Y&R Caption This: Blessed are the Doppelgangers

Blessed are the doppelgangers for they shall inherit Genoa City. Take your best Caption This shot at this scene of Emily (Stacy Haiduk) praying during Friday’s The Young and the Restless.

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     I cannot help but feel sorry for Stacy Haiduk- such a promising start last year and then to end up saddled with this ridiculous storyline.  Not that she is not acting up a storm, but for what?  She is probably praying in this picture for a new writing team to come in and rescue the show.

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    I think this is Stacy Haiduk praying—–

    "Please, CBS Daytime, don’t fire Maria and Hogan yet. Those dual paychecks are really coming in handy, and any other writers are almost CERTAIN to realize how stupid my storylines are and get rid of BOTH of my characters. It’s not easy being an umemployed actress in Hollywood. Please don’t fire Maria and Hogan!!!"

    Another note:

    If Emily is TRULY desperate to escape, why doesn’t she just knock Patty out, change clothes with her and go RECLAIM her life??? It would be relatively easy!!Another example of why this story doesn’t make sense!!

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    Emily`s praying to going back to playing Hannah N back from the dead over she `s praying because Y andR`s plot drinen storylines is like being in a Lifetime movie of the week..

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    Dear Lord,
          Please let Guza send over Jason Morgan for guest stint so that he can take out Yvonne Zima (Daisy) and Clementine Ford (Mac) and free Melodie and Jillian from their misery.

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