ABC Reassures OLTL Fans Worried About Cancellation

ABC Daytime PR chief Jori Petersen is reassurring One Life to Live fans that their show isn’t in danger of cancellation because of news that ABC is developing a talk show for former Beverly Hills 90210 actress and reality star Tori Spelling. In a statement to TV Guide Magazine she responded to the cancellation concerns and addressed the rumors surrounding Ron Carlivati’s status as head writer, now that Jean Passanante has joined the OLTL writing team.

On cancellation concerns,

"We want OLTL to succeed and are doing everything we can to facilitate that,” says Petersen. “We want the show to be fantastic and robust. There are no plans for cancellation."

On Ron Carlivati’s status,

“Jean was brought in to help Ron at Ron’s request,” clarifies the rep. “There are plans to take the show in a new and different direction, and we have absolute confidence that Ron will make that happen. The network in firmly behind him.”

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  1. Profile photo of TmontyB

    Contrary to a lot of posters conspiracy theories and negativy, it’s pretty apparent that ABC wants the show to succeed. They don’t need Tori or any other talk show host, they could just out and out cancel it. They own it. What’s to stop them?

    I like a lot of people are upset about the way KISH was handled, but lets be realistic, they weren’t the end all be all of OLTL.

    I’m not giving up on this show that I’ve watched for 37 years, I just want them to get back to basics and tell good stories.

  2. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Supporting a show even while it’s HORRIBLE??? I wish that CBS had been as supportive and understanding of GL. Maybe it would still be on the air!! There’s no question that ABC Daytime is the more nuturing network, but if OLTL can’t get it’s act together, hire some GOOD writers, and start telling intriguing stories that will make people actually WANT to watch again, I won’t feel one ounce of sympathy when/if the cancellation bug does bite!!!

    I TRIED to watch this show, but after watching "Teen Jessica" and Marty take that lame fall down the staircase, good sense prevailed and I switched back over to ATWT!!! The audience is willing to give shows a chance, but when you burn us too many times, we become jaded and stop caring!!

  3. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    The "new  and different direction" line frightens me.  Am I the only one?

    I hope OLTL finds its sea legs again.  I like that they signed Tuc Watkins to contract.  I am not sure I like the idea of  Zach from AMC coming on to eat the show.  I am not sure if he can even find scraps to eat after Todd and McPain are through.  Why can’t these people just get back to basics and write good stories and use the entire cast?  Do we need a new direction?

  4. Profile photo of miamibeachguy

    I love the "new direction" part.  Perhaps they are referring to their "mainstream" viewers which they apparently hold so near and dear to their heart.  It’s so reassuring to know they are committed to the show now that it is a train wreck which is literally painful to watch.

  5. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    If the show gets pick up, which timeslot will it be?  On 4pm, after Oprah leaves or what?  I don’t buy it.  But I don’t think they will cancel the shows, yet anyway, but I wouldn’t be surprise if they do.

  6. Profile photo of blake3b

     Didn’t they say the same thing about GL before it was cancelled??? Hell, they gave fans hope days before it was announced it was cancelled. But GL and ATWT were owned by P&G, so who knows? But with the way the ratings keep dropping and the fact that talk shows and game shows are wayyyy cheaper to produce than soaps none of the bottom soaps are safe I don’t think.
     And just because Tuc Watkins came back on contract, which is great, but remember Grant Aleksander came back as Phillip on GL a few months before the plug was pulled.

  7. Profile photo of No Daisy
    No Daisy

    I can’t tell you how much better I feel about the future of OLTL now that ABC has said they have no plans to cancel the show.  whatever
    OLTL has sure taken its licks lately.  Its rough and choppy to watch with  the way they abruptly ended half of their stories.  But I’m still watching, I want to give them a chance to fix this once great show.
    I do think RC is a great writer, I just think he is no longer allowed to write excellent programming.  ABC’s agenda is shinning through that’s for sure, I don’t think he’ll be around too much longer, sad to say.

  8. Profile photo of Nat Guy
    Nat Guy

    I don’t think ABC wants OLTL to fail, but if they’re forced to choose they won’t cancel AMC or GH first.  You can tell they value them more.  I agree with TmontyB that I just want good stories again.  Even though I’m enjoying certain things right now the show could be better.  This "new direction" could be a good thing or epically bad.  We’ll see.  I do hope Ron keeps his job and that Jean really is just there to help him. 

  9. Profile photo of Silver44

    I take what they say with a grain of salt.

    There are too many stories coming out about potential talk/news shows. They have to fit somewhere and there is only one(at the present time) slot opening next year and I seriously can’t see Tori Spelling taking over Oprah’s coveted time slot.

  10. Profile photo of Jardo

    I don’t believe a word that comes from OLTL or ABC Daytime at all anymore.   They have recently fired four quality actors/actresses and left the crap on the show.  They do not care about their employees (actors) or how they are treated, nor do they care about their viewers.  That is obvious from the Kish fiasco where OLTL and ABC Daytime gave viewers every excuse they could think of for doing away with these characters, no matter what the cost (to the actors or viewers).   As a "mainstream" viewer, I did NOT appreciate being used as one of Mr. Valentini’s EXCUSES to kill the Kish storyline.   It was one of the best storylines to come along in many, many years on ANY soap.  And, I think the viewers and "mainstream America" have made the show very aware of how they feel about Kish, yet they have done NOTHING to bring them back and likely won’t.  Sorry Mr. Valentini, but you really EFFED UP!

    So, to OLTL, I say GOOD LUCK.   You are going to need it.   I am a lifetime viewer of OLTL and quit watching when Kish left.  I will not be back unless they come back.  Plain and simple!   I don’t give a rat’s patootie who in the hell Rex’s parents are.   As far as I am concerned, he came about via Emmaculate Conception!  I have always thought of Rex as a complete DOLT, but he is even worse with Gigi.  The two of them are KILLING OLTL.   I can tolerate most of the others on the show (even ones I don’t care for), but I cannot tolerate RIGI or anything about them.  I feel like four quality characters were "let go" so OLTL could make RIGI their supercouple.   That, in itself, is quite a joke.   There is nothing SUPER about them and never will be.   Frankly, THEY SUCK, always have, and always will.  

    Until OLTL and ABC Daytime listen to their viewers, it will never get better.  The last thing I ever wanted to do was quit watching OLTL, but OLTL gave me no choice.   I could no longer support a show or a network that supported bigotry and racism (and by its own admission, no less)!

    OLTL didn’t just slap the gay community in the face with their last stunt, they slapped "MAINSTREAM" America (a much, much larger audience) in the face by blaming them for OLTL’s own narrow mindedness.

    What I did learn from the Kish firing is what quality actors and young men Scott Evans and Brett Claywell are.  As badly as they were treated, they have NEVER said anything negative about the show or their experience doing the storyline other than how positive and rewarding their experience was.  That’s what I call "CLASS".   Mr. Valentini could certainly take a few lessons from both of them.   As embarrassing as it had to have been for Mr. Evans and Mr. Claywell to be fired, and especially in the manner in which they were fired without any notice or consideration, they have been nothing but professional regarding the whole situation.   I certainly cannot say the same about Mr. Valentini, Mr. Frons and any of the other ABC executives.   And that is why I no longer watch OLTL nor any other shows affiliated with the ABC network, in general, whether they be daytime or prime time.

    ABC can come out with every statement in the world to "reassure" viewers, but you will excuse me if I don’t believe anything that comes from that network or anyone affiliated with it.   They have already proven they will say ANYTHING to save their own asses.

  11. Profile photo of SlutOfSpringfield13

    Hopefully the new and different direction they speak of will be one where they rely on thoughtful, insightful, character-driven stories that come from the vast and rich history of the past 42 years of OLTL.  I’m crossing my fingers that JP can work well with RC, but if either Christopher Goutman or Ellen Wheeler come knocking — DON’T ANSWER THE DOOR!!!!!

  12. Profile photo of liason4real

    Too bad RC did not ask for Claire Labine…

    Blair keeps mentioning the baby that she lost with Patrick…if the actor TK is returning to the show then I see why OLTL had to axe several actors since the guy is a pet of Frons…..this is just a guess….

  13. Profile photo of md1347

    It’s canceled for me after they took off Kish. They have some great actors on OLTL but the writing just plain sucks balls and those actors are left bored and uninterested in what they are reading and it shows on the TV screen.

  14. Profile photo of katdvs

    I find it far more reassuring then if it had come from Frons. I do however think that a lot of the recent cast cuts are to bring TK back, which is not going to save OLTL.

  15. Profile photo of sarahblissmsw

    One Life to Live definitely does protest too much. No matter what their intention is, it isn’t going to matter if viewers keep tuning out.  Some people keep saying that the KISH fans should just get over it.  That’s not going to happen, any time soon.  OLTL in a matter of a month got rid of almost all of its diversity, storylines that viewers were invested in (Sky, KISH, Kim, Rachel).  This is about way more than KISH.  It is about the fear that OLTL has shown.  If the show wants to get back to basics and tell good storyline, that’s great.  However, I don’t see how OLTL can get back to basics without diversity.  After all, OLTL has prided itself on diversity since the beginning.  They’ve blamed the gays for their falling ratings and said they are going to concentrate on storylines that the audience wants (that is a slap in the face to a fanbase and diversity).  How they ever thought to say those things and let them be put in print I don’t know (not a way to inspire loyalty).  I too have watched this show for many many years, tuning out of this show wasn’t easy (I do have to admit that I cheated last week and tuned in to see what was going on).  Not one storyline I saw resonated with me, I cannot pick out a favorite moment or a character I felt connected to.  I’m going to stick to my guns and continue to tune out until this show brings back its diversity.  They can protest all they want, but when push comes to shove, it is ratings that will dictate this show’s future.  I still care about OLTL and its characters, but cannot support a show that has said that a huge segment of their viewing population (gay viewers) do not matter.  I am a mainstreamer, but I don’t want to be a part of the mainstream audience that OLTL wants (the mainstream audience that wants to see rapists continue to bully their victims, fathers try to rape their daughters, cult leaders who terrorize all the towns citizens, stories that have been done to death and stories in poor taste (rex and his father, natalie/john/marty, this poor storyline with kelly and her mother’s murder, Langston as a homewrecker and manwhore Ford).)  This is not good soap.  Enough said.

  16. Profile photo of wjhboy73

    Tell me lies, Tell me sweet little lies… So glad I tuned out when KISH left.    Still not enough Viki and Dorian….crappy Messica   and  Gigi and Rex   Blechhh

  17. Profile photo of bottomchef

    TVGC reported on this also. Leave it to Nelson Branco to be his schizophrenic self as usual.

    He’ll bash Passanante while her material for OLTL has not aired, bec she could potentially replace Carlivati. Yet it was Carlivati’s messy writing w/c caused the kish axings and puts OLTL consistently at last place. But he won’t critique Carlivati bec he’s Daytime’s only openly gay headwriter.

    Yet in his same soapgeist report, he’ll say “OLTL” needs to pay attention to eden reigel’s NOH8 image. So he’s implying again that OLTL is homophobic for axing kish, yet he won’t go after who axed kish actors, Frank valentini! Bec Frank Valentini is rumored to be gay.

    Once again, Branco drapes himself in a rainbow flag when it serves his agenda. The Perez Hilton of Daytime, thy name is Nelson branco. Carlivati needs all the help he can get if he actually thinks Farah Fath and lavosier are “good actors”. LOL!

    BTW great picture of Tori Spelling! It portrays her as the bimbo that she is!

  18. Profile photo of dkp

     I don’t believe anything ABC says. If they want to show to succeed, they are certainly making the wrong decisions to do that, cause a lot of the things they’ve did make no sense. Why hire Jean P when’s she’s already been at the helm twice of two soaps that died. 

    "New and different direction"? She forget to say new and different direction that excludes gays and minorities and is actually a rehash of all old ideas from the 90s. Not a direction I’m interested in. 

  19. Profile photo of ltk

    I fear their "new direction" is to turn the clock back to some whitewashed vision of what they think "mainstream" America wants.  Of course, this ignores the fact that their viewers have become more diversified and want to see that reflected on their soaps.  

    They lost me as a viewer when they dumped Kish. But I may have stuck around if they wrote strong women with careers or some direction in life.  Instead, the women are portrayed as mindless hormone driven objects.

  20. Profile photo of ROFO

    Instead of taking the show in a "new and different direction," this show needs to get back to it roots!   I have watched the show since day one back on July 15 of 1968.  Those early years were terrific stories about families experiencing both joy and tragedy.  It was compelling TV watching without any gimmicks.  Agnes
    Nixon had a vision for this show and we watched them unfold in those early
    years.  Those were the days, my friends…

  21. Profile photo of ABCJunky73

    I have been a fan of OLTL my whole life, I have stuck by OLTL threw the great storylines (Karen Wolek taking the stand, the adventures of Tina & Cord, Marty’s gang rape, Vicki’s multiple alters, OLTL 40th anniversary special) and the most dumb founded storylines (Eterna, The Santi’s, Mitch raping Vicki and making Jessica his daughter not Clint’s, Jessica thinking she’s 17 again), but lately I have lost faith in OLTL.

     They took away two of the best characters to come on the show (Kish) in a very long time, got rid of a few more people and half their storylines I FF thou. If getting Jean P to help RC with this mess will help, they have to prove it! Listening to "focus groups" really won’t help the cause either. What they need to do is get the former writing greats (Claire Labine, The great Agnes Nixon) to come in and re-teach RC how to write for OLTL! They need to retool some storylines and LISTEN to the viewers that they have left, not focus groups. I don’t recognize OLTL that much anymore and the only way I’ll watch it fully again is if the show starts making sense again! 

  22. Profile photo of appleridge

    I wonder If Ron has wanted Claire back and she would not do it or ABC wouldnt allow it

    In her newsletter ES said she likes Jean P and I trust her. She hated Higley so Im gonna give this a chance but It has me wondering


  23. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    I believe nothing from these people.
    This coming from people saying the story of Kish was done.
    Excuse me, it was just STARTING.

    As a gay man, I find that offensive and disgusting.

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