DVR ALERT: Victoria Rowell on The Wendy Williams Show May 6

DVR alert! Former The Young and the Restless star and Secrets of a Soap Opera Diva author Victoria Rowell will be appearing on The Wendy Williams Show May 6, according to Rowell on Twitter.

For more on Secrets of a Soap Opera Diva visit the website.


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    Yeah, Vicki is a walking comedy tour. Full of witty one-liners delivered with that trademark sassiness that makes her so damned lovable!!!! Can’t wait to see it!! This woman is the QUEEN of self-promotion!!! I definitely smell another best seller!! Got my copy pre-ordered!!!

  2. Profile photo of Dax

    I remember when Wendy called Vicki a dumb slut because Vicki, supposedly, cheated on Pharrell Williams.

    I love both women. This will be fun!

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