DAYS Flashback: Remembering Shane and Kim’s Epic Love

As some of you may have heard, Shane Donovan (Charles Shaughnessy) and Kimberly Brady (Patsy Pease)— one of daytime’s most beloved pairings of all time— are set to be reunited on Days of Our Lives soon. We long time DAYS fans know there is some unfinished business for these two starcrossed lovers. Shane and Kim’s love story was forever tarnished back in 1992 when Shane was disastrously paired with Kim’s sister Kayla (Mary Beth Evans), much to the disgust of viewers, resulting in backlash.

With an assortment of fan favourites makes their way back to Salem for Alice Horton’s upcoming exit storyline and Bo (Peter Reckell) currently offscreen helping his big sister, Kim battle a medical crisis, there is a bit of a buzz around the Internet at the moment that Kim’s cancer diagnosis may some how pave the way for a Shane and Kim reunion. But the question on everybody’s lips is, will Shane and Kim be given a quickie reunion and head off into the sunset, or if perhaps they might hang around Salem and/or pop in from time to time, like the recently returned Wally Kurth and Judi Evans (Justin and Adrienne). I know I’m definitely hoping for the latter! Check out the video clip below recalling the couple’s epic love story.



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    SQUEEEEEEE, Shane and Kim are my favorite Days couple. I don’t even want to remember that Shane and Kayla mess. I tuned into the show the other day, need less to say there were very few characters that were familiar to me. However I will be watching this as I am about to bid adieu to AMC when Adam and Brooke leave town.

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    I loved Kim and Shane and when they paired Shane with Kayla, I quit the show and never looked back.  I haven’t watched Days since this storyline, but would turn back in to watch them right that wrong.  I don’t think they would put them back on canvas for long, but a few episode of seeing Kim, Shane and a grown Andrew and Jeannie would be the carrot to get me to tune in again. 

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    Hot Mama Jama

     Oh no, I didn’t watch Days for some years, but I never knew they ruined Shane & Kim in this way.  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO………………….I wish I never found out…

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    As a huge Days fan back in the 80’s early 90’s (1985-1993)
    I have mixed emotions about this.

    To me Days was a classic soap back in the Kim and Shane days from the London/Dragon storyline to the Prism  to MIami  but I was forced to stop watching
    because of the ludicrous Vivian storyline burying Carly alive and the horrendous Marlena possessed and levitating off her bed nonsense.

    I see that Vivian is back and still the same. Wanting to kill Carly. Give me a break.

    I was 15-22 back when I watched Days and I loved Patsy Pease.
    But the last time I saw her she looked reallly bad.  Charles still looks almost the same.
    I just don’t think this will be as interesting in 2010.

    I hope Patsy Pease doesn’t look as bad as I remember.  Plastic Surgery Botox bad lips  really gray if i recall?

    We shall see.

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    Yay! Last time I watched DAYS was in the late 80s and Kim and Shane were my favorites. I even occasionally sat through that awful Fran Dresher show just so I could watch CS.

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    Aww! I  wasn’t even watching Days back than and I’ve already fallen *hard* for this couple, I’m looking forward to seeing them on the show soon. Thanks for sharing this clip with us, Jamey.

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    Didn’t watch back in the 80’s so i missed the wretched Shane/Kayla pairing. got hooked on Kim & Shane via the tube and totally love them. I tuned back  in 2002 when Charle came back and quite enjoyed him.  Kim was another story. I watched when came back in ’08, but didn’t like it. Patsy looked horrble and had no chemistry with the rest of the "family". Judging from her youtube videos she didn’t improve much and is still heavy in bottox. So despite the fact that Charlie still looks damn gorgeous, I’m not counting on  a reunion with sparks. I am not even sure I should watch it, maybe it’s better to stick to old clips and preseve a memory of an amazing couple.

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