Tuc Watkins Returns To OLTL On Contract

Hip-hip hooray, Tuc Watkins is here to stay! ABC Soaps In Depth reports Watkins is back to One Life to Live and on contract! For now there’s no information on the length of his contract or when he’ll return back to fair Llanview.

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    Great for him!  Glad he is stepping away a little from that sinking ship that is Desperate Housewives.  Did you see their ratings?  My how the mighty have fallen. That show get worse every week.

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    TV Gord

    [quote=DaytimeFan0001]Great for him!  Glad he is stepping away a little from that sinking ship that is Desperate Housewives.  Did you see their ratings?  My how the mighty have fallen. That show get worse every week.[/quote]


    Um, yeah.  Desperate Housewives look pretty good, judging from this story.  I don’t know what ratings you’re looking at.

    Anyway, it will be great to have David back on a more regular basis.  I also hope they pair him with Dorian again, but I wonder if they plan on doing that this time.  He didn’t have much to do with her on his last couple of visits.

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    As much as I like Tuc as David, how many times can he and Dorian go around?

    If he’s coming back for Dorian, then it’s clear that OLTL is only doing the same thing over and over and anything new is out.

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    It’s alive! It’s alive!  Is OLTL actually gonna put its game face back on?  There are a few ladies in Llanview who could use David’s brand of charm. 

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    I bet Tuc didn’t come cheap. I wonder if he, instead of Thorsten Kaye, is why OLTL is cleaning house. Or maybe it’s for both. I’m happy that David will be on more regularly now.

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    WOW finally some good news regarding OLTL.  I just hope the contract is not for a short period of time.  Tuc Watkins is AWESOME and he might be enough reason for me to start watching the show again.  :  )

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    Why is OLTL hiring new people with contracts when 8 actors were supposedly being let go??…so far we have only seen 4 of their brightest talent go.Brett Claywell, Scott Evans, Scott Clifton and Daphnee Duplaix so what happened to the other 4??…there are lots of dead weights still there including FF as Gigi and JPL as Rex who should be dumped…..
    I enjoy TW as David but I would be so much happier if they brought the talented Brett and Scott back again to continue the best love story they have ever had…Kyle and Oliver.
    If they bring them back i would start tuning back into the show that i left when Kish did…. 

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    Wonder if this means that Tuc’s DH character is going to be a victim of the serial killer??

    I love David Vickers but I do not want him to have another go-round with Dorian…been there, done her, um…done that! Maybe a KIm recast will mix it up with David?

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    Glad for his fans, but as a Dorian fan, I hope that she is not stuck with him or watching him flaunt a relationship with dull as dishwater Kelly in her face. Prefer to see Kevin, Joey or heaven forbid Ray back. Dorian’s had Ray, why would she bother with the passionless man who always walks?

    TW is a great comedian, but I see no reason for the show to put his character in a romance with anyone.

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