Jillian's B&B Spoilers!

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Steffy: She unleashes her jealous streak after she witnesses Oliver and Hope enjoying each other's company.

Nick/Bridget: The Marones inform The Knights about Bridget's pregnancy.

Jackie: She discovers her husband with Bridget at the hospital. Owen and Bridget are there to take a paternity test.

Eric/Donna: Honey Bear asks his wife to come home and give ther marriage another chance after Stephanie decides to move out. Unfortuately for Eric, his bliss ends when Donna sees the picture of him and Stephanie kissing. Donna informs Eric she needs to ponder their marriage.

Bill: He gives Donna a list of requests to present to Eric if she divorces him.

Donna: She presents Eric with Bill's list, clueless about the stipulation to receive half of Forrester Creations.