Has ATWT's Emma Ran Out of NutMeg? No More Lilies in Bloom on Snyder Farm?

We Love Soaps  broke the news a few weeks back that Marie Wilson (NutMeg) won't be sticking around until As The World Turns goes to the Great Broadcasting Museum in the Sky this September. Of course. Once fans actually like the character it's time for her to go! Meanwhile, we keep getting more Ciccones in Oakdale than at Madonna's family reunion. (Scratches head at Goutmanian logic).

In other news from Snyder Pond, CBS Soaps in Depth  and We Love Soaps are reporting  Noelle Beck— who has done a bang up job as Not-Quite-Lily— has completed her contract cycle, yet will be on the show until the end. Okay, let's just be real, as stellar as Beck is (I would love to see her as eldest Forrester daughter Kristen on The Bold and the Beautiful), it's time to bring the Real Lily aka Martha Byrne home. After everything Chris Goutman and Jean Pass-Me-A-Subway-Ticket-So-I-Can-Go-Finish-Killing-OLTL-So-Joanna-Kerns-Can-Get-a-Talk-Show-Quicker-And-Collect-My-Soap-Slayer-Bonus have put ATWT fans through, that's the least they could do—the very least.


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I am very surprised that Marie Wilson has been let go.  I thought she was quite valued at ATWT.  I'm shocked that ATWT isn't doing everything in their power to bring back Martha Byrne in time for the finale.  She is Lily and viewers adore her.  Noelle Beck is wonderful, but for a show ending they should bring back the original and most popular Lily.

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Since we won't have Martha I want Holden to end up with Molly; I want a decent ending damm it. I don't want to see goofy ending like GL; don't want to see them skinny dipping at the Snyder pond. As we all want to see Nancy saying good night dear; John Dixson marry Lisa.

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Noelle is great but It would be nice to bring Martha back for the end but it ended up pretty bad last time, so who knows. Hopefully, both sides can see the bigger picture and bring her back.

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 Do TPTB know that the show is ending? Or do they not care enough to give the veteran actors/actress/fans a proper swan song?  This show needs to focus on what made it last so long, not these new characters that appear on our screen everyday.. When did Janet become the driver of every storyline, every day?  When did her family get to have a frontburner story...when Lisa Grimaldi and Lucinda Walsh can barely make an appearance?

And I agree...if MB isn't back as Lily, then Holden needs to stay with Molly.

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Unfortunately, since the show has already been cancelled, Chris Goutman and company will continue to run the clock out until the last day, completely ignoring what loyal viewers want. I wouldn't bet on seeing Martha Byrne or Larry Bryggman on our screens anytime before the end. And we'll probably get very little Elizabeth Hubbard or Eileen Fulton until the very last episode. So instead of the Stewarts, Hughes, and Snyders, we get Ciccones....
And didn't there used to be black people on this show once upon a time? Whatever happened to Lily's niece Jade?

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It makes me sad the way this show is going out...

I have loved Noelle Beck since she was Trisha on Loving but I would still love to see Martha Byrne back somehow.
Nothing personal.

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I am glad that MB is no longer playing Lily - the Perpetual Pity Parties, quivering lip, flailing arms, and shrieks got old! Noelle took over and aged Lily - now we were seeing an adult. If MB wants to come back, do so as Rose -- another character. But Noelle IS Lily, and to kick her to the curb is an insult.

Marie, as Meg, won't be missed. But Marie, an actor, will be. She's got good skills and will find something better than playing Meg. I am sorry to see her go, but will be happy if she takes RH away with her -- adios to the worst recast I can ever remember.

It will be interesting to see how many other actors leave before September 17th. I don't blame any of them - they deserve to seek work, and not be required to watch a ship sink. Only a sense of professionalism and loyalty to the audience would make them stick around. I doubt I'll even stick around until the end -- the show is too awful for words.

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I want Noelle Beck to close the show out as Lily.  She's been nothing but marvelous since taking over the role, not to mention how extremely gracious she is to ATWT fans.  The Martha Byrne ship sailed.  It's not as if her returning would raise ratings or stave off the cancellation of ATWT. 

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I hope they bring back Martha Bryne. I have nothing against Noelle Beck but she is not Lily and since this show is over, they should try to bring back as many original cast members as they can.

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"That ship has sailed"  "Noelle Beck IS Lily"????  Did you guys just start watching World Turns this century?  

Martha Byrne grew up and "aged" Lily naturally.  Playing Lily since she was 16 years old I think it's pretty safe to say we all know who "Lily" is and that is Martha Byrne.  Noelle Beck is a fine replacement but make no mistake she replaced Martha Byrne.  I know there is bad blood between Chris Goutman and Martha Byrne and the chances of Martha returning is probably slim to zero but if there was ever a time to swallow pride and let bygones be bygones...this IS IT!  Without Martha playing Lily, Holden and Lily are NOT endgame and that would be tragic IMHO.  

I really hope they close out World Turns better than GL but I'm not holding my breath Sad

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I don't think we're going to get an 11th hour Martha Byrne return to the show.

I think that Noelle Beck is a great actress, but I have never really accepted her as Lily. I don't like recasts, unless they involve getting rid of BAD actors and replacing them with good ones. I wish I could've warmed up to Noelle, but it just never happened.

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I would be cool if Byrne came back for the end, but what are the chances?  NB is fine as Lily.

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Can I ask you when Meg's last airdate is? As an ex-atwtfan who cannot stand the character of Meg, maybe I'll check out the show again before it ends once she is gone for good! I just can't tune in as long as she's on the screen!

As for the Martha vs. Noelle debate, I have to agree that Martha is Lily and she should return for the end of the show's run. Noelle's ok, but isn't Lily to me. She doesn't have the connection with Jon Hensley or Elizabeth Hubbard that Martha has. How can ATWT go off the air with Holden and an imitation Lily reuniting? That's so wrong! It won't have any heart or meaning whatsoever! But that being said, I fully expect for Goutman to continue to screw over the fans as he has been doing for years now! Why would he change his ways just because the show is ending? As he's said in interviews before, he doesn't care what the fans want! Never has and Never will up until the bitter end. At least he's consistent right?