOT going to apologize for having problems with this HO continuing to slut around, be a snarky BITCH to EVERYBODY ALL THE TIME and everybody just being all cool with her saying, "Oh, poor Liz, she got in trouble again.."  Screw THAT!  Hook that self righteous bitch up with JAX and send em’ off to have 10,000 babies OFFSCRENE!!!

    BTW~~Purple and luvserica….this is not directed at y’all.  I TOTALLY respect your opinions! This is just MINE! As a mom of 2 girls, I would just shoot myself in the HEAD if one of my girls turned out like Liz…..


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    FFIT, I’m married but don’t have any kids YET, and I’ve never slept with anyone other than husband.  So I have morals too.  But I do have friends that have been in situations were they’ve gotten accidentally pregnant (condom broke or BC pills didn’t work) and have babies out of wedlock.  They take responsiblity for it and do the best they can as single parents.  The issue I have is that Liz gets judged more than others b/c she has kids and the other characters that have slept with just as many or more men don’t get judged that harshly because they didnt’ get pregnant or had abortions (which I don’t hold against them b/c I’m pro-choice) or can’t have kids.  The other thing is, Liz’s babies were due to RH getting pregnant in real life.  So watching her from her first day on GH to now, I think her sleeping with Nik (her fiance’s brother) and being irresponsible enough to not use protection is completely out of character for her.  She used condoms with Jason, they were defective condoms.  So I as a Liz fan from day one, I don’t hold her pregnancies against her.  And if I had daughters, I wouldn’t want them to be like any of the women in PC, not just Liz.  Robin would probably slutty too if they didnt make her HIV positive.  These writers have issues with portraying women.  Anways,  I just can’t see Liz as worse than any other women on the show when it comes to slutty behaviour b/c they’ve all slept around (esp with ppl they should have avoided (Carly with her mom’s hubby, Sam with her mom’s hubby, Liz with her fiance’s bro, Sam/Carly/Liz with two men on the same day).  But that’s just my opinion.

  14. Profile photo of FaisonFanInTexas


    I hear ya, TOTALLY!!

    One unplanned pregnancy, sure, it could happen….
    2, OK, GET THE DEPO!!
    3-???!!! How old are you again????
    NO!!  You’re just STUPID now!  You’re not 15 and you KNOW how this works!

    AGREED!! MOST of the women on the show are "ho’s" but 3, 3, THREEEEE unplanned pregnancy’s???? And you’re a nurse in training??? And you ONLY have kids with the guys your NOT married to???
    How old are you again??
    I would MAYBE expect Lulu to be MAYBE so stupid at her younger age, but REALLY, Liz???
    I just CANNNOT see being so STUPID at her age!!!

  15. Profile photo of PurpleRocks

    I get ya FFIT.  But at least 2 of her pregnancies  were only written in b/c RH’s real life pregnancies.  So, it’s hard from me to seperate the character from the writers trying to fit in a real life pregnancy.  Just like it’s hard to seperate a character’s actions from the writers writing them that way b/c they’re contracts are coming up or to pimp other characters.  I don’t know, i guess when you like someone you just like em, and when you hate someone, you just hate em.

  16. Profile photo of FaisonFanInTexas


    Yeah, I totally understand and that’s cool, it’s all good.

    I know they wrote in a couple of Liz’s pregnancies cuz RH was preggers but they’ve also hidden ALOT of ladies behind their desks or whatev so they didn’t appear preg. on the show…

    But they(apparently) wanted Liz to be a ho…

    I have said before that I think RH is beautiful and awesome, I just don’t like LIZ! And I haven’t since she 1st showed up, BEFORE she was the ho she is now, and I STILL don’t like her.

  17. Profile photo of jlj0117
    know they wrote in a couple of Liz’s pregnancies cuz RH was preggers but they’ve also hidden ALOT of ladies behind their desks or whatev so they didn’t appear preg. on the show…


    Rh went through hiding her pregnancy back in 2001(during the stupid brain washed lucky thing), she didn’t want to hide behind a bunch of props again, so she requested that her last two real pregnancies be written in.  

  18. Profile photo of FaisonFanInTexas

    SORRY I’ve been spelling that wrong all along!! LOL

    I’m just sayin…I’m a mom of 2 girls and there is NO ONE I’d rather NOT have my girls follow than LIZ!!

    INSTANT eff off to slutty girls who don’t EVER get it!!!

    How many times does Liz have to get pregnant with random guys before she GETS IT!!??
    THAT’S my thing!!  She is 30ish and SOOOOO Goddamed STUPID!!!

    Yeah, shit happens sometimes….3 times????  How EFFIN’ STUPID are you????  I mean, I get pregnant ONCE by "mistake", it SURE AS HELL ain’t gonna happen a SECOND time. A THIRD?? UUGGGHHH!!  NO!!! STUPID GIRL!!

    And THEN to be a SNARKY BITCH to everyone who says, "Ya know, LIZ….there are answers to this conundrum about how to keep yourself from getting knocked up every time you have sex OUTSIDE OF MARRIAGE!"

    WHY is it that she has sex(I guess) constantly when she is married but NEVER gets preggers til she screws around???  I call that KARMA!!

  19. Profile photo of jlj0117
    SORRY I’ve been spelling that wrong all along!! LOL


    alot of people do. LOL no biggie.

    And THEN to be a SNARKY BITCH to everyone

    they are snarky with her, so she is snarky right back.

    I’m a mom of 2 girls and there is NO ONE I’d rather NOT have my girls follow than LIZ!!

    I have 2 girls and 1 boy. And if ANY of my children, start  copying the behavior of ANY character, on ANY soap opera, i’m shipping their little asses off to boot camp………PRONTO.

  20. Profile photo of luverica

    I hear you FaisonFanInTexas. It’s all good and your Liz comment got a big laugh out of me. So, so true. LOL!

    I think the absolute worst thing that could happen is if Dante gives up being a cop to work with Sonny. If they pull that crap then if an ABC soap needs to be cancelled, then GH deserves to be the first, even if they did bring my beloved Genie Francis back.

  21. Profile photo of cheryl85

    [quote=alstonboy4315]What I wouldn’t give to see Sonny take off his belt and give Dante an old school BUTT WHOOPING!!! Spare the rod, spoil the child. LOL!!!! Guza, feel free to write that into the script. [/quote]

    LOL that would OWN!

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