Ratings, Rants and Raves: Kish Exits, So Do OLTL Viewers; Craptastic Storylines Cause Y&R to Freefall

It was a horrendous week for daytime soaps ratings-wise (Source: Soap Opera Network), One Life to Live hit a new low as fans tuned out in droves, following the shoddy, fear-based exit of groundbreaking supercouple Kyle (Brett Claywell) and Fish (Scott Evans). OLTL lost 227,000 total viewers, hitting the soap opera’s all-time low rating. OLTL was also down year-to-date 310,000 not-so-mainstream viewers, and was dead last among total viewers.
The soap I used to race home to watch first every day, but now  can go days on end without even being bothered to look at, also dropped one-tenth of a ratings point in households, tying it’s record low in that demo. Among women 18-49, OLTL went down a crushing two-tenths of a point, tying their low in that demo as well. Looks like the Kish fans have spoken.

All My Children held steady in total viewers the week of April 12-16, and in households. The same couldn’t be said for the coveted women 18-49 demo. AMC dropped one-tenth of a ratings point in that demo, hitting a new record low. General Hospital lost 188,000 total viewers from the previous week. GH also went down one-tenth of a ratings point in households and among women 18-49.

Now on to the one soap opera, whose current state of creative malaise alarms me most of all—The Young and the Restless. Praise the Soap Gods, the ratings for what has now become a completely unwatchable hour of television PLUMMETED last week. Do you hear me? No? Well let me say it again. PLUMMETED, and yes I am thrilled about that. This is the only language these people understand. If it don’t make dollars, it don’t make sense.
Maria, we turned a blind eye at the Chipmunk. We let you put two Adams in a purple dress and clean up afterbirth. We sighed and rolled our eyes at one ludicrious doppelganger, but two lookalikes was one too many, and apparently the 431,000 viewers who turned this shit off the week of April 12-16 agree.

Thanks to this regime arrogantly plunging this show further down the drain with these ridiculous, plot driven storylines, Y&R was down year-to-date 378,000 total viewers, and it gets worse. Y&R also fell a DISASTROUS three-tenths of a ratings point in households, and two-tenths of a point among women 18-49. Want some more? Maria Arena Bell’s Televised Carnivale of the Ridiculous, Obscene, Asinine and Idiotic also fell two-tenths of a ratings point among women 18-34. Somewhere Lynn Marie Latham just grabbed her junk and smirked. (Cue: Homefront theme music)
I wish I could find humor in this, but I can’t. As much as the current state of OLTL hurts, I’ve only been watching that soap five or so years, and Kish was the best part of that experience, so if Brian Frons and Frank Valentini want to give into bigots and kill it, oh-to-the-well. I have watched Y&R, on the other hand, since I was suckling a teet, and I am not gonna just keep standing by idly and watch this show I have loved my whole life became a shell of its former self. We the fans complained loudly until ABC Daytime got rid of Chuck Pratt, and if Maria doesn’t shape up, we won’t hesitate about doing the same until CBS does the same with her.

The Bold and the Beautiful dropped 53,000 total viewers over the previous week. B&B held steady in households and, even with Y&R’s sad, tired lead-in, managed to go up one-tenth of a point among women 18-49.  As The Ciccones Turn lost 65,000 total viewers the week of April 12-16. ATWT also droped one-tenth of a ratings point in households, tying its lowest rating ever in that demo. ATWT managed to hold steady among women 18-49, however.

Days of Our Lives continued its fall from the ratings heights. The highly-enjoyable sudser lost 154,000 total viewers, and was down year-to-date 249,000. If I had one piece of advice for DAYS it would be to go balls to the walls and explode all of EJ’s (James Scott) secrets and lies once and for all— but only after Sami (Alison Sweeney) has cheated on Rafe (Galen Gering) with him.

Imagine a volatile Sami learning that she threw away true love, once again, on a sociopath who kidnapped his own child? Culminate the arc with Sami gunning EJ down on the pier (Duh he would survive, I love me some Ejami!) and I bet the ratings would soar. Sami and EJ’s dramatic, tainted, epic, Wuthering Heights-esque love-to-hate story is the money shot, IMO. Just a thought. DAYS also dropped one-tenth of a point in households, yet held steady among women 18-49.

Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

Ratings for the week of April 12 – April 16, 2010

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,902,000 (-431,000/-378,000)
2. B&B 3,200,000 (-53,000/-274,000)
3. GH 2,580,000 (-188,000/-45,000)
4. DAYS 2,563,000 (-154,000/-249,000)
5. AMC 2,426,000 (same/-146,000)
6. ATWT 2,258,000 (-65,000/-272,000)
7. OLTL 2,253,000 (-227,000/-310,000) <—- new low (Previous low: 2,254,000 for December 21-25, 2009)

1. Y&R 3.5/13 (-.3/-.3)
2. B&B 2.3/8 (same/-.3)
3. GH 1.9/6 (-.1/-.1)
3. DAYS 1.9/7 (-.1/-.2)
5. AMC 1.8/7 (same/-.2)
6. OLTL 1.7/6 (-.1/-.2) <—- ties low rating (Last time: March 22-26, 2010)
7. ATWT 1.6/6 (-.1/-.3) <—- ties low rating (Last time: August 3-7, 2009)

Women 18-49 Viewers
1. Y&R 1,070,000 (-139,000/-184,000)
2. GH 835,000 (-105,000/+19,000)
3. DAYS 742,000 (-16,000/-136,000)
4. B&B 695,000 (+37,000/-74,000)
5. OLTL 600,000 (-115,000/-173,000)
6. AMC 519,000 (-82,000/-191,000)
7. ATWT 508,000 (-32,000/-86,000)

Women 18-49 Rating
1. Y&R 1.6/11 (-.2/-.3)
2. GH 1.3/8 (-.1/+.1)
3. DAYS 1.1/8 (same/-.2)
3. B&B 1.1/7 (+.1/-.1)
5. OLTL 0.9/6 (-.2/-.3) <—- ties low rating (Last time: December 21-25, 2009)
6. ATWT 0.8/5 (same/-.1)
6. AMC 0.8/5 (-.1/-.3) <—— new low rating (Previous low: April 5-9, 2010 with 0.9/6 | First time at 0.9 was June 22-26, 2009)

Girls 12-17 Viewers
1. GH 36,000 (-24,000/-19,000)
2. AMC 35,000 (+11,000/+8,000)
3. Y&R 28,000 (-24,000/-11,000)
4. B&B 24,000 (-7,000/same)
5. OLTL 23,000 (-10,000/-29,000)
6. ATWT 21,000 (-10,000/-9,000)
7. DAYS 10,000 (-14,000/-27,000)

Women 18-34 Rating
1. Y&R 0.9/7 (-.2/-.4)
1. DAYS 0.9/6 (same/-.1)
1. GH 0.9/6 (same/same)
4. B&B 0.7/5 (+.1/-.1)
5. AMC 0.6/4 (-.1/-.3)
5. OLTL 0.6/4 (-.1/-.2) <—- ties low rating (Last time: December 29, 2008 – January 2, 2009)
7. ATWT 0.5/3 (same/-.2)

Men 18+ Viewers
1. Y&R 1,116,000 (-54,000/-135,000)
2. B&B 676,000 (+13,000/-91,000)
3. DAYS 547,000 (+43,000/-59,000)
4. GH 491,000 (-53,000/+24,000)
5. AMC 462,000 (+13,000/-46,000)
6. ATWT 446,000 (+55,000/-106,000)
7. OLTL 383,000 (-78,000/-94,000)


Day-To-Day Ratings – HH/Total Viewers


Monday: 1.9/2,600,000
Tuesday: 1.9/2,573,000
Wednesday: 1.8/2,382,000
Thursday: 1.7/2,267,000
Friday: 1.8/2,307,000

Monday: 1.8/2,425,000
Tuesday: 1.7/2,343,000
Wednesday: 1.6/2,204,000
Thursday: 1.5/1,986,000
Friday: 1.7/2,323,000

Monday: 2.4/3,417,000
Tuesday: 2.3/3,417,000
Wednesday: 2.4/3,388,000
Thursday: 2.0/2,691,000
Friday: 2.2/3,085,000

Monday: 2.0/2,675,000
Tuesday: 1.9/2,542,000
Wednesday: 1.9/2,578,000
Thursday: 1.9/2,487,000
Friday: 1.9/2,533,000

Monday: 1.9/2,608,000
Tuesday: 1.8/2,557,000
Wednesday: 2.0/2,742,000
Thursday: 1.9/2,480,000
Friday: 1.8/2,515,000

Monday: 1.7/2,267,000
Tuesday: 1.7/2,441,000
Wednesday: 1.7/2,281,000
Thursday: 1.6/2,090,000
Friday: 1.7/2,184,000

Monday: 3.7/5,198,000
Tuesday: 3.6/5,147,000
Wednesday: 3.6/4,953,000
Thursday: 3.3/4,610,000
Friday: 3.4/4,604,000

For the SEASON September 21, 2009 through April 18, 2010

1. Y&R 3.8
2. B&B 2.4
3. DAYS 2.3
4. GH 2.1
4. AMC 2.1
6. OLTL 1.9
6. ATWT 1.9

Women 18-49 Rating
1. Y&R 1.9
2. GH 1.5
3. DAYS 1.4
4. AMC 1.1
4. B&B 1.1
4. OLTL 1.1
7. ATWT 1.0


88 Responses

  1. Profile photo of east.west

    The Kishers weren’t playing and the trainwreck watchers cut doppleganger tv off @ 11 (Y&R)!  Somewhere, hopefully, these executives caught a clue and figure out "mainstream America" and floaters aren’t the only ones watching.

  2. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    When we say we are going to tune out we mean it. Why don’t they believe us?
    I am soap fan. Hear me roar.
    I don’t know when I will watch OLTL again after the way Kish was written out.
    I don’t know if I will again.

    As for Y&R, I hope this Emily/Sarah slop gets resolved during sweeps.
    May Sweeps that is.
    Not July Sweeps and sure as hell not November Sweeps! 

    The LML line is a hot one Jamey.

  3. Profile photo of cheryl85

    Those ratings are UGLY.  And I bet the people at the top will only make the claim "Well they all did bad" that shouldn’t be an excuse to keep stinking up the ratings.

  4. Profile photo of dang90210

    drop it low Y&R now maria what you got to say about that nothing you better not go to them mag. and say we tell good stories cause right now it bad and you know what it bad when i enjoy atwt this week and last week better then the Y&R 6.0 passions

  5. Profile photo of troymcclure

    as much as I dislike Kish leaving I tuned out some time ago becauset OLTL, quite frankly,  sucks balls.

    I’m quite offended by comparing the most tragic passionate literary couple to EJAMI????  C’mon now, Heathcliff and Cathy deserves better than that.

  6. Profile photo of dkp

    Where are all those bigots who were supposed to tune back in OLTL? The gays are gone and show hits new lows. How about addressing the real problems with the show and bringing back kish? 

    Yeah, I grew up watching Y&R too, so the state of Y&R is sad, sad, sad. I’m glad people turned it off in droves. Maria and crew need to shape up or get shipped out.

  7. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    I’m quite offended by comparing the most tragic passionate literary couple to EJAMI???? C’mon now, Heathcliff and Cathy deserves better than that
    LMAO come ON, all great literary couples are used to reference soap couples. If I played a drinking game every time someone calls a soap couple "Romeo and Juliet" I would have a curdled liver.

  8. Profile photo of ATLn30318

    Bianca in Genoa City – anyone else see it.  Why did they have to get rid of Vail Bloom.  Did VB quit – we know she was on recurring.  It’s obvious Eden was just trying to stick it to AMC and MAB and her team including CBS Daytime just wanted to stick it to ABC. 

    I don’t want to end up hating Eden Riegel – but Eden you’re miscast.  Like I said: It’s Bianca in Genoa City.

  9. Profile photo of brightongirl

    I hate saying "good" to OLTL’s dismal ratings…but GOOD!  Maybe now someone will realize that it’s not grandma’s and housewives only that watch these shows (and buy the damn products advertised), but people who aren’t lemmings and will leave when they destroy characters that are well liked or write people off we like.

  10. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    You might wanna check the week in question before you blame all things wrong with Y&R on Eden Riegel. She didn’t even debut the week in question. Jesus take the wheel.

  11. Profile photo of ATLn30318

    Oh Jamey,

    Y&R will need to lose a million viewers before TPTB take notice.  MAB and her team, including CBS Daytime, can afford to be complacent as they are the #1 Soap.  MAB knows she can churn out this hackery as you/ve called it b/c she knows us idiots including the Nielsens are going to watch regardless.

  12. Profile photo of sandylporter

    Kishers said they would turn off OLTL and it looks like that is exactly what happened. 
    I feel exactly the same Jamey.  I couldn’t get enough of OLTL last year.  I was excited to watch the whole show, and Kish in particular.  Now that Kish is gone and the storylines amazing dumbed down and stupid (Gex in particular), I have no desire to watch. 

    The Kish storyline resonated with so many fans and brought new people to the soap.  It’s amazing that this widely praised and GLAAD awarded storyline was named the scapegoat for the low ratings.  Clearly ABC/OLTL your soap has a WIDE variety of other issues that are the culprit.  Time to look again and see what the REAL issues are with OLTL.

    Bring back KISH!

  13. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    No, she doesn’t have that luxury anymore. Les Moonves wants to cancel the Bell soaps too. They are too costly, and don’t bring enough profit in. Y&R isn’t even as safe as GH. Trust…

  14. Profile photo of watchingallday

    I am glad people are tuning out of the crapfest that has become Y&R.  The powers that be need to be punished for what they have done.  As far as OLTL, I understand that there are a lot of Kish fans who are understandably upset at theit being blamed for the ratings woes as of late; but, aside from the ridiculouness that is the 17 again Jessica story, One Life has still been a great and entertaining show.  There is a difference between the systematic destruction of an entire show and characters and a show getting rid of one popular couple and having silly storyline.  The problem with Y&R is writing, the problem with OLTL is the executives, but they still put out an entertaining show, and while I empathize with the Kish fans (I can take them or leave them because I like Kyle a lot, but never really cared about Oliver), I still see a good show worthy of my time, whereas Y&R has become unenjoyable with bad writing and has questionable executive decisions.

  15. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Kish fans are ticked off, but it isn’t only Kish. It’s Teen Messica and Cristian wrecking the steamy momentum of Cris and Layla. It’s the popular Brody and Jess pairing being fucked over for a redux. It’s "Who is Rex’s Father, NOW?" It’s Rex not being Roxy’s kid. It’s Rachel being shipped off with no proper exit. It’s Bo being shot for no good reason to make us feel something for Rex and Gigi again, which we don’t. It’s as if someone ripped the spirit of Ron Carlivati’s writing right out of this show, crumpled it up, and threw it in the garbage. Then Frank and Ron took a turn.

  16. Profile photo of dkp

    I agree. I don’t think it was only Kish fans tuning out that caused these ratings. I think the show overalll isn’t that good, so fans in general tuned out.

    But at least the ratings didn’t increase. Cause if they did, you know that ABC would be all "See, we are right. Gays kill ratings and getting rid of them paid off." At least now, they’ll have a hard time saying that, cause Kish is gone and OLTL is still having trouble.

  17. Profile photo of ltk

    It’s interesting to see the ratings actually reflect the vocal discontent of the fans. Maybe the "mainstream" press coverage about the supposed "mainstream" audience impact of the Kish storyline spread the word and got viewers irate.

    And I agree with Brightongirl, OLTL and ABCD should learn to respect ALL members of its audience.

  18. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    I do feel like Eden is kinda playing Bianca Montgomery in Genoa City, but she hasn’t been given the material to truly display her "bitchtasticness". I blame that on the WRITING, not the actress!!!  Her presence on Y&R has nothing to do with the ridiculous Tom-foolery that Ma Bell, Hogan and Scott H. are trying to shove down our throats!!! Eden is trying to make the role her own, and it takes time. She does seem a little bit sweeter and less antagonistic than Vail Bloom did, but I also believe that Eden has more range as an actress, and when given the opportunity to dig into some truly vixenish/bitchy dialogue and material, she will deliver!!

  19. Profile photo of kcgeban

    I have never ever understood how and why Y & R became the No. 1 soap for 17 years straight. Maybe it’s the lack of competition in that time slot. (Jamey, any ideas?)
    These days that honor should really belong to DAYS or GH; they try harder. And I don’t feel as though my intelligence is being insulted while watching.

    The storytelling  that we fans have been forced to watch since last summer is worse than Guiding Light in its worst days. Somebody should give these "writers" their walking papers NOW.

  20. Profile photo of Silver44

    The ratings are dreadful and hopefully TIIC will take notice but I think, they will just come up with some excuse. This freefall has to be consistent, it can’t go down one week and then go up the next, and I have a feeling that is whats going to happen. Unfortunately!

  21. Profile photo of othell

     I tuned Y&R out last week, and plan to keep it up until my show is saved from the hands of MAB, or at least her team of writers.  The fans do not want PASSIONS but an intelligently written soap, mindful of the rich history of each character and not turning them into charicatures.  

  22. Profile photo of lilyredd

    I have watched OLTL on and off since 1980 when the glorious Herb and Dorian were bickering and making love. I have watched only a handful of episodes lately because there is such a lack of heart, soul and entertaining story. There is very little to entice me to continue watching –save for the performers I have loved watching for years. 

    When a show is struggling to maintain an audience and garner new viewers, pushing a popular couple out the door and admitting you are bowing to the demands of bigots, is bad business. Bigots are loud. That is all. The gay stories did not crush OLTL’s ratings, it was the overall lack of compelling stories. It is the lack of character driven story and the episodic nature of the writing.

    The nonsensical youth dominated, ageist, anti-anything different and the unwillingness to demand a quality product by executives is the reason for the decline in ratings.  

  23. Profile photo of josser

    I’m sorry to see OLTL lose viewers.  I still enjoy the show.  It went through 4 weeks of boring episodes but last week, the show seemed to turn a corner.

    Realistically, the show lost a tremendous amount of momentum and ratings after the show ended the Todd/Marty  storyline.  The show should have sent Todd to prison instead of making him the center of a love triangle.  That hurt the show.

    Y&R’s drop of 400K viewers must be startling to TPTB.  There’s a flux of a certain number of viewers week to week but I’ve never seen Y&R lose 400K viewers.  That should, hopefully, scare MAB.

    MAB screwed the pooch by pushing so many over the top stories at once.  Each of these stories could have been good if staggered 6 months a part from each other. 

    Next week’s ratings will be key.  

    For all of LML’s faults, I do recall fondly how she featured the Winters family.  I wish Y&R would rehire Victoria Rowell.

    I’m sorry to see the much improved AMC see a decline in ratings.  


  24. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    There’s a flux of a certain number of viewers week to week but I’ve never seen Y&R lose 400K viewers.
    Neither have I. If it’s happened, I can’t remember. LML lost that much, sustained over a long period of time, but I can’t remember the last time almost half a million viewers tuned out like that.

  25. Profile photo of ATLn30318
    No, she doesn’t have that luxury anymore. Les Moonves wants to cancel the Bell soaps too. They are too costly, and don’t bring enough profit in. Y&R isn’t even as safe as GH. Trust…

    Thanks Jamey – wasn’t aware

  26. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    The reason why Y&R’s ratings are tanking is because they INSIST on showing this damn Sarah/Daisy/Ryder story NINE days a week, and Yvonne Zima’s acting is so hideous that people are tuning out in droves. When they don’t have Sarah/Daisy/Ryder on, I am forced to watch "Pattycake" running amuk on the OTHER side of town, outsmarting EVERYONE and getting away with it. Jack Abbott is being ruined as is Michael Baldwin!! They are being portrayed as utter fools!!! Character assassination is not the way to bring in viewership!!!

    I agree that it will take a SIGNIFICANT drop in viewership to get CBS to evaluate whether Maria, Hogan and Scott need to remain head writers on this show. This show has been TOO complacent over the past five years. They assume that they will stay on top, and they also assume that just because they haven’t lost their number one spot that they are doing everything right!!! I would be willing to see the show lose it’s #1 spot for a month or so if it meant new writers——-ANYONE who can do better than what’s being done now!!!

  27. Profile photo of watchingallday

    Jamey, I agree with all of the above concerns.  There has been little bit too much chaos and complication for the sake of chaos and complication, but I like where the Todd, Viki, Dorian, Tea, Langston, Markko, Starr, Cole, Natalie, Matthew, Dani, Destiny, new theatre guy, and Charlie stories are going.  I also have faith that even though I am displeased with some of the current weak stories (Messica/Brody/Christian?Layla, abrupt no exit Rachel, and Who’s Rex’s daddy part deux), but I have faith that Ron will be able to make the ride bearable if not entertaining.  Case in point is the Marty/John/Todd/Natalie mcbaby situation.  I hate John McBain and sometimes fall asleep when Marty is on the screen, but killing that baby and making Todd find the useless Hannah half naked with Cole has and will make for a good set of stories I think.  Also, I think Natalie and John have not had much to do with each other for years so this back in love thing is a bit of an insult to Jared’s memory, BUT Natalie and Marty at each others throats has been pretty decent.  Yes, OLTL is not perfect, there are some major annoyances, and it is not on the ridiculous high of a few months ago, but it is still pretty good and it has the potential to be just as if not better in the near and far future.

  28. Profile photo of EduBois

    I’m sorry that my favourite soap is sucking, but I’m so GLAD that the ratings for Y&R tanked – I hope they continue to.  That’s the only way to get the message out to TPTB that this current regime is doing a really horrible job.  This needs to continue until something changes.  I actually think the ratings will continue falling, because the way they are obviously doing these stories, they think they can milk it into the summer.  I thought I read somewhere Scott Hamner saying some crap about trying to make these two idiots Sarah and Patty do a take off on Strangers on a Train.  Sorry, dear!  That is a Hitchcock CLASSIC and these hacks just do not have what it takes to even get the train on the tracks.  They seriously have delusions of grandeur.

  29. Profile photo of east.west

    I still mainttain that Frank’s decision is not different than any of his EP peers. Now he’s lost the "untouchable" status and is no longer better than the rest of them. I bet he is wishing that he could’ve done something different than what he did.

    The true test will be next wk. when the ratings come out for this wk.

    (SOAP ANNOUCERS VOICE): "Will OLTL continue it’s ratings freefall, or will the riviting tales of OldAssJessica in high school, Jolie vs. Jarty, the Glee lite musical/teen stories, and the perifial scenes of the veterans, help sustain or gain viewers. Only on OLTL weekdays on ABC and weeknights on Soapnet (and currently on the list of shows I try not to avoid watching)."

  30. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    I also wish that those 431,000 viewers who had tuned out of Y&R had tuned INTO GH and AMC!!! GH deserves to be in the #1 spot, as far as I’m concerned. It has become MY favorite soap opera, stealing that long-held spot away from Y&R, which is becoming INCREASINGLY unrecognizable!! No more beating that dead horse for now.

    AMC is also becoming an enjoyable soap again. Slowly, but surely. They deserve a ratings BOOST!!! I am not LOVING it again YET, but I am definitely watching every day!!!

    I don’t get these ratings!!! It seems like a whole bunch of NOTHING to me!!!! I will keep supporting my three soaps (AMC, GH, Y&R),  but change needs to come ASAP!!!!

  31. Profile photo of tonyjets02

    One Life To Live’s major problem is it’s writing. In my opinion, I’d rather see the show canceled than have it continue in its embarrassing condition. I honestly don’t see what the critics are praising. I’ve been a loyal viewer since the Michael Malone days. The quality has since waned.

    The Kish storyline had been written poorly from the beginning. First off Oliver was introduced with no connection to the then canvas. Why were we supposed to care for him and the fact that he was gay? If anything the writing team could have reintroduced the character of C.J. Roberts and made him gay and fabulous or completely shock the viewers and reintroduce Will Rappaport as a bisexual. This could have also brought the return of the sorely missed Lindsay. Or the writers could have even made Lindsay a lesbian. She doesn’t have any female friends, she could make a new friend and there could be sparks. How about a Lindsay and Tea romance? The writers could have made Shane a gay tween giving him Rex and Gigi a compelling storyline ala Ugly Betty’s Justin/Austin relationship. Rex could have sought advice from Bo strengthening and reminding viewers of their bond and Gigi could have turned to Viki. Instead we were given the bloody Morasco Fiasco. OLTL, lacks originality and imagination.

    Also, what are the writers doing to Roxy. Making Rex not her son has removed her from any connection to the canvas. Why make Schuyler her son only to then give him his walking papers. This whole baby switch story has be done to death. This clearly shows the current writing teams lack of any real imagination. Let’s see, there was the Natalie/Jessica baby switch storyline, the AMC/OLTL baby switch crossover storyline, the Jessica stillborn baby/Starr’s baby switch storyline, and now the Rex Schuyler baby switch. Been there done that! Does anyone really care about Rex’s lineage anymore? And what is the point of the Jessica loves Christian back in High School storyline have to do with anything. What’s the end game?

    Then there are the characters acting, well, out of character. Lets start with Alison Perkins. She is a devout follower of Mitch Lawrence so why would she switch the babies knowing fully well that Mitch would destroy her if he found out. Gina Tognoni is Kelly Cramer but she isn’t acting like Kelly. Blair has lost her spunk. She’s always obsessed with Todd. Blair needs a storyline that will allow her to stand on her own two feet. The writing team could have her follow her singing career and have her fall in love with her agent who happens to be a married man. Where is the redemptive Todd that matured after he re-raped Marty. The current Todd seems to be written as if he’s regressed to the abusive Todd. Todd needs therapy and we need to see it. Paging Dr. Marty Saybrook. How do Starr, Cole, Markko, and Langston pay for rent, especially in this economy when teens are one of the hardest hit when it comes to finding work? Is Rex still a private investigator? I don’t really care. Has Natalie completely forgotten about Jared? She needs to leave John McBain and Marty alone. Marty needs to leave John alone too. The writers need to let John fade into the background like Kish and Miles Lawrence.

    I didn’t realize I was ranting. Sorry. Pretty much all I am saying is the current writing staff needs an infusion of new blood with fresh ideas and a group who knows the characters well and can write stories that are socially relevant. Viewers can’t blame the ratings decline solely on the Kish storyline because there are many problems plaguing the series. I honestly hope with the announcement that Jean Passanante being hired as associate head writer once ATWT ends will benefit OLTL, but the way she destroyed ATWT, I’m skeptical.

  32. Profile photo of Islandof1

    Just when I almost forgot the Chipmunk, we get; Two dopplegangers s/ls that s_ck! Plus Adam’s probable (Not)murder. Y&R has been just terrible of late.
    Give Eden a chance to see what she can do with the Heather role.

    OLTL lost a lot of  women viewers. Probably due more to the over-all lack of romance on OLTL, the teens and  Marty’s miscarriage.

     It will be interesting to see if Palmer’s funeral bring AMC  up in the next ratings. AMC losing Adam might also hurt them.


  33. Profile photo of CaseyW1963

    I am very concerned for the life of Days.  I agree that killing off Ej would bring a new life in to the show.  James Scott has become very stale and him with Ali Sweeney with all her brightness and beauty is just not believable.  I say give us a murder mystery with many suspects and have Sami be the murderer,,maybe self defense with EJ trying to rape her again.  Rafe could be her savior.

  34. Profile photo of miamibeachguy

    I am not suprised.  Realistically who know how much the Kish effect came into place, especially since the ratings on their last day were pretty much the same as the rest of the week when the paid wasn’t on.  (The Kyle appearance on Friday was nice but really doesn’t count since it was only to tie up loose ends on the stupid Rex parentage storyline.)  How on Earth did this show go from being THE BEST show on TV a few months ago to being such an awful train wreck now?  I have lost ALL interest.  Count me out as a longtime viewer.  Very sad for what was once a very special show which did so much good for so many.

  35. Profile photo of Bangel Angle
    Bangel Angle

    I don’t want Sami to be a murderer. She’s not a cold blooded killer. I want Stephano to do it. And or someone from his past or even maybe that crazy kidnapper can come back.

    They could have Sami think she did it. Rafe can investigate it much like Roman did when they thought she killed Franco. EJ reminds me a lot of Franco anyway. But I want Lucas back and saving the day.

    How about everyone think Sami did it but Lucas, knowing Sami as well as he does, knows Sami wouldn’t kill anyone in cold blood. They team up and find the real killer. All the while Sami, not sure if she did do it.

    Too fanficish… :shrug:

  36. Profile photo of bunting

    I’m getting whiplash frankly.  Last week, when Y&R shockingly jumped up over 300,000 in one week the world was falling apart because soap viewers were eating the crap MAB was dishing with a spoon.  This week, apparently all those wise viewers were sending a serious message to MAB to straighten up and fly right.

    I think we need to see ratings for a few weeks to get a real message from viewers on Y&R.  Last week’s ratings were overinflated for some reason and this weeks took a huge dive. 

    Now, I am not saying that MAB has not gone over the bend with her out there and crazy stories because she has, and the show needs to find its heart and soul again even if it means the firing of a Bell, but lets see what happens with the ratings over the next couple weeks.

    I don’t like to see huge ratings falls for any soaps considering the precarious climate they find themselves in, but I do hope TPTB realize viewers are getting tired of their plot contrived writing that has been escalating in craziness/darkness for a year and not be blamed on individual stories.  I feel bad for Tracey Bregman.  She finally gets screentime and gets this doppelganger story.  I hope she doesn’t pay for MAB doing one doppelganger too many.



  37. Profile photo of brothasoap
    One Life has still been a great and entertaining show…

    minus the

    …ridiculouness that is the 17 again Jessica story…

    oh, and

     "Who is Rex’s Father, NOW?"… Rachel being shipped off with no proper exit…Bo being shot for no good reason to make us feel something for Rex and Gigi again, which we don’t…


    …Natalie hearts John 2.0…High School Musical (the Daytime Edition) 2.0…Todd Hearts Blair 69.0…

    and the imminent

    Who Killed Mitch…No, For Real This Time Storyline

    Are there any storylines left?

    The quality of YR during the reign of Lynn Marie Latham drove me away after 15 years of fandom, but  I came back with the casting Michael Muhney, and have since been pleasantly surprised. 

    Yes the tone is different.  Yes some stories are over the top.  But the show is interesting, which I do not recall it being during the last regime. 

    In what seems to be a departure from vocal opinion, I for one hope that more people tune in to the five soaps that will remain after ATWT bows out (& OLTL replaces Ron Carlivati with Jean Passanante and is promptly cancelled) because if we do not…there will be no daytime.

    And I am not ready to see a tag on this website that reads: Domain for Sale.

  38. Profile photo of CarlyCfan

    MAB need to get it together, Y&R is a trainwreck. During the past year, the entire canvas have been dumbed down because it was more important to let Adam/Patty/Daisy/MamaBore get away with their crap.

  39. Profile photo of Chris 2010
    Chris 2010

      I am a Kish fan. I started watching OLTL last August after I watched Kish clips on YT accidentally. I still think Kish was best story OLTL was told. I quit watching when Kish existed.
      It’s not just about to show my support to Kish, but also due to the other stotylines are not appealing at all… If OLTL want to keep viewers, the writers shall write something interesting, something worth watching…

  40. Profile photo of jsg03jd

    Scott Clifton left the Friday before the beginning of the week for the latest ratings report.  I’m sure his departure had an impact too on the Nielsen numbers.  There was such potential for the Schuyler character given his newfound relationship with Roxy and interactions with Rachel, KISH, Sierra Rose, Greg but now, OLTL is all about reduxes: Jolie/Marty, Todd/Marty/Tea/Blair/Eli, Cress, Dorian v. Viki over Charlie, BORA (the reunion that’s too little, too late) etc.  

    They’re all tired, lame and badly written.  And in Rex and Gigi’s case – both badly written and acted.  Who the eff cares who Wrecks’s father is at this point in the game, really?  Everyone knows it’s going to be Bo anyway.  Blecch.  

  41. Profile photo of troymcclure

    [quote=Jamey Giddens]LMAO come ON, all great literary couples are used to reference soap couples. If I played a drinking game every time someone calls a soap couple "Romeo and Juliet" I would have a curdled liver.[/quote]
    You’re right but wuthering heights is just so….fantastic.  i’ve always wanted a soap to copy Heathcliff and Cathy’s love story but I guess even they were too messed up for soaps.

    So will the AMC bashing stop now?  I hated the bashing when I didn’t watch it.  I thought it was in bad taste to wish the cancellation of a soap to support another crappy soap (OLTL) but AMC is great now AND I’m watching it so here’s hoping AMC gets a momentum in the upcoming weeks.

  42. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    I really hope Maria and Hogan can pull it out on Y&R. I really do.
    The show was SO GOOD a year ago and now it’s not.
    (Is Scott Hamner even necessary? I mean really.)

  43. Profile photo of Pure_Diva

     The only show I watch now is Y&R.  (I quit ATWT during the Hogan Sheffer years… quit GL after Reva was cloned… and B&B… well…. that was always a timewaster between Y&R & ATWT.)   Anyway, while I was reading Jamey’s piece about Y&R, all I could think after every sentence was:  You betta GO boy!!  (said like Gina on "Martin").  

  44. Profile photo of aveRex

     Y&R without Adam is just boring. And poor Eden Riegel just looks awful. Even though the other actress was a ‘hair model’ or whatever the press liked to call her. She looked the part of a dumb brick getting played. And One Life…what can we say: just totally off-course and in a wreck. I hate to say it, but they should just all just go away. I have lost interest in watching the shows. My DVR just wipes over them now because I don’t have an interest. It’s a sad day for me in that regard, too. But I just dont find the shows are worth much of anything and I could care less if they’re on the air or not. I enjoy reading the behind the scenes stuff on these sites and blogs more than anything about the stories themselves.

  45. Profile photo of aveRex

     One more thing…

    When the shows DO go off of the air, I hope one of you great web journalist write and publish a tell-all on the behind the scenes dirt that we just get little pieces of but not the whole story. That would sell like crazy. Just go for it and tell EVERYTHING!

  46. Profile photo of bunting

    If Maria is smart, she will realize she has pushed her audience too far with one too many outrageous stories.  She has an opportunity to right the ship and do it quickly.

    This Sarah/Patty story is moving very fast and seems like it will be wrapped up in a couple weeks.  Kill off Sarah, Daisy and capture Patty.  Stacey Haiduk is terrific as Patty, but her story has gone on long enough and is making Jack look like an idiot.  If they want to keep Stacey as Emily fine, but develop her better because she was a crashing bore who was only a plot device to set up the inevitable Patty/Emily switch. 

    I like the actor who plays Ryder, but he is not needed on canvas and will remind people of Daisy, so have him sacrifice himself to save Jana and die in Kevin’s arm.  Then let Lauren kill Sarah in a kickass way to give Lauren her spunk back.  And no more Sheila or relative returns, ever!  Kill off Patty or send her away without the proverbial Paul visits of his Pattycakes.

    Finally, I know that Michael Muhney was a hit, but he should remain dead.  No shocking returns or ghostAdam’s tormenting the Newmans.  Wrap up the Adam murder by blaming it on Patty or some expendable character.  Then you have psycho free Genoa City.

    Focus on character driven storylines by showing some of these victims dealing with the aftermath of all this nonsense and get back into the office for these people.

  47. Profile photo of Lasha

    [quote=Ryan-Scott]When we say we are going to tune out we mean it. Why don’t they believe us?
    I am soap fan. Hear me roar.
    I don’t know when I will watch OLTL again after the way Kish was written out.
    I don’t know if I will again.

    Exactly. I stopped watching OLTL the day Kyle Lewis (Brett Claywell) left. I have been a loyal OLTLer for nearly 30 years (excluding the three years I lived in Europe) and the Kish storyline had me on the edge of my seat. It was so well-written, acted and had the potential to go so much farther with Sierra Rose’s birth.

    ABC-D, Brian Frons and other executives who dumped Kish are now getting their just desserts in ratings after pissing off so many Kish fans. I wish I could foresee Brett and Scott coming back – even if ABC asked – but with TPTB trashing their reputations in the press, I don’t think they will as it looks like Brett has moved back to LA for work.

    ABC-Daytime totally dropped the ball on the Kish front. It is sad that I am now wishing OLTL gets cancelled, but they lost me as a fan forever when they got rid of Kyle and Fish.

  48. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    No, no, no, LOL. I don’t want EJ to DIE, I want her to gun him down, and go on trial for ATTEMPTED murder, but I want him to survive! I LOVE James Scott, and i love Ejami!

  49. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    OLTL is bad right now.  the s/ls suck and the diversity is gone so I am tuning out of OLTL, Y&R is crapstatic right now too, B&B is too predictable and GH is the Sonny hour.  AMC is good, but Days is still lagging and needs to pick it up.  Soaps needs to step it up or Jamey is right, it won’t be a soap to watch in around two years.

  50. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    TroyMclure I bashed AMC because I knew, from my sources, that Frons was committed to saving it, over OLTL, when OLTL was in better shape on all fronts. At the time I was bashing AMC (along with most of the free world) the show was unwatchable. I am equal opportunity. OLTL is barely watchable these days, and I am saying so. Y&R is terrible, so I am calling them on it. DAYS is my absolute fave show on the air, and I threatened to never watch again with they fired Deidre Hall (okay, so I guess that didn’t last long). My only agenda is good soap opera. I have no horses in this race If GH becames terrible in two months, I will be the first in line to call them on it. I try to keep it fairly consistent. The only thing I regret is gushing over writers when they are getting it right at any given time, because history has now proven, if they’re amazing in Sept of 08, they will suck Donkey Balls by Sept. of 2010. To be brass tacks, I think the remaining soaps should go to telenovela format, and write 13 week stories, then break for 13 weeks. I think they can’t sustain the 52 weeks a year model anymore, and I am tired of watching a soap be amazing for six months, then suck for six months. When True Blood ends a season, I am left on a high wanting more. I don’t know, I am rambling, but covering this industry has become exhausting, and I am not being dramatic, it really has.

  51. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    ITA, Jamey.  Lets be honest, people are not watching soaps around 52 weeks a year anymore.  There are cable, internet, and other sources toentertainment us and the writers get burnt out easily and I don’t want to watch six months of good soap and then another six months of bad soap, so I think that the format has to change if it wants to be around for a long time.  Primetime shows are getting the deal that they are going to cable and taking long breaks in the season to give us good drama.  I think that soaps have to think outside the box if they want to survive.

    PS, Jamey, a bottle of Jack Daniels will help calm the nerves.

  52. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    AMC has improved greatly over the last couple of months and OLTL IS unwatchable.  I enjoyed KISH but to be fair they werent the be all and end all for me, but whats left is amazingly dreadful.  I dont understand half the characters these days and every epi feels like plot point after plot point.  Why on earth is Todd all of a sudden threatening Marty – oh yeah, because they need him to be a suspect in the death of McBaby PLOT POINT.  What girl spills something on herself and then walks out of the bathroom with no shirt on – oh yeah,  they needed Todd to see that PLOT POINT.  The only part I have been even remotely interested in is the Marty/nat stuff because I love natalie.  I could be interested in Blair/Eli if they gave them a real story. There is NOTHING else I am enjoying right now.  And why oh why did they get rid of Schyler when the dynamic between Roxy and her new found son was electric.  The biggest loss might well have been Amanda who was a great character for stirring up shit every where she went. 

  53. Profile photo of Jagger1966

    The last day I watched OLTL was the day Kyle and Fish had their last scene together.  That just kills me because I have watched this show for 30 years.  But I am so angry at the show for their treatment of Brett, Scott, Scott Clifton and Daphnee Duplaix that I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever tune in again.  I’ve been angry at the show before, but this is different because of the lame excuses the show gave for the exits.  Sadly I don’t think ABC even cares the ratings are dropping now because I do believe they are looking for any excuse to cancel it.

  54. Profile photo of troymcclure

    EET, you summed up perfectly what’s wrong with OLTL.  It’s all so stupid.   I realize that watching soaps I have to sort of  forget about common sense and basic intelligence but OLTL takes it to an extreme.  It’s al plot points thrown in your face.  The word subtlety is completely lost on the OLTL writers.

    Jamey, I understand ragging on a soap when it sucks but I perosnally found the whole "let’s get rid of AMC to save OLTL campaign" gross since first of all, it’s not like OLTL was the beacon of greatness.  It isn’t just sucking now .it’s been months, and wishing the cancealltion on another soap is just wrong.  I loathe DOOL and B&B but that doesn’t mean i want them cancelled. 

    FYI, I’m not talking about you( jamey) but in general.

  55. Profile photo of Kishmet Lily
    Kishmet Lily

    I agree that OLTL went from amazingly good to amazingly bad in a short amount of time. A lot of that is due to bad writing but they also got rid of any character that had a spark of…well, character. First there’s Schuyler, an ex addict who suddenly became the spawn of Mitch and Roxy. The last scenes between Scott Clifton and Ilene Kristen in the police station were riveting. I would’ve loved to see them interact along with Rex dealing with the fact that Schuyler is Roxy’s son. Schuyler and Kyle never got along either and Kyle is Roxy’s BFF. Interesting stuff thrown down the drain. Why even go there if you were just going to ship Schuyler off to prison? What was the point? Instead we get to watch the atrocious acting of Rex and Gigi along with a boring storyline that nobody cares about.

    Then they get rid of Kyle and Oliver who, besides Starr and Cole, are the only romantic couple on OLTL. All the other good ones are torn apart, and the ones that are still together are BORING!! And again, why give them custody of Sierra Rose just to get rid of them. I would’ve loved seeing their storyline unfold of raising Sierra. What is Kyle’s role in Sierra’s life? Would Oliver’s parents come around now that they have a grandchild? Would they move in together? How would having the baby change their relationship? How would they juggle work and raising a baby? Instead, it’s here’s the baby now leave.

    Kim was another great character but Amanda left of her own free will so can’t blame OLTL for that one. Rachel was another character with potential. If Schuyler had stayed, I could’ve seen them getting together as a romantic couple.

    Where’s the romance? Where’s the diversity? Where’s the socially topical storylines? This is definitely not the soap opera that Agnes Nixon created way back when. Where are the Karen’s, the Marco’s, the Tina’s, the Megan’s, the Asa’s, the Joe’s. Where are the characters that were larger than life or could rip your heart out with one single tear? Where have they all gone? Roxy is the only "character" left, and the way things are going, her days are probably numbered.

  56. Profile photo of jpp1975

    Personally, I stopped watching OLTL when I learned Kish and Scott Clifton were leaving. They were the main things I watched for–I really wanted to see Kish raise Sierra Rose, and Schuyler and Rachel get together. No reason to watch if they’re just going to break your heart. As for Y&R–I feel so bad for Tracy Bregman and Christian LeBlanc, who somehow managed to be stellar in the midst of crap. RIDICULOUS crap at that.

  57. Profile photo of RebeccaJ

    I feel like they’re doing to Y&R what they did to GL: make the storylines so crappy people tune out and that gives them a "legit" reason to cancel the show.  Well, "legit" in their minds after they’ve manipulated the viewers.

  58. Profile photo of Richjr_40

    I love telenovelas! I’m fully in support of networks doing shows in this format but it must be done the traditional way. The show airs for,at least,6months. Have a beginning,middle & end. Then a new novela can take its place. There must also be one or two for younger viewers to air in the summer. Maybe one of the nets can start a soap acting school for newcomers,employing graduates to work on thier shows.(like the one Mexico’s Televisa has)

    Just a thought.

  59. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    I’m going to go ahead and say it.

    You Kish-fanatics are so hysterical about them leaving that you arbitrarily hate the show now.  It’s tiresome.  I’m already sick of hearing about it.  They are gone.  So are a lot of great characters in daytime. 

    If you’re done with OLTL, I hope we’re not going to have to endure a year of whining about it.  Stop watching?  Stop posting.  I’m sorry they’re gone, too, but I don’t think it’s doing any good to moan about how OLTL should now be cancelled because of it.  What good does it do to put a couple-hundred people out of work over two characters who were barely on the show for a year?

    Yeah, I said it!

  60. Profile photo of celticbelle

    Jamey..I totally agree with you about Kish and they were my reason for watching OLTL and i am not at all surprised by the drop in ratings since they left….Brett Claywell and Scott Evans were a joy to watch and the kyle and Oliver story was the most beautiful and romantic love story on daytime thanks to the amazing chemistry between these two talented actors who made it so easy to fall in love with kish….I tuned out after kyle’s last airdate on April 16th and it looks as though many others did to…maybe now ABC will acknowledge just how popular this wonderful couple was and how greatly loved they are by countless fans worldwide and bring them back again….if not they can count on this once long time loyal viewer joining the other kish fans in continuing to stay tuned out…..

  61. Profile photo of ex-atwtfan


    Why don’t you take your own advice? If you’re so sick of seeing Kish fans complain, here’s a novel idea, stop reading their comments and stop posting comments meant to put down other fans simply because you do not agree with their opinions on something. Just because you don’t agree with them doesn’t mean you are right and they are wrong or "hysterical" as you put it! Every fan is entitled to their own opinion no matter what it is and they don’t deserve to have their opinions constantly belittled by those who disagree with them! I’ve never understood fans who make it their mission to follow other fans on message boards just so they can condescend to them and tell them their opinions are wrong all of the time! I think by now all the Kish fans know how you feel about their opinions about kish leaving and their decision to stop watching OLTL. Good for you, you don’t approve! Who gives a crap what you decree is right or wrong? They aren’t wrong for not watching OLTL anymore and they can bitch about kish leaving for the next 10 years if they want to like every other soap fan who bitches for years on end about their favorites who got fired! Seriously, why do you care? Why do you feel the need to respond to and chastise Kish fans everytime they speak out? They can be upset all they want, speak out all they want, and turn off OLTL all they want, whether you approve of it or not! Your holier than thou comments towards Kish fans are what I’m sick and tired of seeing over and over again so why don’t you stop moaning about their moaning all the time!


  62. Profile photo of Jack661

    lilyredd (who posted a comment on the first page) hit the nail on the head perfectly.  I’ve been watching OLTL since my early teens in 1981.  As a teen, I loved the adult storylines and OLTL had such a maturity about its writing and characters.  It was very character-driven and there were layers to relationships between the characters.  Herb and Dorian were such a smartly-written couple…. I’ve longed for even just a temporary return of Tony Call to see Dorian and Herb onscreen again together.    Even when the show went out of a limb with some "out there" plots, like Ivan Kipling putting the implant device in Larry’s brain in 1982, we went right along with it because it was not written in a gimmicky way… it was very character-driven with many facets written in, such as an unknowing 15-year-old Cassie developing a friendship with Ivan … and Larry acting in carefree ways we’d never seen before by dumping Mimi and confusing ex-wife Karen by actively trying to win her back.  (One of these days, I’ll post some of these scenes which I have from 1982!).  OLTL has had many ups and downs over the years as all soaps have…. even during the wonderful Paul Rauch years, there were lots of dud storylines (oh god, remember the 1985 Venice story or Badderly in 1990!). 
    As for Ron Carlivatti, I know the online blog community has gushed about him as the second coming.  And I must admit to having bought into the hype.  But in 2008 something just didn’t feel right with his writing around the start of the silly 1968 story…. it was the start of what I refer to as his often gimmicky writing style.  As a longtime viewer he trashed established Buchanan history for what ….. this 1968 gimmick.  (For instance, Olympia was never there in the 1960’s…. Asa told everyone she was dead when Bo was 5 years old in 1956; Olympia was banished to Europe until she surfaced in 1980; plus Clint was never there during that time… it was well-established that Clint left home at 16 shortly after his mother "died" and would have been living in Arizona all during the 1960’s… So having Maria and Clint there for this storyline was a debacle.)   Time and time again he uses these story gimmicks which ruin history for no real purpose except the gimmick:  for example, "Oh the actress we have playing nurse Janet…. she used to play Lee Halpern in the late 80’s…   so wouldn’t it be fun to have her turn out to be Lee Halpern?"   Okay, this is an example of what’s wrong with his writing:  1) Newer viewers have no idea who the hell Lee Halpern is or was, so having her be Lee means nothing to them unless you are prepared to delve into the story; 2) longtime viewers will take it as a slap in the face because we saw Lee die and RC has not even thought that if he’s going to go down that road to explain it or address anything about her daughter.  So it’s just opening a can of worms…. so why even do it…. just leave her as nurse Janet (new fans won’t know the difference and older fans won’t get pissed that you’ve so brazenly rewritten the show’s history).  Just look at the Mitch return …. so many unanswered questions and twisted plot points that RC chose not to even address.  Even though RC wasn’t actually headwriting the show during 2002-03, what ticked off so many of us by having Mitch be Jessica’s father is the writers just ignored the fact that Mitch was in prison for Harry’s murder during that whole period where Viki got pregant (why not at least get creative and say that while in prison Mitch had one of his followers drug Viki and artificially inseminate her… sure, it’s far-fetched but at least they’d try to make it fit into history.)  Flash forward to today with this whole Rex paternity crap, with the Allison/Roxy flashbacks, they have now muddled Mitch’s history yet again unless Rex is now older than Jess and Natalie since now they are writing it that Mitch was in Statesville when Rex was born!! Huh?!!  Mitch was "murdered" by Dorian before Viki gave birth to Jess, so therefore he was never in jail anytime after that.  I’ll cringe if they somehow try to twist it to make Bo the father of Rex by yet another rewrite of history.  The characters are being so compromised and history of the characters becomes so muddled and rewritten just to fit a current plot point.  If RC wants to rewrite history, he can start by undoing that 2003 "Victor Lord is alive" mess that turned out just to be a quick story stunt….  what a Jump the Shark moment that was.
    RC has written some good stories, such as Paris, Texas, but the show is just so much off the track in some ways…. his writing seems so "all over the place" sometimes.  I really do want the show to succeed and to written in a smart way again.

  63. Profile photo of Islandof1

    IMO tptb are going to give us more Todd the victim storylines to forget about KISH. 

    OLTL has become so predictable that you you do not need Spoilers to know what is coming. Toddler gets blamed for something and then it always turns out to be a dayplayer that did it. Or in the case of Powell showcasing the bad rapist framing Saint Todd: to redeem him for his Raperomance with Marty.

    After the 1000th time: Been there. Done that! Wonder what else is on? Switch the channel.

  64. Profile photo of dmtennis1

     It wasn’t "Fish" & "Kyle"’s story that’s bringing this soap down.  It’s probably the fact that they can’t give "Jessica" a story line that doesn’t show what a loon she is (this one being the worst possible storyline), or the revision of the "Marty/Todd/Cole" fiasco again, and again, and again.  Enough already with them.  "Todd" can cause enough havoc without going down that road, or the fact that "John" has better parts when he’s showing you that pinched face he has, and not talking.  And a high school play, a musical, nonetheless, of "Starr" and "Cole’s" history?  Are you kidding me?  No self-respecting high school would do that.  I liked the show, but it’s getting almost unwatchable for even me.  Make use of the "Gigi" & "Rex" looking for his parents (and finding the real ones this time), and Roxy coming to terms with "Rex" not being her son, "Vicky’s" storyline with "Charlie" and "Dorian", "Kelly" vs. "Blair", that was always a hoot.  Get with it.  Bring "Fish" and "Kyle" back.  Those could be stories.  A 30 year old, thinking she’s a teenager and going back to high school is ridiculous.

  65. Profile photo of Toscanti

    Im so Done with OLTL. They honestly could cancel the show and I would be none the wiser.  Will never tune in again. With KISH gone I have no reason to watch.  In regard to Y&R, I look forward to Eden making the character of Heather her own.  She is an amazing actress with a wide range. As for the rest of the nonsense I could take it or leave it.  Will be nice to see the Foster family return with David Hasselhoff as Jii’s brother Snapper.  MAB really needs to get a powerhouse actress to take over the role of Victoria, such a great character being wasted by AH. Billy Miller is excellent and should be playing opposite an excellent actress. The Sara/Patty thing soon will end and I can tune back in with my full attention. Hope Ryder is redeemed and becomes a good brother to Kevin.

  66. Profile photo of Chilly Fan 25
    Chilly Fan 25

    Hopefully MAB and her lackeys will see how much they have DESTROYED Y&R.  I haven’t been able to watch for a long time, there isn’t a single storyline I am even remotely interested in.  The storylines are no longer character-driven they are plot-driven and contrived crap. 

    I was somewhat interested in the Lauren storyline, even with Yvonne Zima’s awful excuse for acting, until the stupid doppelganger "twist".   And if it isn’t the stupid Mama Bear story it is crazy catwoman Patty.

  67. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    No one— least of all me— is saying Kish was the end all/tell all of OLTL, what we are saying is they were an extremely popular couple with more than a niche audience of gay men. Tons of straight women 18-49 (the audience daytime claims to be so desperate for) love this couple, yet not only did ABC decide to get rid of them—which is their right—but Frank Valentini had the audacity to give an interview blaming them for the ratings slide. I’m sorry, but the outrage from Kish fans is more than on point.

    If AMC decided to write out Jesse and Angie, or Epiphany I guarantee you they would have the good sense to say, "It’s storyline dicated" or "we had to trim the cast" or something like that, even if the real issue was disgusting bigot’s from Buttfudge, Nowheresville writing in saying they hate blacks (which is essentially what they did about Kish, only it was "we don’t want to see these gays").

    ABC would NEVER, EVER be so politically incorrect as to cry "black overkill") and the fact that they would do so with Kish makes them blatantly homophobic. I don’t care about Billy Douglas or Bianca’s coming out or any of that. Pointing out all their gay strides in the past, post writing off Kish due to "gay overkill" is like when the Mayor’s wife in The Color Purple starts spouting off, "Haven’t I been good to you people?" 

    ABC Daytime is ran by a pack of de-evolved cowards, and if they refuse to honor the very spirit of storytelling about diverse people that Agnes Nixon created her soaps to explore, then they don’t deserve our blind loyalty anymore, or in my case, my eyeballs. I’m not the demo they are looking for anyway, so why should it matter to them what I think?

    Kish wasn’t the only mandate. Rachel’s gone, and from what I hear, so will Tea be very soon (there, I said it). It’s a black, brown and gay-out, because they want to prove something to "Middle America", so I wish them well. Not saying I want the show cancelled, but I am saying, at this point, with them not wanting to tell stories about anyone who looks, feels or makes love differently than "Middle America", I could care less.

  68. Profile photo of Llanview76

    *Kish fans are ticked off, but it isn’t only Kish. It’s Teen Messica and Cristian wrecking the steamy momentum of Cris and Layla. It’s the popular Brody and Jess pairing being fucked over for a redux. It’s "Who is Rex’s Father, NOW?" It’s Rex not being Roxy’s kid. It’s Rachel being shipped off with no proper exit. It’s Bo being shot for no good reason to make us feel something for Rex and Gigi again, which we don’t. It’s as if someone ripped the spirit of Ron Carlivati’s writing right out of this show, crumpled it up, and threw it in the garbage. Then Frank and Ron took a turn.*

      Thank you for pointing all of this out! I was really opptimistic about the "Teen Jess" storyline because I thought it might be done in the style of the Drew Barrymore  movie "Never Been Kissed". I thought it would be sweet and surreal like some of the past storylines on ONE LIFE, like Clint falling for Viki’s ancestor doppleganger during the 1988/1888 time travelling storyline, but no. This has been 3/4ths camp and 1/4th sincerity. Even the supporting cast and the secondary cast involved with it either don’t know how to respond to Jessica’s problem or make fun of her. The whole thing has made me lament episode upon episode…"wasn’t it so much nicer when it was Cris and Layla and Brody and Jessica, what happened to the joy of watching these people falling in love?"
      As for Rex’s parternity…I got three words. Who…really…cares? At this point the character of Rex, along with that of the character of Gigi, they both have begun to suck. I use to like them both. Rex use to be tolerable, he  was sort of becoming a modern day Gerald Anthony (ex-Marco Dane), using his good looks, charm and sense of humor to play a bit of an anti-hero. Now the actor is  hogging moments in front of the camera to mug and lessen scenes with comedic choices that apparently the directors on the show don’t call him on. And Gigi…she use to be so likeable, an "every girl", I really pulled for her to be with Rex over Adrianna and now when she and Rex are together, she is such a harpy. They’re just not interesting as a couple at the moment.
      And for the way they dismissed Rachel, that was disgusting. Daphnee Duplaix scenes were ones I watched because A.) She’s talented, therefore making her likeable and the best Rachel Gannon the show ever had; and B.) she was BEAUTIFUL!  But just off the cuff she leaves Schuyler in the midst of everything, "Oh I am going to Chicago to visit an ex-boyfriend". I was like wait a minute…that’s it? Whose the boyfriend, Ben Price? It made it clear to me if this was the standard that Kimberly, Fish, Kyle and Schuyler were going to exit under, then I as a fan need to hang on for dear life.
      Lastly my favorite actor in all of daytime is Ilene Kristen. What are they going to do with Roxy now? She has no kids…she just has a hotel…will the writers utilize her in the way that ALL MY CHILDREN did for decades with the character of Myrtle Fargate?
      This is a terrible time for me and I am sure other ONE LIFE fans. I can still stomach the show, but I don’t know for how long, as it seems ABC is trying to sabatoge it into cancellation in turn justifying their moving ALL MY CHILDREN to California. ONE LIFE had diverse storylines cooking on every burner, skillfully rotating the pots, though they needed to give Erika Slezak a story, then came the big upset…Now I feel the ingrediants for a perfect meal were ruined, and Frons is the probably choice as the cook who came into the kitchen uninvited.


  69. Profile photo of east.west

    There is to be a lesson to be learned from all of this. I could go on and on about what it is, but it is not like it would matter. OLTL lost a considerable amount of viewers that they will never get back, unless those boys come back for a two day wrap up (which I am sure they would do for their fans).

  70. Profile photo of Llanview76

    Okay wait…one day I hear Téa is leaving, the next time I read in ABC Soaps in Depth magazine, she is not…I would hate for them to write her out. ¡Me encanta Florenzia Lozano!

  71. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    RE: Kish
    Exactly the ones that bitched/moaned and ranted/raved
    I  wonder how many of them actually watched the show or just checked in to pick up a pitch fork…OLTL I bailed out of years ago I just couldn’t take it however I am watching the Kish story starting from when Oliver first came on…on uTube…I refuse to watch this show…

    Anytime a show "mocks and have a vendetta against loyal viewiers and it shows up in venues where I can know about their favoritism"

    I have no use for I only deal with good writing  "wherever I can find it"
    I search high and low for good storytelling.  I have no time for BS.
    DayTime, PrimeTime or otherwise.

    OLTL started tanking years ago KISH is just a long line of their screw ups and sealed the deal for this week…it began also with their obsession with John McPain

    Me and  my REG Evangeline/Timothy’s RJ fanbase  parted ways years.  We thought we were going to get them in a love story but true to form they didn’t want them to outshine their pets so they plopped Evangeline in interracial pairings that they knew damn well they had no intentions to go the distance

    …I’m not saying she (or the Gannons) were  the sole reason for the drop but when they dismantled the Gannons, wrote RJ as a stalker I was pretty much done. OLTL African American viewers for the most part started hitting the bricks. Again, African Americans were fiercely loyal viewers and they have lost this audience (for the "most" part they too play a part in lost viewers "across the board" IMO.  They as much said screw you go to BET and we did.  I am speaking for "me" this is "MY" opinion as an one who use to be a very loyal viewer.  It could be the best show out here I don’t know because I don’t watch it.

    Well Y/R I don’t know what to say.   I agree with the response about Daisy and Mama Bear..I wub me some Tracey B. (Lauren) so I’m trying to hang so she can get some air but its a rough ride.  I’m just trying to focus on the acting right now.

    There are a few things I like about the show…

  72. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    Yeah seems like they don’t care about the ratings either I know I don’t its just a point of discussion for me that’s all. I like what I like that’s it.

    Heck I  think I’m the only Daytime Confidential fan that likes Clementine Ford so?

  73. Profile photo of sandylporter

    Loved your comments again Jamey (#75).  Totally on point.  That is EXACTLY why so many of us are upset by removing Kish from OLTL. 

    It’s also the reason why I have decided to be more vocal in my opinions about the firing and the current state of OLTL.  What they have done is inexcuseable. 

    I hope they finally are getting the message.  It’s really hard to tell. 

  74. Profile photo of blake3b

    LOVE that OLTL and Y&R dropped in the ratings, because they deserve to!
    Kish was one of the only reasons to watch OLTL, and Y&R has the stupid Sarah storyline going.
    I don’t know why Days would be losing viewers, it’s the most entertaining soap on now.
    Too bad ATWT is the lowest rated show, it would be nice to see ATWT below it for at least once before it’s off the air.
    Hopefully the ratings continue to stay low while the silly stories are on the soaps. At least for proof that they don’t work!

  75. Profile photo of inspiron

    I have watched OLTL for decades and the ratings drop has to do with bad storytelling and a focus on bad actors. That is why I stopped watching. It has never been this bad. It needs a major overhaul.

  76. Profile photo of mike4atwt

    It isn’t surprising to hear that OLTL’s ratings have hit an all time low.  I’ve watched the show off and on (mostly on) since 1968.  I was a kid and it was my mom’s favorite soap.  But I found the show’s treatment of the KISH storyline — and the actors who play them in particular — to be too offensive to continue with the show. 

    The actors were treated shabbily and the story appeared to be edited abruptly to come to a quick end.   IMHO, it was the most progressive and refreshing storyline on the show.  It was new.  Not something reworked and rehashed a dozen times before.  And…the writing was surprisingly good.  The actors were good.  The potential was there and wide open for new and innovative stories.  TPTB threw that all away in one fell swoop…  I’d LOVE to see the trials and tribulations of Kyle and Fish as they as they learn to parent Sierra Rose!

    The KISH story was what I most looked forward to the last several months.  I guess not enough bigots tuned back in to offset the Kyle/Oliver fans who left.  ABC really dropped the ball on this one…  Once can only hope they’ll learn how to ACCURATELY gage what isn’t working and why before it’s too late.  But unless they bring back Kyle and Fish, this long time viewer is gone for good.

  77. Profile photo of Priscillaj

    I stopped watching OLTL after Kish’s last day. The way that OLTL/ABC pandered to bigotry is repugnant to me, and ABC daytime has lost me as a viewer.  For some unfathomable reason, OLTL seems bent on propping its worse actors after firing some of its best. Hopefully, OLTL/ABC  will see the light and bring Kish back, so we can see Oliver and Kyle raise Sierra Rose.

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