What Happens Next on Y&R is up to Katherine Chancellor

Everyone has something to lose this week on The Young and the Restless, but what happens next is up to Mrs. C. (Jeanne Cooper). Watch this week’s Y&R promo after the jump.

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    That’s ridiuclous. The whole doggone town has had their mugshots taken. I’ve never cared less about a "whodunit" in my life. I’m just glad it’s "dunoverwith".

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    RebeccaJ … don’t forget that the mugshots were not real mugshots; they were just images in Chance’s mind when he was going over the possible suspects. But like I said before, Genoa City Police Department along with the DA’s office never ever do get it right from the start so non of the mugshotees need to worry in the long run. Chance will probably need meds when this is over though with everyone thinking everyone else did it and covering for one another.
    Chance also should not really be calling Victoria just as Victora when he is officially questioning and arresting her. Michael could probably have gotten her off on any number of technicalities without Billy having to come to the rescue. Of course Victoria is going to treat Billy like garbage after that even though she was a most willing participant in her numerous extra marital dalliances.

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