GH’s Anthony Geary Affected By Iceland Volcano

Anthony Geary’s return from his vacation may be delayed, according to ABC Soaps In Depth. The General Hospital star is stuck in Amsterdam due to the dangerous cloud of ash from the Iceland volcano erupting. As of now, there’s no word when the actor will return to GH.

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    I LOVE Anthony Geary sooooo much, and when he’s on the screen, he brings magic to the screen that no other actor on daytime can, but it does seem that he’s on "sabbatical" more often than he’s on the screen, so I doubt that his absence will make much difference. TPTB will simply say that Luke is off "doing what Luke does" and leave it at that.

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    Without Tony Geary General Hospital fades into the woodwork like an old, worn, drab carpet.  When TG appears he lights up the world and GH sparkles.  Hours and hours of Maurice Bernard/Sonny Corinthos can’t even begin to compare.  It doesn’t bear thinking about. 

    Tony, if you can’t fly, sail!  GH needs you.  We need you. 

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    Luke has worn out his welcome as far as I’m concerned, I, for one, wouldn’t miss him if he were to leave permantly.  On another note, that sure is a horrid picture of Tony, surely DC could have found a better one of him.

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