Vanessa Marcil in Talks to Return to GH

It looks as if Guza may not need to be looking to the east and praying–as Jamey likes to joke– for the return of Vanessa Marcil as General Hospital’s Brenda Barrett much longer. Hot on the heels of her web series The Bannen Way cleaning up big at the 2010 Streamy Awards, Vanessa is in talks to return to GH, according to published reports.

Photo Credit: The Bannen Way

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    Well, I’ll be damned.  I wonder if they’ll hook her back up w/Sonny or Jax?  Really, it could go either way.  Robin could use a friend right now too, especially with how horribly she’s treating Patrick!

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    Omg…OMG…OH MY GOD!!!!  <crazy dance ala fangurl>

    Now I know this says they are in talks but I WANT VM and Brenda back on my screen.  I want Jax to realize that he never really loved Carly.  I want Sonny to say that Brenda was always the true love of his life. 

    And if the soap gods are really loving me today, PLEASE have Brenda bring Jason Morgan Jr with her and both of them can live in Spinelli’s regretably pink room.  C’mon…you all know that Jason slept with Brenda at least once while they were shacked up.  Take THAT Sam!!

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    Oh for the love of all that is holy, nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!  UNLESS she’s coming back to take JAX off to Never Never Land, NEVER to be heard from again!  In which case, yesssssssssssssssssssss!

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    This would be great for the show. I hope it happens.

    Every now and then I read about "these talks" with Marcil and Guza.
    It’s like sh-t or get off the pot already.

    And bring back Genie Francis! 

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    Haven’t we seen this headline before? GH always seems to be in talks with her. And unlike most fans, I could care less if Brenda returns or not. Hit me with your best shot!

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    I am happy to hear that ‘talks’ are undeway.  I would not get too excited until its a done deal and storyline info is released.  After all how many times have the Soap PTBs have burned the fans with these ‘big returns’. 

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    I have only been watching GH since 2000, so my only first hand experience with her is when she came back in ’02 and stole Jax from Skye and Robin Christopher’s emmy.  I was not especially blown away by anything that I saw, and that includes youtube clips, so I agree with GossipGirl and ROFO.  Actually, bringing back AJ would make me the most excited.  Given all that has happened, Michael would have NO reason to hate his father.

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    Who needs her back????

    Well  I do that’s forsure, GH has been great to watch and they need to keep up the good work. It’s sad out of 7, GH is the only show I am really enjoying right now. Well AMC is trying.

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    Well, it’s all about the Benjamins.  Will ABC pay her what she wants. Will she bring the ratings ABC wants.

    If she returns, who’ll get cut from the cast?  There’s a budget to be considered.  

    Also, is this a long term deal or three month story arc?

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    For ME, that’s the PROBLEM.."How long?" cuz if she’s gonna actually come back, this 2, 3 months…less…I’m just not interested in that.  And I’m pretty sure VM would NOT come back for longer than, maybe a YEAR.

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     Yes As A JaSam fan I have to agree that she and Jason were so good together She brought the Q side in him when they always had a fight, and said SHUT UP  that scenes always made ma laugh…
    and the wedding the most funny episode  of GH!!!! 

    But I think if she does she will be between Sonny Jax and than we will have a real fight between Carly and Brenda…

    I will believe  it when it happens 

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    Not to rain on anyone’s parade, but I have never understood the MASS hoopla regarding Vanessa Marcil!! She’s a good actress, and definitely easy on the eyes, but I am simply NOT in any rush to jump on the "I (HEART) Marcil" bandwagon.  I have nothing AGAINST her, just don’t understand the fuss… I actually find female characters like Carly, Olivia and Skye to be FAR more interesting love interest options for Sonny and Jax.

    Actually, I don’t care about Jax anymore, so if they are bringing back Brenda to usher Jax off the canvas permanently (like Brooke is ushering Adam off the canvas on AMC) I am all for it. Sayonnara, and don’t bother leaving a forwarding address.

    They already have a bevy of interesting female characters on the canvas that they NEVER USE, so bringing on Brenda seems unnecessary. I also agree that Genie Francis would have been a better investment than Vanessa Marcil. Laura’s absence from the canvas is almost CRIMINAL!!!!! Hell, it is criminal. She needs to come back to town for SOOOO many reasons!!!

    I was looking forward to a Sonny/Olivia pairing coming down the pike, until the writers RUINED that by having Sonny shoot Dante. What woman is aching to jump the bones of the man who shot her child at point blank range??? I have no interest in seeing another Brenda/Jax or Brenda/Sonny romance fail dismally before my very eyes. I am simply not excited about this news.

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    FaisonFan InTexas, we agree once again!! LOL!!! This is twice in one week, if I’m not mistaken…  This could be a personal record…..

    This show needs to use the characters that they ALREADY have first, and then maybe bring back some old fan favorites when appropriate. Again, Genie Francis/Laura Spencer—more so than ANY other veteran character male or female— needs to be brought back if they are gonna bring back any veteran female character. Even if it’s just for a few episodes to slap the sh** out of Luke and ask him why he had an affair with Holly while they were married and had an illegitimate child!! Then, she can warn Lucky to stay FAR away from Maxie (she’s nothing but trouble!) and remind Lulu that she doesn’t need to be ashamed of the fact that she had an abortion.

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    I think, should VM actually return, it could be good for the show and the ratings.  As its been proven in the past, both VM and GF are able to bring viewers with them, and those viewers tend to drop off when they both leave.  So is this long term?  Or just a temporary return?  Seems kind of pointless to be temporary, IMO.  So the ratings might raise for her duration, but then what happens after? 

    That said, I would love to see her go toe to toe with LW’s Carly.  Carly knows what Brenda meant to both Sonny and Jax, I don’t think it would sit well with her.  Count me in as a VM fan, I always thought she had chemistry with just about everybody.  Last return, loved her scenes with the Quartermaines, and with Jason, so it would be interesting to see her with Jason again, too.

    But then again, I’ll believe it if it’s actually confirmed LOL

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    I love love love Vanessa, I don’t know why there was just something about her.  And I was floored by how much I loved her with Jason, and would push aside all my Liason love for another chance at them two.

    But at this point I would take her back no matter what or who they paired her with.

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    Daniel St. John

    I like VM but never could stand Brenda besides the last thing Gh needs is yet another member of the SOnny and Jason Cheerleading Squad.
    I was kinda hoping she would et talked into taking over the role of Kendall on AMC since Alicia Minshew wasn’t going to move to L.A. full time. Barring that she could have been either a new character or a different recast…just couldn’t give less of a damn about her going to GH though.

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    You’re right Alstonboy! They need to bring back Genie Francis! I’d be all over it if they did. Even in the darkness that  Port Charles is, Laura would be a welcome light that would be enough for me to watch. (If they used Jane Elliot more than once a week that would be enough for me to watch everyday but that’s a separate conversation.)

    Laura skipped town witn Scotty in November 2008. They aren’t being true to who Laura is by keeping her away from her kids for this long. Doesn’t ring true kids.

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    I love Vanessa Marcil but find the role of Brenda in Port Charles to be more than adequately filled by Laura Wright as Carly currently.  Hard to imagine what she has to offer that we don’t have with the various female characters that have filled the Brenda void (Carly, Sam, Olivia)
    Now…Rena Sofer as LOIS….that might be interesting…

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