Vanessa Marcil on GH’s Maurice Benard: “He Taught Me How to Act”

Soaps fans have become accustomed to watching young stars learn how to act on the job, but it’s always interesting to hear what the stars themselves have to say about their start on soaps. In a New York Post article Julianne Moore, Kelly Ripa and Vanessa Marcil talk about their early days on soaps. Marcil remembered this about Maurice Benard,

"Maurice Benard said, ‘You’re cute, but you suck. What do want? Do you want to get a storyline? If you want that, you’re going to have to start working hard,’ " he told her.

"He taught me how to act."

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    "You’re cute, but you suck"—- LOL!! That advice could easily (and SHOULD) be given to sooo many of the actors on daytime currently who are SMELLING up the joint!!!! Farah Fath, Molly Burnett, Denise Vasi, Yvonne Zima….need I continue???? 

    I think that the amount of storyline/airtime that an actor receives, should be in DIRECT correlation to how talented they are. That’s how it SHOULD be. Soaps should keep their best actors on the front burner and fire the dead weight actors who can’t seem to act their way out of paper bags! Save your money and energy and send them back to acting class.
    And while your at it, fire the sorry casting directors who are CHOOSING the dead weight. I wish there were enough Mark Teschners to go around to all the soaps.

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    I guess this proves that the old saying is true. "Those that can’t do, teach."

    Maybe he should take up teaching full time, since he gave up acting years ago.

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    If you look at VM’s growth as a soap actress from the early days of S&B to their memorable end, it’s not hard to believe. You can tell he taught her a lot. MB’s acting may not be consistently good today but back then, he was pretty awesome. LOL!!

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    She really needs to come back and return the favor.  MB started off as such a great actor to watch on AMC and GH, then he got too popular.  I think everyone on that show is afraid to go up to him and go, "Um have you noticed your acting has sucked for years?"  The pain of watching him is totally two fold, because you’re not only watching a horrible actor, you’re remembering how great he was.  

    VM brought out a great depth in him, when she returned the last time (he was already annoying me), he suddenly regained his soul and his passion for the job. 

    VM needs to come back (at least for a bit) return Sonny’s soul, torture Jax’s and rile Jason up. 

    Most importantly that last one.  They teased us during his Quartermaine years and his Morgan years, they just need to give it to us.  I want to see if Brazen can trump S&B. 

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    Mr. Benard had every right to offer that advice to Ms. Marcil since he clearly was never satisfied with being just  another pretty face! Maurice WAS and remains one of the best if not THE BEST DAYTIME ACTORS ON SOAPS while overcoming Bi-polar depression to deliver outstanding performances on a daily basis!  And He is long overdue for a second if not third Emmy, if the judges weren’t so biased against diversity. No wonder the s/l’s he’s been involved in were successful enough to add or prop so many additional characters over the years! And yes it’s due to his acting ability and popularity that the s/l has remained strong enough for Ms. Marcil to have  for employment in 2010!

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    And yes it’s due to his acting ability and popularity that the s/l has remained strong enough for Ms. Marcil to have  for employment in 2010!

    You’re kidding with this,right?

    I mean,I like a good joke as much as anyone, and this one is a doozy. If anything, it’s the other way around.

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    Of course, as always, I respect all differing views, but I don’t understand all of this Maurice Benard "hateration" or accusing him of being a lazy actor. I ALWAYS find Maurice’s performances to be wonderful, and he is one of those lucky few actors who doesn’t HAVE to go overboard with histrionics or develop the "I am acting" approach to get people to stand up and take notice. I don’t have to name names, but we all know soap actors who give FAR too much emotion and STILL manage to fall flat on their faces.

    As far as Marcil goes, I don’t remember the "good old days" of the 90s, before she became a "household name" (as she appears to be for some people now), but for her to have the courage to admit that she used to be a "not so good" actress is brave and humble on her part. I only wish that certain actors NOWADAYS would admit to themselves that they can’t act worth a damn and find a new profession so that I can stop fast-forwarding through so much of my favorite soaps. Again, I won’t name names because I am sure that I have already bludgeoned them with ENOUGH criticism already.

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     For me, the accusations of "lazy" comes from Mr Benard’s habit of peppering his line readings with "y’know", "uh", and other hesitations that go beyond being considered characterizations but instead seem to suggest lack of practice with his lines.
    That said, when on his game Benard is indeed one of the best.

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