WTF! Drew Carey Developing Hidden Camera Show for CBS

WTF! The Price is Right's Drew Carey is developing a hidden camera show for CBS, but WTF! doesn't mean what most of us use it for online. It stands for "Wow, That's Funny!," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

"WTF" shot a pilot presentation Saturday in which Carey and a troop of comedic agents wreck havoc in public places. The project combines a hidden-camera show with flash-mob tactics as the group pulls benevolent pranks on deserving citizens.

For instance, the group transforms a late-night truck stop into a five-star restaurant for long-haulers.

If you ask me, sometimes Hollywood just tries too hard to be hip. Not that I'd know anything about being hip.

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Another "Candid Camera" clone?  Boo!!! Hisss!!

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Something about this concept seems HIGHLY unoriginal and unintriguing. How many hidden camera shows do we need?? Haven't we already seen a MILLION shows like this before??? My kingdom, my kingdom----for an ORIGINAL concept!!