Who Killed Y&R’s Adam Newman? I Say the Butler Did it!

Who killed Adam Newman (Michael Muhney)? Here’s my theory based on the current path the show is on: The evil doppelganger of Victor Newman’s butler Miguel did it! He goes by the name Jose Cuervo (since that’s what I have to drink large amounts of to get through an episode of The Young and the Restless as of late). Jose’s evil partner-in-crime is Jill Abbott’s lover, the believed-to-be-dead Ji Min Kim. After faking his death, Ji Min spent time in  the same hospital where Patty and Sarah met. There he had  complete facial reconstruction and skin transplant and then put on weight in order to pass himself off as Miguel, so he could infiltrate the Newman family. While still in the hospital, he fell in love with both Sarah and Patty and can’t decide who to choose. This is another first for the No. 1 rated soap. A doppelganger triangle!

Once back in Genoa City, Jose kidnapped and killed Miguel to infiltrate the Newman family and with Patty positioned in the Abbott family, Sarah primed and ready to go in the Baldwin/Fenmore family all three are ready to execute John Abbott’s (who isn’t really dead, but has been off doing the dirty with Sally Spectra on a Caribbean island) master plan to bring down the entire town, except for John’s beloved friend Katherine Chancellor.

Adam’s death and the masquerade ball explosion was actually all just an unfortunate accident. It seems Jose, Sarah and Patty were playing stab the donkey in the chest while the ball was going on upstairs and since they needed an ass Adam was the obvious choice. Jose got a bit drunk and forgot to put out his cigarette. It caught the cellar on fire and all three doppelgangers fled, forgetting Adam in their haste.

So as you see, it wasn’t any of The Young and the Restless prime suspects who killed Adam. The Butler did it. Now back to you regularly scheduled doppelganger programming.

Watch The Young and the Restless’ Who Killed Adam? April promo below.


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     They could have added me in the clip with a "Who cares who killed him!"

    Hopefully I spelled everything right because we know how Muhney dislikes Adam’s 14 haters to spell things wrong 

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    And also don’t forget the new exciting story they have coming up for Lily and Cane.  When she gets some good news about her cancer, the lovebirds decide to take a trip to Atlantic City.  Once there, they decide to see a show to forget their troubles.  Well, lo and behold, what do they see?  A beautiful, talented showgirl, who is a dead ringer for Lily!!!  Her name is Rose and she’s from the wrong side of the tracks.  She comes back to Genoa City to start her life over again, only to have things go horribly wrong when a harmless trip to a day spa with her BFF’s Mac and Heather go horribly wrong.  Crystal Khalil is so upset about losing her dual role, she quits in protest and Noelle Beck is hired to take over the role. 

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    who gives a two cent about Y&R these days.
    that’s why I know the ratings are just inflated.
    because BS like this can’t garnering viewers.

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    It’s not even like anyone believes that Adam is really dead at this point. This sl is so boring and awfully written, it’s horrible.

    And IF (!!!) he really got killed, it was by Hope’s long-lost twin-sister, who couldn’t believe what man Adam became, after being raised by his good hearted mother.

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    Melvins mom

    Between this post and the ratings post by Jamey last week, this site has given me lots to laugh about while trying to forget how terrible my beloved show has become.  Thank you!

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    LOL thats a great story!  I always thought Miguel gave Nicholas too many baths as a child. That must have been the cleanest ( or most molested) child in history. Maybe Nicholas can have flash backs to bath time with Miguel (aka Jose Cuervo) and Jose actually brainwashed Nick into killing his own brother.

    Seriously, Adam is not dead so noone really killed him. Whoever is in the basement was killed by Adam. Now the real question is which of those poor victums of Adam’s will the  great Dets/DA’s of Genoa City decide to put on trial. It seems that the police in this town are reall top dogs. They never get it right. If anyone thinks that Chance is winning points by being a cop in this story, they are wrong.

    However I still can’t wait to find out where Adam is and who is gonna find him. Maybe Adam will get plastic surgery and we will have 2 NIcks running around?

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    Adam’s not dead. C’mon! We knew that when he met his near lookalike at the Burger Joint. (I keep bringing this up because I knew when those us in the NE were still under blizzard conditions and Adam met this guy that Adam would off him and these numnuts would all THINK Adam is dead)

    I’m sure the Head Writers are penning Adam’s "Return" already. Scrips read as follows:

    "Adam gets plastic surgery and returns as John Abbott to wreck havoc on Jack being such a stupid moron…."

    "Adam gets plastic surgery and comes back as Cassie Newman as she hates her parents for loving Faith more than her" (but also to cuddle in bed with Mama Sharon when they kiss and make up)

    "Adam gets plastic surgery and returns as Keemo Moon to wreck havoc on Jack for being such a stupid moron AND becuase Jack loves Kyle more than he ever loved him"

    "Adam gets plastic surgery and returns as Lynn, Paul’s assistant who has loved him all these years, never forgetting him. Taking a page from Patty Cake’s book, Adam – as Lynn comes back to get what’s righfully hers (his)"

    The Writers are probably patting themselves on the back right now just mulling over all the dopplegangers at their disposal. Cricket, Carmen Mesta, Colleen Carlton, David Chow…. you know they will probably just go with Adam returns as Drucilla. Easy way for them to bring the  must missed’character’ back, without the Actress, who the clearly hate. :-(

    And if there IS a plastic surgeon out there good enough to do "Lauren and Dr. Emily Pee" so perfectly, can someone please explain the Heidi Pratt Mess?

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    Well … maybe the dead guy in the basement was just happenstance.
    Rafe is not around and we all know that Adam is not really dead.
    Has anyone checked out recent condo purchases in Providence, RI or Provincetown MA??


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    This is like a game of CLUE. Who did it?? Victor in the Ballroom with a Candlestick? Nick in the Basement with a Pen. Jack on the stairs to the basement with a rope. This could go on forever.
    I really think that the person who died is the guy Adam met in the diner. He is the real Adam and now the fake Adam is coming back to cause trouble. I believe he actually ised the pen he had in the hospital to stab the other Adam in the chest then break the gas line and BOOM

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    lol…a game of CLUE!  classic!   I think Adam had involved all those in his plot.  We saw Patty take JAck’s hanky…Adam must have gotten from her (or she dropped it) and he used it to stuff down his "twin’s" throat.  he stole the pen from Nick and stabbed his twin.  now he’s got 2 people implicated to his "death".   the other’s are just suspect. 

    One day he will come back all obsessed about Sharon and then he and Big Red will team up together (b/c by this point we all know that Sharon and Nick will be together).

    How Fake Lauren figured out Fake Emily in 2.5 seconds flat is beyond me (and when do they plan on showing the real Emily??)  Guess they couldn’t even write their way out of that paper bag of a s/l.

    And i want to know why between Nick, Adam, Victor – none of them realized that there was a hidden camera in Tucker’s office??  Duh…that’s so obvious.

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    6butterfy – I was wondering about poor Emily today as well (all forgotten and left alone in the Snakepit).
    I actually don’t think that Sarah figuring out Patty so quickly is that far of a stretch. Patty is just insane and Sarah is probably a genius psycho who noticed something amiss with "Emily" right off.
    Yes .. the Tucker office camera did seem to come out of left field all of a sudden. Here again though is Victor just getting away with yet another one of his many crimes; the same crimes he is so indignant about when others commit them.

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    It’s perfectly clear who killed Adam Newman—- Maria Bell, Scott Hamner and Hogan Sheffer!! It’s called CHARACTER ASSASSINATION, folks, and it wasn’t pretty!!!! He had been slowly dying from this long-running soap opera-related illness for a long time, but after months and months of torturing him, they finally put him out of his misery!!! Good luck in your future endeavors, Michael Muhney!!!!

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    Thanks, RebeccaJ. I hope that Michael Muhney also approves of my response, since he’s a card–carrying member of MENSA and all (read his bio!)       I don’t think I misspelled any words!! LOL@@ Even the smartest actors in the industry get the crappiest treatment by writers and producers. Being smart doesn’t give you immunity!!!

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    Keemo’s name was actually Keemo Volien Abbott.  The actor who played him was Phillip Moon.  Just letting you know, that’s all…

    I think Jill killed Adam.  Maybe that’s why Liz, Snapper and Greg are all coming back to GC in May for a "family emergency."

    Anyone have thoughts on that?  I mean, she could have, right?

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    [quote=goyankees]Adam returns as Drucilla. Easy way for them to bring the  must missed’character’ back, without the Actress, who the clearly hate. :-([/quote]

    LMAO.  I vote for this one.  Of course, one more character having plastic surgery will mean they’ll have to change the name of the show to "The Young and the Duplicates."

    I’d say thanks to Luke for always posting these promos (I don’t watch anything on CBS except Medium so I never see them) but they’re so awful I almost wish he wouldn’t post them.  I can’t decide which one is worse–this one or the one for the ball (and I actually LIKE the mug shots themselves).

    I guess consistency counts for something–their promos are as bad as the stories they’re promoting.

    My answer to the question, "Who Killed Adam?":  Adam isn’t dead; he’ll just come back at some point (maybe during sweeps) with Chris Engen playing him again since Michael Muhney will have moved on to "book-em" as Dan-o in the new Hawaii Five-O.  Why?  Because if you can’t lure ‘em in with good writing (’cause ya ain’t got any), see what controversy will get you.

  16. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    GOYankees and Analiza—-

    Adam returns as Drucilla??? LMFAO!!! You guys slay me. I needed that laugh.
    If I see a tall white man wearing an EXTRAVAGANT hat, I am screaming bloody murder!!!!

    Oh, and BTW:  Ma Bell and Hogan, don’t even THINK about it………………………………….

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    wolfsgirl … I highly doubt that Jill killed Adam. What reason would she have, when did she have the opportunity and where is any expression of guilt?

    The only current character who could have done the deed is crazy Patty. Otherwise it truly is someone we don’t know at all or it was Adam (but that is not likely either) who killed someone.

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    someone told me they read on another spoiler that some of the writers are being let go in June???  has anyone else heard this?  she couldn’t remember where she read it so I don’t have a link to see exactly what it said…

    TEDEW - yes a crazy can always spot another crazy as my dad always said :)  so i guess it isn’t a stretch that the Fake Lauren spotted the Fake Emily right away.

    and no sooner than i wonder what happened to the real Emily…she actually got some screen time….let’s see where that gets us…

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    Jill actually had the same amount of opportunity at the ball to kill Adam as everyone else, if you think about it.  The only time she didn’t was when she was trapped in the can with Katherine, which was after the explosion.  The dead body was already downstairs before that.  As for motive, why not the interview Adam gave that Jill ended up writing for "Restless Style?"  It’s caused a ton of problems for her, especially with her son, and now most of the people she knows and is associated with are under suspicion because of them being at the cabin.  Jill would be awfully mad that Adam’s "story" might put her son in jail, and it would be her grandson who would have to do it, so she’s vested in this all around, if you think about it…

    Personally, I’m thinking it’s Patty, with a syringe full of something deadly, and that she actually killed Richard Hightower, the man from the diner that Adam had met.  I’m thinking Adam had given him a bone marrow transplant or a major blood transfusion, which would account for matching DNA, and that Adam, finding Hightower already dead in the basement of the GCAC, planted the various "evidence" he’d gathered on the body to frame almost everyone who’s been against him.

    While Adam may not be dead, he’s certainly having a blast making life miserable for his family, which is just what he wants…

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