First Impressions: Chad Duell as GH’s Michael Corinthos III

What are your First Impressions of Chad Duell as General Hospital’s new Michael Corinthos III? See more photos after the jump.

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    I have to admit, I don’t dislike Chad’s portrayal of Michael, he seems softer and more sympathtic than Drews Michael (not saying Drew couldnt of acting sympathetic but tptb didnt give him a chance) I don’t think he’s any cuter than Drew but acting wise, its seems like the writers are writing differently for him. We’ll see how it goes after about a month.

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    I miss Drew a lot but Chad is not awful. His first scenes are good and it’s obvious that he can act. Sad that Drew is gone but I’m willing to give this guy a chance. He’s a vast difference from the person I saw on Disney. My only complaint would be that he doesn’t look like a son of Carly and AJ. The still images don’t do him many favors. He looks much better in action.

    ETA: Watching Chad’s portrayal, I think that TPTB’s intent was to make Michael more sympathetic and softer to the audience because of what he did to Claudia. It does make sense to have it done at this point in the story arc.

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    He didn’t really have much to do today, but from what I saw, I think it’s worth giving the kid the benefit of the doubt.

    watching his scenes tomorrow, when he confesses to Dante, will be more telling.

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     it was only his first day..
    and he himself admitted that he wasn’t good at his first week…
    I thought he was Ok

    I hared that he did better job in the next scenes So I am giving him more time for  me to decide…. 

  5. Profile photo of pspencer618

    ….he also wasn’t great.

    I am going to watch it again on soapnet tonight to see if a second viewing will change my opinion.  So far I am not impressed like I was when Drew first came.

  6. Profile photo of LawyerGirl04

    Steve Burton said in an interview with Michael Fairman that the courtroom scenes were great, so I’m probably going to hold off with my opinion until I see those. That being said, he wasn’t bad at all, just different physically (taller) and a much deeper voice.  

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    I’m wondering if I was the only one who kept watching the screen and saying that’s not Michael.  It’s like how I felt when Jennifer Brandsford took over the role as Carly.  It’s just soo jarring for me I couldn’t even touch on whether the kid could act ok or not.  He doesn’t even look or act like Michael (whether played by dylan cash or drew garrett at least both of them had the same personality for the character).  Maybe that was the whole point of the recast–to change the personality of Michael…but it was just to jarring for me to accept.  It’s like watching a whole new character.    I’ll reserve complete judgment until the end of the week…hopefully it won’t be as jarring as time goes by. 

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    well to be fair…Drew had to basically lie on a bed for his first couple of weeks (Michael was still in a coma)…..he had time to meet people and build up some chemistry before he had to act….I feel kind of bad for this Chad guy….it can’t be easy….

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    He is not horrible im going to give him a chance. I did like his last scene with Dante.

    Are you sure about that Dante? You might not like what I have to say.

    Dante is in for a big surprise I can’t wait to see how this all turns out.

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    The show just started for me, but I’m impressed that TPTB actually removed DG from the credits and replaced him with CD.  His first scene was VERY jarring.

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    dont worry meg you are not the only one. i cant look at chad and say oh look its michael. because its not. its not the same. i wasnt able to judge his acting fairly because i cant get past the fact that hes not drew, i hope ill be able to adjust or it will be frustrating to watch the show

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     Watching Chad’s portrayal, I think that TPTB’s intent was to make Michael more sympathetic and softer to the audience because of what he did to Claudia. It does make sense to have it done at this point in the story arc.


    kerichandler, I agree with this.

    I had no sympathy at all for Michael and him killing Claudia.  The way Drew played it (he’s a good actor) he had no remorse for what he did. He was always angry and he had no sympathy in his eyes.

    With this Spinelli-clone, I can see where they are going with him.  I think they went with a softer actor so we can see Michael’s soft side and feel sorry for him.  Also I couldn’t see Drew with a love interest. He was just too hard.

  13. Profile photo of troymcclure

    He is no Drew that’s for sure.  I think SpinMikey did ok but they have to fix his look.  He is a handsome guy but why are they styling him like some freak?  That hair needs to go like yesterday

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    Marland Fan

    I think it was even more jarring since Drew was on yesterday!  Most recasts don’t happen overnight- the character is usually gone for a while and comes back looking different.

  15. Profile photo of syworld82

    The more and more i think about the recast of Drew Garrett.. the more and more i think of Jennifer Bransford…

    Jenny is  a great dramatic actress. in my opinion her drama is far superior to the current carly, Laura Wright but in the confides of the role itself  SHE IS NO CARLY 

    Drew is one of the top young  actors within the past ten years to make his debut on daytime however is he michael.. im not so sure…

    I think honestly they had 2 reasons for the recast…

    1. To go back to the drawing board on the recast of Dylan Cash as Michael(the quintessential michael) and make him older and more mature

    2. To garner attention from the media on recasting a pivotal role at the same time a network affiliate was doing the same thing…

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    First, I was slightly frightened by that deep voice in the beginning that MORBIDLY said–
    "The role of Michael Corinthos III is now being played by Chad Duell". Sounded like he was a Drew Garrett fan also??? LOL!!!!

    He does look like Spinelli’s twin (with blonde hair), and I detected an accent???

    He was decent, but I must see more. I still miss Drew, and I don’t like recasts AT ALL, but like Laura Wright said–"This kid is guilty of nothing but taking a job." I want him to succeed because I hate being forced to watch bad actors play characters that I used to love and becoming COMPLETELY apathetic!! Bring it home, Chad. I’m STUCK with you now, so make me like you!!!

  17. Profile photo of Mobb Ish
    Mobb Ish

    hahahaha….he does look like Spinelli! Come on people! They are obviously trying to make it so that Michael doesn’t take after Sonny because there’s no way this guy will be trying to take over the family business. Yeah he did nothing wrong at all and it’s not his fault he’s no DG…I just think now they are going to write it so that Michael is in no way connected to Mob business (except for being Sonny’s son)…He looks like he should be Spinelli’s understudy! GTFOH!

  18. Profile photo of JAYSON369

    Well, I have to admit that he did do a good job in his first scenes.

    He said on his Facebook page that his first scenes were awful.

    I have scene awful, these scenes were far from awful.

    Chad acted way different from how he acted on Disney.

    He was decent, but he is not Drew Garrett.

    I have learned my lesson about getting attached to new coming soap actors.

    I got attached to DG and got burnt.

    This should not have supprised me that Michael got recasted because Carly was recasted 4 times and AJ was recasted 3 times as an adult.

    He does not look any thing like Laura Wright (with her fine and sexy self).

    However, he does favor Billy Warlock’s AJ.

    Mr. Duell, I will give you a chance in this role but I do not think that you will have it no longer than 1 year. 

    TPTB will recast this role again just as soon as I start saying that your kicking ass in it.

    If they recast my new favorite character Ethan, I will not watch this show any more!

    My judgement on Chad’s performance as Michael Corinthos III will be 2.5  out of five stars.

    I miss Drew.

  19. Profile photo of Jenny

    I thought he did pretty well. It’s obvious he can act. So, that’s good. Of course, I still prefer Drew but I think Chad will make the role his own. He needs to cut the hair, though. LOL!

  20. Profile photo of ahanshew

    I was really surprised by his deep voice.  He’s seems older than DG.  Since Morgan has been recast too, they are definitely aging the characters.  He was not bad.  I will def. give him a chance.

  21. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    He did a good job.  I cannot wait for his first scene with Sonny.  This actor seemed to tower over Dante at the end of the show.  He has to be a foot taller than MB.   I wonder how tall he is.

  22. Profile photo of inspiron

    [quote=petitejolie]Is that Clay Aiken?[/quote] Really did LOL at this one!
    What happened? When I googled him, he looked like a cute kid. Unless it was my TV, he looked orange and bloated.

  23. Profile photo of nysam

    He looks too old for the role which now makes Laura Wright’s "Carly" feel older.   The rumors that the role was recast to hire more of a hunk must have been incorrect.  This guy isn’t cute and is rather doughy looking.  I agree with the others who say he looks like "Spinelli".  He certainly isn’t going to be a new heartthrob.

  24. Profile photo of taa2

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This beholder’s eye says, "No frakkin’ way!" If I were to say anything else about his appearance, I think it would be cruel and out-of-bounds, so I won’t. I will say, however, that DG is far and away the better actor.

  25. Profile photo of jlj0117

    I know. When I saw his pics on the net, he looked cute. When I saw him today, he looked like he just rolled out of bed.

    hair and make up, two thumbs down.

  26. Profile photo of Analiza

    [quote=GHvetfan]He did a good job.  I cannot wait for his first scene with Sonny.  This actor seemed to tower over Dante at the end of the show.  He has to be a foot taller than MB.   I wonder how tall he is.[/quote]

    According to the tiny amount of information about him available, he’s 6 feet tall and 22 years old (2 years older than Drew Garrett, which, let’s face it, can be a big deal at that age).

    I have to admit to enjoying the Disney Channel fare and, since I’ve seen the kid on both Wizards of Waverly Place and The Suite Life on Deck, I know he makes a much better presentation than these photos would have us believe.  How any self-respecting stylist would allow an actor to walk out looking like that (unless he was playing a homeless man) is beyond me.

    This is a usually good-looking young man who looks like they purposely made him look bad.  Maybe, because he’s older (and taller), they thought that putting him in ugly clothes and messing up his hair might somehow make him look younger but for me it was just distracting.  Not distracting enough to miss that he did a nice job, though.

  27. Profile photo of Jon

    Let me put it this way….I didn’t hate him….although I thought Drew made the perfect Michael, I’m willing to give this guy a chance….

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    miller jean

    Please bring Drew Garrett back becouse thats the only way i will ever watch again! and to cast Chad over Drew just so he could be raped in prison is sick! Your ratings are at a all time low over this. We want Drew!!!!!!!!!!

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