ATWT’s Reid Won’t Kiss Luke Unless He Wants Him To

Last week Reid (Eric Sheffer Stevens) took Luke (Van Hansis) by surprise when he kissed him. This week he tells Luke it won’t happen again, unless Luke wants it. What is poor Luke to do? Watch this week’s As the World Turns promo after the jump.

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    I’m a Carjacker for life, but Luke and Reid are the only two characters that I look forward to these days. When they are not on, my finger never seems to get off the FF button.

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    I am so glad they have someone interested in Luke for a change.  Since Noah hit the canvas, everyone has been after him and Luke was the ugly duckling no one wanted.  Noah has treated him like crap.  Hopefully Luke will forget about Noah and get in a relationship with Reid.  Reid shows his softer side with Luke.  I’m married to a man like that…..ass on the outside, cupcake on the inside.  It is so worth the effort!

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