CBS Developing Daytime Talk Show To Rival The View

Who didn’t see this coming? CBS is developing a daytime talk show to go head-to-head with ABC’s smash hit The View, according to The New York Post . The show’s pilot is slated to shoot in May and is said to be helmed by Les Moonves’ wife Julie Chen. Co-hosting the show with Chen will be former Roseanne and The Big Bang Theory’s Sara Gilbert Lisa Rinna and The Real Housewives of New York City Bethenny Frankel are rumored to round out the hosting duties.

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    I hate, hate, hate when One Network rips off another cuz they can’t come up with anything new on their own! (Soapnot stealing from Real Houswives to roll out Southern Hags last year was all I needed to bail on them forevah!!)

    1) Sorry, but Sara Gilbert is as exciting as Jello for dessert. She looks miserable in any roll she’s in.

    2) I appreciate Les’s devotion to his wife, but……for real? C’mon.

    3) This has ‘Cancelled in under 4 months" writen all over it.

    And please dont get me started on that Fame Whore Hag Lisa Rinna.

    But thank you for the heads up as something to avoid!!! :-)

    I’ll stick with the Original Version.

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    The perks of being the wife of a network head! All cynicism aside this sounds really promising and has a hook that will actually lure in viewers (MOTHERS). I like Sara Gilbert, but the rest range from smh to who is you?

    So pt. for you Mr. Moonves. At least in your attempts to wipe you hand clean of the soaps at least you are thinking about viable alternatives.

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     Now we know what Les Moonves had in mind all along– creating a daytime spot to feature his lovely wife.  This show will not have to worry about being cancelled– look at who the assumed hostess is married to.  Nothing against Julie Chen, but she is no Barbara Walters and this show will have nothing on THE VIEW.  

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    Now where is this show going to fit on the CBS schedule.

    Daytime is going to be nothing but news, talk shows and game shows. This seems to be the only thing execs are interested in these days.

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     The View is boring these days, so I don’t know why you’d want to make a copycat version. I wouldn’t watch unless either show had one person worth watching.
     The View was more interesting when Rosie O’Donnell was on it, at least there was good tension.

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    They already tried a ripoff before on the WB with Kimora Lee, Jules Asner, etc. called Life & Style. The show flopped after one year on the air. Sorry but no other talk show is gonna have as much impact as the View or Oprah. Talks shows come a dime a dozen. And I knew  the rumors of Les cancelling soaps for his wife Julie aka Juliebot to get a talk show were true. Good luck with that CBS b/c I will not be watching it just like I don’t watch Let’s make a Deal.

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    TV Gord

    It’s interesting that this is the second View ripoff being pitched for next season.  Warner Brothers is replacing The Bonnie Hunt Show with a View-type show hosted by Paula Deen with Lee Woodruff (wife of ABC correspondent Bob Woodruff, who was injured in Iraq), Rene Syler from the CBS Early Show, and a fourth yet to be named (it was supposed to be Kate Gosselin, but she either backed out or was turfed).  I don’t think either of them will beat The View.  Remember when Dick Clark tried to do a male version of The View?  Awful.

    Now, if someone wanted to try something a little bit different, how about two women and two men?  How about more ethnic, religious, political diversity?  Instead of a direct ripoff, why not something a little more honestly competitive?

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    TV Gord

    [quote=Silver44]Now where is this show going to fit on the CBS schedule.[/quote]

    That’s something we should know before getting too hysterical.  Is this being produced by CBS for the network or is it being produced for syndication, which means it could be sold to affiliates of any network (such as Oprah, Regis & Kelly and Ellen)?

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    Jamey Giddens

    Well, SO not to defend them here, but copycatting has led to some pretty awesome TV developments. Had ABC not wanted "Fort Worth" a soap about oil to rival ‘Dallas" we wouldn’t have gotten "Dynasty". Dawson’s Creek was essentially created to go head to head with an aging Beverly Hills, 90210, and practically every sitcome developed from 1985 to 1990 was done to rip off The Cosby Show.

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    Sara Gilbert and Lisa Rinna??? That seems like an odd combination, but I am slightly intrigued. I have always been a fan of Sara’s, and I find Lisa to be SLIGHTLY bearable under certain circumstances…… Bethenny Frankel?? Ugh. Nausea quickly setting in—-don’t get me started!!! I will check it out to see if it’s worth my time. I am still mourning the massacre of ATWT, and even the massacre of GL, but I will keep an open mind!! Gotta move on……………………..

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    This sounds awful. Julie Chen is a terrible choice for a host. She has no personality. She’s called ChenBot for a reason. The other hosts sound terrible too. I know, I’m such a Debbie Downer. I try not to judge shows before I see them, but I already know I wouldn’t want to watch any of these people. I don’t even know who Bethenny Frankel is and Lisa Rinna annoys me.

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    If they really wanted to go after the view they’d hire Rosie, because come on, the show was so much more exciting when she was on (imo) but really all of these "hosts" sound boring, Lisa Rinna heck Melrose Place 2.0 didnt want her, I have no idea who Les Moonves wife is but I remember back when GL was cancelled people speculated it was because he wanted to create a show for his wife. Loved Sara Gilbert on Roseanne but I can’t imagine she’d be itneresting to watch, Real Housewives really? That’s who people want to watch? 

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     I hear that Debbie Metanopalous (sp) and Star Jones are available..Rosie is doing her own show…so let’s see a talk show for Julie Chen & Crew, a talkshow for Tori on ABC..hmm…and what timeslots?? UGH!

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    Well, Julie Chen doesn’t ever show up for work anyhow, so no need to worry there. Her stand-in host (at The Early Show) is there more days of the week than she is. And I would rather chew off my arm than watch Lisa Rinna’s big ass lips move.

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    This is nothing new back in the day they canceled shows and moved Gunsmoke on Sunday night because the the president of CBS wife then was a fan. CBS is very good at kissing peoples ass.

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    Isn’t this like 10 years late?  Remember NBC tried to make their version of the View too – Later Today which featured Florence Henderson ?  

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    I read something a long time ago, about Les Mooneves playing a show for his wife, so if he’d been planning this all along it wouldn’t surprise me.
    I like Sarah Challke and Bethanny Frankel but I hate the View abd wouldn’t want to watch a ripoff of the show eithier. Good grief.

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