Pine Valley Remembers Palmer

All My Children says goodbye to Palmer (James Mitchell) this week. After Tuesday’s wonderful flashbacks, I am really looking forward to the rest of this week’s episodes. We miss you Palmer! Watch the promo after the jump.

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    I thought the Palmer tribute was lovely, I cried like a baby.
    Adam gets his happy ending, sweet.

    Jr and Annie is love and the only reason I started watching AMC again, I LOVE them!

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    I as well enjoyed the Palmer tribute, I wish they had brought on a new Petey. I loved that Adam mention Ross Chandler.. HATED that they had Dixie at the end, because it means she really is dead. And I love Cady McClain… I will admit it was a nice touch.. "Welcome Home Uncle Palmer" 

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    abc soap lover

    In this day and age of no budget events, ABC did a good job.  Almost all of the proper people were mentioned (they missed Lanie) and they were given decent air time.  Don’t know why Jr was not shown at least mourning his Uncle Palmer once. 

    Although much more could have been done, what they did do was great.  Loved the flashbacks.

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    This is the 1st AMC promo that doesn’t flash for like 2 seconds..leaving you wondering… huh? The end of 2 titans in Palmer and Adam. Who’d have thought that JR Chandler his son is the one who takes down Adam.

    Now to that scene, damn JR/Annie are like dogs in heat, but I LOVE THEM. They are why I started watching AMC again. In the end Adam your free to be w/ Brooke, now lets work on freeing JR from Marissa.

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    I adored Palmer and JM.  I guess I was bound to feel like it was too short and not didnt feature enough clips, but I have to say I cried throughout and for what they had to work with I really loved it.

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    It was a great tribute full of feelings and memories. I loved the last 5 minutes where everyone had the chance to speak about what I felt was not only the character but the fantastic JM, too. I loved it, but when they showed Dixie open the door and welcome her uncle home, I broke down.

    Super Good, I am pleased with the wonderfully delicate way they said good-bye to a all-time fan-favorite. Well Done AMC and RIP JM, you will not be forgotten.

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    [quote=wr022]HATED that they had Dixie at the end, because it means she really is dead. And I love Cady McClain… I will admit it was a nice touch.. "Welcome Home Uncle Palmer" 

    Not really.  As I recall, didn’t Jesse welcome Gillian into heaven when she died?

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    It was great. Well done AMC.
    Jill Larson was excellent.

    (I just have to say: Gillian Spencer looks exactly the same! Fabulous!)

    I would have liked more flashbacks but I guess there are never enough in cases like this.

    I loved how Erica said at the end that Palmer was a great dancer. That was a wink cuz there is a story of years ago they were shooting and there was some hold-up with production and James Mitchell took Susan Lucci unexpectedly and danced with her. Just divine!

    Love you P.C./James Mitchell! You won’t be forgotten.

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    I thought that last shot with Dixie welcoming Palmer was one of the most touching AMC scenes ever. Watching Nina and Daisy brought back sooo many memories. I actually remember watching the episode when Palmer was chasing Daisy with those ferocious dogs. My late friend Cee-Cee and I use to talk about that scene all the time. James Mitchell will be missed.

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