Y&R’s Stafford on Rowell and INFAMOUS Spitting SCANDAL: “I Did a Spit Take”

In a blockbuster new interview with Young and Restless star Michelle Stafford, TV Guide Canadas Nelson Branco gets Stafford’s side of the now infamous spitting scandal, that former Y&R actress Victoria Rowell first went public about on the Daytime Confidential iTunes podcast in 2008.

TVG: In an interview with daytimeconfidential.com, Victoria claimed that you purposely spit on her face during a scene.
: I did a spit take in a scene. Do you know what a spit take is?

TVG: As a gay man, I may have a different definition than you [laughs]! Explain.

MS: It happens when you have water in your mouth and you spit it out after someone says something shocking to you. Before we taped the scene, I told everyone that I thought Phyllis should do a spit take at the moment where Drucilla said something shocking. Everyone agreed. Unfortunately, some of the spit got in her face. Technically, I guess I did spit on her, but it’s not true that I did it on purpose. That’s what happened. You can ask the director. I saw Vicki recently and we had a pleasant talk about my daughter. Before I left the show I even picked her brain about adopting. I valued her knowledge because of her history [with the foster care system]. Listen, I really consider ourselves friends. It’s hurtful to me that she would say anything bad about me now. I don’t understand it because I thought we were OK. She’s a fantastic actress. I loved working with her. There was one point I didn’t like so much, but overall, I thought we worked really well together. If I didn’t like Victoria, I’d probably not go on the record about this and just issue a no comment. Usually no comment means, “Oh, I have a big comment [laughs]!

Sigh, considering Dru vs. Phyllis almost dethrones the good, old days of Kay vs. Jill as my all-time favorite Y&R rivalry,  I wish everybody could just put on their Sunday best, catch the Holy Ghost, kiss, make up and pass the collection plate. Then maybe I could get a Y&R that is halfway enjoyable again— complete with only one set of evil twins at a time and black characters I actually give two poots about— but then, I am also still holding out for that N’Snyc reunion CD…bye bye bye, indeed.

Oh well, I guess I will just have to keep reading my advance copy of Rowell’s scorching-hot novel Secrets of a Soap Opera Diva  to find out how fictional heroine Calysta Jeffries reacts if and when Emmy Abernathy— her rival on and off the set of the hit soap, The Rich and the Ruthless— spits on Calysta during a scene. Don’t worry, you’ll all get the chance to find out for yourselves when the raunchy roman a’ clef into the steamy and skeevy world of daytime dramas hits bookstores May 4!

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    I am not sure if Michelle is trying to paint herself as the "good girl" in order to try to downplay what happened, but that whole sordid incident should be water under the bridge. Vicki and Michelle are both too OLD and mature to hold silly grudges over something that seems like a simple misunderstanding!! Michelle Stafford and Vicki Rowell are both WONDERFUL actresses who had kick-ass chemistry together. It seems that they have worked things out, and I wish that Y&R would just ask Vicki back on the show already!! Victoria Rowell, in my opinion, is one of the MANY things that this show needs to become interesting again!!!! I know that it’s probably not gonna happen, but………..

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    The Stafford finally speaks on it!


    Just rub it in with that advanced copy….I’m still willing to sell my first born for your copy….just a thought

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    I have mixed emotions on this. I could easily see the situation happening either way.  I guess we’ll never really know.  Either way one of these ladies is a bold face liar. 

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    Another reason the soaps are all but gone. I know there is bad blood in any work place, but if the EB incident taught us anything it is that the soaps in the current state cannot and should not try to cater to the actors regarldless of their well deserve prestige. Those days are over. Just do your job well be professional and call it a day. Friendships are cool, but don’t resort to high school antic b/c y’all are too damn old for this.

    I loved the way the Stafford answered this question and finally put some speculation to rest (for now). All we can do at this point is take the actors word b/c that is all we have. She came off as more of an adult than Rowell has been.

    All the show can do now is set the bad blood aside and bring Victoria back b/c trust (and it has been proving since she left) no amount of “pumping” and bringing on of Dru-lite characters will capture the essence of why ppl loved the character and the storylines for the black characters. Make it happen MAB/Rauch, Sony, and Bloom! What do you have to loose?

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    This just remainds me that Y&R needs Victoria Rowell back as Dru.

    That’s all. Don’t care about the spitting scandal. They are both adults and fantastic actresses. And when Michelle really spoke with Victoria about her daughter recently, it sounds like they worked it out and everything is fine.

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    Jamey Giddens

    This just remainds me that Y&R needs Victoria Rowell back as Dru.

    Personally, I would rather see Rowell do what America Ferrara is doing with MTV and the Pedro & Maria soap. I hear BET is really getting into scripted TV. The author Zane was in talks about doing a primetime soap with them at one point (to be written by LML, wrap your minds arond THAT insanity). Why not Rowell? She has gone on the record about wanting to write more and produce, I say DO IT.

     I am seriously over begging daytime soaps to tell decent stories for blacks, hire black writers, etc. It’s a toxic debate. It causes eyerolls from those who would rather not admit their are problems behind and in front of the camera, and it causes just about every person of color who speaks out to be branded, especially if they have the audacity to be a diva. GASP! A diva in soaps? That just shouldn’t happen! Robin Strasser, Genie Francis, Deidre Hall, Ally Sweeney, and the biggest divas of them all, Eric Braeden and Peter Bergman, should never work again if being a diva is reason enough to be frozen out of the game. 

    What Victoria does, is nooooo different than what Eric Braeden does or what Kim Zimmer did, but there’s this "Why doesn’t she pipe down?" mentality when she does it. Why is that? What could possibly be the difference between her and Braeden or Zimmer? Huh class? 

    I for one am just about over daytime, seriously. The people at the top don’t want 2 save daytime soaps. Look at our blog today,  Hell, in five minutes CBS will greenlight a talker starring Charro and Richard Simmons if they thought it would be cheaper to produce and get half the viewers of Y&R. This is why I am hopeful about cable, web and syndicated soaps, that’s the future. Serialized drama will live on, network soaps in daytime have two years at best, that is unless Hacienda Heights is profitable, then there will be mass copycats. 

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    Jamey Giddens

    Viki is tweeting about it already – the woman CANNOT shut up and be gracious or humble for nothin!
    Should she put on a kerchief and say, "I’s sorry Mrs. Michelle" too? Jesus take the wheel. Maybe you don’t get the psychology behind a black female having to sit there and let a white woman spit in her face,. Michelle says she told everyone in advance, Vicki said she didn’t. I wasn’t there, but I do know how things would have jumped off if someone spat water in my face and it wasn’t in the script or approved by me. We would have made the evening news.

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     I totally can see Victoria Rowell’s view– I understand why she got so upset about the whole situation.  Just because MS is trying to paint herself as innocent and the one holding out an olive branch does not mean she should not have done this"spit-take" without a okay from Victoria first.  Seems like Branco and the other MS lovers are too willing to believe that Victoria is the one that is not being truthful in this situation.  I agree that it should be set aside and forgiven, but blame should be admitted to by the one who committed the wrong.  Unless you were there when it happened, don’t call Victoria a liar- she had the right to be upset about it.

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    We will probably NEVER know the truth about what happened, but CLEARLY someone is lying. I don’t know who, but those of you who are questioning Vicki’s level of class and humility need to ask yourselves–"What would YOU do if someone spat in your face? Would you laugh it off or would you take off your earrings and grab the nearest tube of Vaseline?"

    Even if she was told, I don’t see Vicki as the type of woman who would agree to let somebody SPIT on her, even if it is in the name of entertainment/comic relief. Again, I could be wrong, but enough is enough. Some stuff ain’t funny!!! And why aren’t actors entitled to be upset when they feel that they have been disrespected? They are no different than the rest of us—they just have more money and better makeup artists!!!!

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     I agree with Alstonboy…these women are both too damn old to harp on this type of shit. Be a true grown adult and move on. Hell if the worst thing that happens to you is that someone spits water on you, then you’ve been blessed by Jamey’s Holy Water and (Ghost). 

    I think Victoria Rowell, talented as she is, loves to stir shit. She will probably never get back on YR because of her demands for special attention…even though she doesn’t consider it ‘special’ in her mind. 

    Move on, divas.

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    I’m sorry but after viewing that scene, I think it’s much ado about NOTHING. She’s an ACTRESS, they were ACTING. Get over it already. It’s not like Michelle spit the entire glass of water in her face, from the tape you can clearly see it lands more in the chest area. ENOUGH ALREADY. This is another reason I don’t want to see VR back. She doesn’t let things go. And that’s saying something because Dru used to be one of my favorite characters.

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    Back in the mid 90’s, Soap Opera Digest did a multi-part series called "Black-Lash" about the lack of black writers and actors in daytime. I applaud the efforts now to bring this to people’s attention but unfortunately this is nothing new. Thank God for Michele Val Jean.
    And with the state of daytime now with shows getting cancelled, I see the same well-worn names staying at the top because they know how soaps are run. Not well but that’s another story….

    This spit deal made me think of a story from years ago by the FABULOUS Maureen Garrett talking about Michael Zaslow. She said in a scene with Zaslow he grabbed her neck when it was not expected or rehearsed. She found it exciting.
    Some actors take unexpected acting choices as electric and some do not.

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     I knew it wouldn’t take long for someone to say VR needs to just be quiet and save face, but lucky Jamey has responded and taken care of it.  I couldn’t have said it better.

    As a black person I understand the struggle and I sympathize with VR.  She wants to come back for the fans and Y&R unfortunately won’t realize this until it’s too late and DC is doing an "emergency" podcast on it’s cancellation.

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     Michelle says she told everyone in advance, Vicki said she didn’t.

    There really are three sides to every story.  There’s VR’s side, Stafford’s side and then there’s the truth (which is usually somewhere in the middle). 

    It IS possible that Michelle didn’t tell VR what she was going to do.  It is also possible that VR has been stringing the incident out for a decade to generate press. 

    Either way, I’m not sure why it’s not squashed.  I say it happened.  I say that VR had a right to feel like a victim.  But what else has to happen before she gets over it and we all move along?   MS or anyone else connected with the show cannot go back into history and change it.  This isn’t ‘Back to the Future’ over here.  It’s something that happened years ago that apparently wasn’t an issue (as far as the media is concerned) until VR realized that she couldn’t get hired back.
    Granted, I loved VR as Dru.  I also think that MS made a poor judgement call in wanting to do a spit-take in the first place.  (Had it have been me, I would’ve punched MS in the face and busted  "Phyllis’" lip right in the middle of the scene and then claimed that it was for "artistic" purposes.)  But all personal feelings aside, this happened years ago and it should be over with by now.

    I’m a black woman – and we can get over things too.  Give me a friggin’ break with that notion that VR was carrying-the-historical-weight-of-all-mulattos-who-have-ever-been-spit-upon-throughout-history.

    I had a man spit in my face once.  My brothers beat the snot out of him and then it was squashed.  It’s not even worth mentioning because have been soooo much water that has passed under that bridge between then and now.  

    In the meantime, I grew the hell up.   

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    [quote=Jamey Giddens]Viki is tweeting about it already – the woman CANNOT shut up and be gracious or humble for nothin!
    Should she put on a kerchief and say, "I’s sorry Mrs. Michelle" too? Jesus take the wheel. Maybe you don’t get the psychology behind a black female having to sit there and let a white woman spit in her face,. Michelle says she told everyone in advance, Vicki said she didn’t. I wasn’t there, but I do know how things would have jumped off if someone spat water in my face and it wasn’t in the script or approved by me. We would have made the evening news.[/quote]

    Jamey thank you for bringing up that "historically" as a black woman it is extremely extraordinarily offensive and something I wouldn’t "get over" and it is "a very big deal" in our culture. If it was an accident and they worked it out then so be it.

    Somethings you don’t get over and shouldn’t have to. 

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    Does it matter? This alone probably just sold another ten thousand copies of the book. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what all of this is about?

    Hell, a smart, shrewd businesswoman (African-American or Caucasian – capitalism knows no race) would have made sure Branco brought up the spittake for the umpteenth time intentionally, to get people riled up again. And just like that – CHA-CHING! Amazon pre-sales are bumped up yet again.

    And I say more power to her. More power to all of them. Everybody wins – the Internet sites get more hits, Rowell sells more books, Stafford’s fans rally around their gal. Isn’t this exactly how the game is played? The real surprise is that anybody is still shocked it’s a game in the first place. 

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    Jamey Giddens

    I agree, with Brimike, basically Rowell is doing the same thing the woman who wrote Devil Wears Prada did and the guy who wrote Spin, and so many other roman a clef’s. Maybe Michelle with now write "Confessions of a Misunderstood Melodrama Mistress"?

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    Okay Victoria Rowell is acting like a first grader. "She spit on me!" Grow up lady!!  Are you serious? Do people recall that SHE asked to leave Y&R before her contract. I used to love her in the role; however, fame has gone to her head.  When you read her interviews she talked about how she interjected her opinions about the storylines. Hello!!! You are an actor. If you want to write for soaps as you do with your books, then apply as a writer for soaps. As a teacher, I don’t tell my principal how to do his job. Maybe she hasn’t heard the saying about "burning bridges".  I believe Michelle, and I do believe that Victoria blew it way out of proportion. So let’s come to terms with the fact that Victoria burnt her bridge so on your way.

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    Has anybody taken a real good look at the state of this show lately?

    Sooner or later the ratings will reflect the trashy/laughable/poorly-written storylines. 

    Victoria is way better off not boarding this sinking ship.

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    Why  DOESN’T VR do this? If whatsherface on Y&R is her good buddy, and she wants to affect change, then why not try her hand at writing? She’s writing books, she could be writing scripts. Although I do get the feeling that she wasn’t interested so much in writing for others as she was in writing her OWN scripts.

  21. Profile photo of DenverDean

    It really pains me that both actresses have this single incident as part of their legacy. Honestly, they were my two favorites on Y&R. I believe they are enormously talented and had great chemisry together. Does anyone remember the Y&R mid-show bumpers where they two of them were back 2 back? Can anyone ever recall a show where "frenemies" were positioned in such a way on credits or promotion? We never saw Aunt Jack & Victor highlighted in this manner or even Jill/Kay. I do believe VR is a smart bizwoman and is definitely capitalizing on the controversy (which is brilliant). I also find it hard to believe that MS would lie about talking to VR about adopting and that they didn’t have some connection on a human level. I really hope this is all part of the publicity ploy. (They’re probably laughing about it.) Truth is if VR tweeted that she loved MS now, no one would care as much as having some controversy!

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    Rebecca J, don’t think that Victoria won’t make this "rivalry" into a book……..and change the names and get a FAT check in the process. As Vicki said, she is a businesswoman, and looks for inspiration anywhere. LOL!!! I can see the book cover now.

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    victoria rowell wasnt dragging this out for no decade no one reallly knew what happened until at the end of last year when she came on the daytime confidential podcasts to talk about the behind the scenes of yr and                                                                                                                                             -TEACH 67   yeah actors act but if u didnt know bill bell incorperated ideas from actors and got their imput to make the show better and she is the one that came up with the idea of devon and the foster care storyline.                                                                             bill bell loved her enough to have her imput and i know people were jealouse say what u want but michelle stafford said at one point they didnt get along so if they didnt get along and she was not informed of spit take of courdse she is gonna take it seriously since people treted her unfairly and couldnt trust certain people no matter i dont care u can forgive but u can never forget certain things and victoria rowell wasnt blazin the story nelson branco brought the story back up. FAME HASNT GOTTEN TO HER HEAD. WHY IS IT OKAY FOR ERIC BRAEDON BUT FOR A BLACK WOMAN TO VOICE HER OPINIONS EVERYONE WANTS TO SHUT HER DOWN.

  24. Profile photo of EduBois

    I said this on another board about this subject, but I’ll say it again.  It is VERY dubious to entertain spitting in someone’s face, period.  You should know you are running a risk, because that is disgusting, and humiliating gesture.  The chances of it being taken poorly are very high.  I think that Stafford showed poor judgement, and I’m not totally sure that I buy that she told Victoria.  Something in the quote is just too vague for my liking. If she told Victoria, why the heck doesn’t she just say that? It’s not too difficult.  As they say, something in the milk ain’t clean.

    Obviously, Victoria was very unhappy with the way the show was treating it’s POC, and it turns out that she has been right 9 times out of 10.  If you’re already p-oed about how you’re being treated, something like this spitting business will drive you over the bend.  I know why she’s pissed and I would be too.  Even if it’s water under the bridge, so to speak, when some journalist brings it up, and you KNOW you’re wrong, why are you trying to re-litigate the issue?  And VR has every right to respond. 

    Just more proof that behind the scenes at Y&R is a million times more dramatic than what is being aired!

  25. Profile photo of bottomchef

    Spit or swallow implications. Typical nelson branco.

    Stafford is a phenomenal and entertaining actress, no doubt abt it. No one can question her acting prowess. But she comes forth as very fake abt Victoria Rowell. She wants Rowell back on Y&R? Hahahahahahahahaahahhahahahahaha! That’s abt as plausible as the doubles running around Genoa City. One same incident cannot be interpreted in 2 such divergent ways. One of them is lying, and it sure isn’t Victoria Rowell.

    For Stafford to only talk abt it now, after such a wild, disgusting and repugnant accusation says it all. No one accused of spitting on a colleague would speak up abt it after 3 years! Stafford’s "I don’t know why she thinks we’re not friends" is pure crap. Stafford’s obviously playing the "I’m nice, look at me, I want her back on the show." angle while impying that Rowell is a few cards short of a full stack. Stafford’s abt as convincing as Michael Baldwin being straight.

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    The best thing that could happen would be if this site just quit writing about Victoria Rowell.  I do not see her getting publicity anywhere else except her and I must say,  they surely must have something better to write than about that self promoter VR.  I know I would even be reading it,  if Michelle had not been mentioned because I absolutely am sick of hearing her whine and I do not mean Michelle.

  27. Profile photo of wolfsgirl

    When this whole thing first came out I watched the video of the alleged "spitting scene"  and commented that it was what has been done in Hollywood for decades as a "spit take," and that it’s taken for it’s comedy relief, not as an insult to people, and that no one, from the actors to the directors, don’t know that it’s not coming.

    I personally believe that Ms Rowell blew this whole thing out of proportion because of Lynn Marie Latham not caring about the character of Drucilla, nor about Ms Rowell herself and firing her, not that it was anything that Ms Stafford did directly to her (Ms Rowell) that either was derogatory, insulting or injurous in any way.

    I’m glad that she’s finally gotten a chance to make a statement about this (it was probably encouraged by the show, considering that Ms Rowell has been talking and devouring this particular tidbit for more than four years now), and I’m happy to hear both sides of the story, as well as seeing what was actually on the screen to compare the two stories against.

    I’m believing Ms Stafford’s story a heck of a lot more than Ms Rowell’s right now…especially since I’ve viewed the footage of the show where that "spit take"  took place.  There’s no way it would have happened without a bigger reaction if it had been a surprise on Ms Rowell’s part…

  28. Profile photo of alstonboy4315


    Victoria wasn’t fired from Y&R. She left of her own free will to promote her autobiography.
    Not trying to cramp your style, just want to make sure you know the facts about Rowell’s exit from the show.

  29. Profile photo of rob3215

    Norma Desmond…….Brenda Dickson………..Victoria Rowell
    I think I personally fit into more than 10 minorities if I think of my race, sexual orientation, political beliefs, personal habits,etc,  but I do NOT OWN those worldwide prejudices, nor ignore someone’s nastiness just because they are part of my minority. People don’t like Rowell because she is condescending, incredibly self congratulatory and has blurred her great performance as Drucilla because she is bloody annoying.

  30. Profile photo of teach67

    Soapfan8-I commented about Victoria because that is what THIS discussion is about. Believe me Eric Braedon and some other actors on soaps, TV, and movies are no saints and just as publicly vocal as Victoria, and I think they are overstepping their bounds. This has absolutely nothing to do with race, and I am insulted you claim that it is. Listen when people start expressing opinions about gay people because of something wrong that they said or did, I don’t claim them as antigay. This has to do with her action not her race. I as well as others are responding to what this thread is about-VR. Start another discussion about "vocal actors", and believe me I will post. This discussion has to do with VR who has let fame get to her head and most importantly taking a private issue public. This was an "employee" issue between Victoria and Michelle which should have been dealt with privately. Why did she feel the need to take a private "employee" issue public? Yes,  why do other actors do this as well? It is simply wrong! Also, if VR or any other actor does this for publicity for things they are peddling, then it is sad that they have to use others for their financial gain. Simply, VR was wrong to bring this private issue public.

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    teach67- when i said your screen name i was only talking about you for that short paragragh about bill bell incorperated her ideas into story the rest of my post was not about you. i know what the discussion is about its about victoris rowell. i also know that acors are not saints either it is your opinion that u think they are overstepping their bounds my opinion i dont be cause are people,actors and other workers suppose to go along with the fold expesially if it was not right i applaud eric braeden and victoria rowell 4 speaking out just like the nyc doorman strike if they are not treated fairly they should revolt and strike because i know victoria rowell had to deal with a whole lot of mess whether u belive she is lying or not and and eric braedon they could not have lower his pay if his contract was not over if people are being opressed and wronged it is their birthright to break from the mold. as i said the paragragh was about u not the rest i wasnt claiming racism towards sorry that u thought i was i wouldnt  acuse u of racism of you i dont even know u but in my opinion they are double standard eric didnt get as much bashing as victoriia rowell is always getting ill treatment in my opinion. i dont belive she let her fame get to her head she is very humble and with a bold personality she is promoting her book and these you tube secret diva vids are her being playfull that doesnt mean she is on saying oh no onne can touch me im on top she is playin funny characters i dont think it was an employee issue please it was on a sound stage with directors and camera crew it wasnt private and vic rowel was not wrong for bringin the issue pubic people always want to cover up things when i say people i dont mean u i mean people on set that it would be public scandal when she was on the show. its the same thing as t.r knight isiah washington rudely called him the derogatory word of faggot and do u think that was private. michelle stafford spitting on victoria rowell is not private of isiah washinton calling him that word greys anantomy was trying to cover that up which was unfair to tr knight but then it got out and this never got out which was unfair to victoria rowell when pople are treated unfairly and i not sayin stafford is racist i dont think she is i think she had a problem with rowell jealousy of her screan time and overshadowing her. but whenever in general people are treated unfairly because they are black, or gay of asian hispanic jewish ant semetism or whatever it is just not fair and victoria rowell has money in the bank she doesnt need financial gain not an insult just a fact.

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    -WOLFSGIRL  just like -ALSTONBOY4315 said victoria rowell was not fired she left to write her auto biography. and she also left because of the unfairness of them not letting her write for the show when she has proved with bill bell that her writing would be a great addition to the show in my opinion if she was head writer of yr the show would fantastic other that mamma bear baby bear eew daisy/zima storyline because she studies her scripts and focuses on character building and would bring a new fresh storys for YR . IF u didnt know what u saw was WHAT and edited and packaged final version of that take the video didnt show theside by side when the water hit victoria rowell did it becaus she said she had 2 go dry her clothes and redo her hairand for her from a black womans perspective to do her hair and just get it wet is shameful or they fact that victoria rowell on the average had 2 come out of money pocket to do her hair in the salon then go to YR SET to have hairdresser touch it up and take credit because they could do black hair and if she didnt got to independent salon im sure she would have been bald cause they cant to hair when tanya/olivia was just on that was a bad as JILLIAN PUT IT cousin it wig and they couldnt do her natural hair or give her a good wig shameful.and they had 2re shoot and notice how fast after the spit take victoria rowell face was their for a quick edited second.i dont believe she told victoria rowell i believe probably stafford went to director bill bell producers and all that but didnt tell rowell they probably though oh she cleared it with rowell and stafford just came to tell them if she even told them. the spit take story just came out  at the end of last year on dc podcast so it wasnt being dragged out for four years and she stopped talkin about it but only said of it when people asked her on twitter nelson branco is the one that dragged it back up and perpetuated a gay sterotype when he said im a gay man my definition of spit take meay be different than staffords that footage once again is edited so u didnt see what really happened just like when adam was recast and certain scenes were redone with michael muhney and not the other guy that we never saw

  33. Profile photo of Jazzy
    VR is a Seasoned, Self made Woman, Diva, Accomplished Author,Business Woman, and Humanitarian. It is to our advatage that we have her on Day time TV. Red is not in the same league with VR. If another Soap recruit her It wouldn’t be that Soap going off the air it would be??????? I would love to switch channel. There is no real excitement here.
  34. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    I honestly hope the soapfan8 person is being facetious, as her writing and spelling are absolutely unbelieveable, and for her sake or his sake, I do hope they are not that unintelligent.

  35. Profile photo of Pure_Diva
    and she also left because of the unfairness of them not letting her write for the show when she has proved with bill bell that her writing would be a great addition to the show

    The problem with VR leaving to promote her book and because they wouldn’t let her write for the show like Bill Bell had is this: 

    • she chose to leave and they chose not to hire her back.  Sometimes, when people quit, the higher-ups high-five themselves and say "good riddance" over beer at the pub across the street.  How do I know this?  I’ve done it myself.  I’ve had employees quit and then try their damnest to get hired back again.  When that happened, the HR manager and I looked at each other and said:  No Friggin’ Way.  
    • VR must’ve forgotten that she was not a writer – at least, not for that show.  I realize that Bill allowed her to write and that she was a writer on Diagnosis Murder, but that was in a different age and time.  Now, there are writers’ guilds, actors’ guilds, directors’ guilds and producers’ guilds and each and every one of them want people to stay in their lane while in the workplace.  They’re all (IMO) very insecure and do not appeciate someone "helping" them with their job.  (Mainly because there really is an issue with job security these days.)  The whole reason why Ed Scott was fired from the show is that he didn’t stay in his lane and was insistent upon rewriting.  While he is a member of the writers’ guild, Ed Scott wasn’t hired to be a writer – he was hired to be an executive producer.  Same with VR.  I’m tired of hearing her whine, quite frankly.  If she wanted a job as a writer, she should’ve applied to be one.

    Finally, I don’t think VR can have it both ways.  If she wanted to get hired back, she made the wrong decision by whining to the press about workplace situations and then tweeting to her peeps about "making their requests known" to TPTB.  If she wants to expose the injustices in daytime, then do that.  But if she wants to get hired, then STHU.  But don’t manipulate the fans.  I was a fan.  I’m not one anymore.

  36. Profile photo of soapfan8

    -yojoromo4469  i was being factious i only go by the facts not on chatter its he thank you and i didnt know i was writing an article for the new york times it was a comment respond to a post not all that serious i wrote on my ipod and the spellings were chnaged maybe find it unbelivable because i went on research for different facts like an african american woman not liking her hair wet, the tr knight scandal and if u are treated unfairly and oppressed you should fight back. how dare u call me unintelligent i wouldnt write with compassion about a subject if i was unintelligent u want to say my spelling is off u spelled factious wrong its not face–tious. i was not even talking to you ao whered u come from. its just the same any time someone is outspoken like an eric braeden or victoria rowell people want to shut them up and insult them like u are doin to me and when peter bergman called rowell missing cards in her deck. and just so u know u cant tell someones intelligence my a comment response its called an IQ TEST.

  37. Profile photo of soapfan8

     -Pure_Diva SHE DIDNT LEAVE TO PROMOTE A BOOK SHE LEFT WRITE ONE yr is not your working environment its the soap world where if you leave a show you can go back and considering her huge fan support thats who people want to see on their screen victoria rowell. yr is making a huge mistake she would be amazin for the show its doesnt matter if people dont get along with her. and she did apply to start out at a very lower scribe position which she was rudely denied and if you didnt know the soap industry is racist you see it when people who did quality work and never get nominated and why is their no people of color behind the screen of yr their are no black of hispanic scribes or people benhind the camera and then barbara bloom told her we never had that before and rowell said had what before a black writer and accused her of racism. i would too irna phillips was an actress turned writer so that was done before so what was bloom talkin about possible the fact that she is black. and i dont beleive she is manipulating her fans the fans keep asking her when is she gonna be on yr and she siomply says write to the powers that be cause they are not letting her on the show what is she suppose to do.

  38. Profile photo of Pure_Diva

     And another thing…
    I brought up Ed Scott earlier as an example of someone who actually was fired for not staying in his lane.  He’s white.  They’re white.  Was it white-on-white racism when he was fired?  And if they didn’t want him to add his ideas to the script, then why would they have made exceptions for her?  Why is it racism when they made her stay in her lane, but not when they fired Ed Scott for the exact.same.thing.? 

  39. Profile photo of Pure_Diva

     I didn’t say that the soap industry wasn’t racist.  I said that VR was not a writer for Y&R, she was an actor and she couldn’t force them to comply with her wishes. 

    Is the industry racist?  Sure – there’s a history of it. But wasn’t the soap industry racist when VR tried to get her job back?  Or did it become intolerably racist only after they refused to entertain her request to come back?  How many times did we hear interviews and tweets from VR talking about how "the ball was in their court" and how she had "made her wishes known" over a period of weeks and months?  If the environment was THAT bad, why was she trying to go back?  And why did she suddenly decide air out all of the dirty laundry only AFTER they refused to take her calls?  All I’m saying is that VR needs to pick a side and stay on it.  The industry may indeed be racists, but she lost credibility because she sounds like sour grapes now.  

    Is there a problem with the fact that there are no minorities on the writing staff?  Yes.  But does that black writer just HAVE to be VR?  No.  

    Could racism have been the reason they did not allow her to write?  Yes.  But it is also just as possible that VR was difficult to work with and that some people in the top office don’t want her around.  Personally, I think Y&R made a mistake in not hiring her back from the get-go.  Like it or not, the Winters had a great deal to do with the reason why Y&R became the #1 soap in the first place.  But in VR’s case, I can totally see why she wasn’t asked back after she demanded that they did so.

  40. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    So, taking it off Vicki for a second, if we do believe daytime is racist, how in the world is that going to change if no one speaks out? By saying she should keep her trap shut about whatever her issues were if she wanted her job, that’s like saying factory workers should clam up about unsafe work conditions. I think because Vicki is outspoken, it is very easy to overlook the conversation she is bringing up, that causes people to be UNCOMFORTABLE. Daytime television is racist, much more racist than primetime or film, and it has gotten progressively worse. Y&R wanted Devon to be white, and when casting Lily as a teen initally said, "Does she have to be dark skinned". Writers at every show treat black characters with a sigh and an eyeroll. Most don’t WANT to write for black characters, when Conde Nast Portfolio, Ad Age, the Nielsens, etc. have ALL reported that black women are the predominant viewing audience. It’s sad that daytime was more progressive with black storytelling in the 90’s, with Hamp, Gilly, Kat and David on GL, The Fryes, Noah Keefer, Taylor, etc on AMC, Hank, RJ and Rachel on OLTL, the Wards on GH, and Abe and Lexie actually doing more than having coffee with Maggie, than in 2010 when we have a black president in the White House. It’s FUCKING wrong, whether Victoria Rowell is the one who brings it to light or not. There are 3 black writers at the shows, and I know that dozens more have been pitched, why haven’t they been hired? It sure as HELL isn’t because the writers they have are more talented, competent or capable.

  41. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    Soapfan8,  I really hate to tell you this,  but facetious is spelled correctly.  It means,  not to be taken seriously.  You would be better off to quit commenting.  Your wording is really bad.  Your spelling is terrible.  You should just quit before you look less intelligent than you probably are. JMO

  42. Profile photo of Pure_Diva

    Jamey, I hear what you’re saying and I respect your point of view. My point about VR is that she’s trying to play both sides of the fence on this one. It’s very easy for people to be dismissive of her and her claims as someone who 1) seems to have been difficult to worth with in the first place and 2) has the appearance of having vindictiveness be the reason for what she’s saying. People are already saying that VR blows things out of proportion. By playing both sides of the fence, it makes her case less potent.

    Yes, I do acknowledge that daytime is racist and, in fact, I believe the current regime is more racist than past ones.

    But having VR lead the charge is like having a criminal say that he received the death penalty because he’s black (and not because he’s been proven guilty beyond any reasonable doubt). That scenario is much different than having an innocent man be exonerated after being wrongfully convicted and sent to prison for a crime that he was proven not to have done.

    (side note: I know the comparison is extreme and I just used it to make a point.)

    Seriously, who which side have the more compelling argument? The innocent man who had been found guilty because of a system that was stacked against him? Or the really guilty person who had been found guilty, but was trying to get out on a technicality?

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