37th Annual Daytime Emmys Held in Vegas

Well, according to Soaps In Depth, they’ve got a location (Las Vegas), they’ve got a date (June 27) but so far no announcement has been made about whether or not the 37th Annual Daytime Emmys will find a channel to air them on (though I’m hearing we should find out soon). Keep checking back to Daytime Confidential as the story develops.

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    The OLTL AND YR RATINGS couldn’t have happened to more deserving Writers and Producers……..This crap is why GL and ATWT are going or gone. Fans are sick of being jerked around. I see better dialogue on FanBoy and ChumChum then that sometimes comes out of this actors mouths

    AMC Show killer gives an interview and said Agnes was at previous storyline meetings and SAID NOTHING while PRATT WAS DESTROYING HER SHOW. I came back this week for Zen and to see Palmer’s memorial and Canary’s exit. DONE NOW!!!

    OLTL-it better not be TODD who pushed her down the stairs. My vote Messica did it.

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