Could Genie Francis be Spending Her Summer in Port Charles?

General Hospital head writer Bob Guza is at it again. The scribe is talking about the possible return of fan favorite Genie Francis (Laura Spencer). According to published reports, Guza feels the groundwork has been set for Francis to return this summer if ABC and the actress can strike a deal. He also reveals that currently negotiations are not in progress.

Personally, the minute Jonathan Jackson returned as Lucky, I felt TPTB should have been working diligently on bringing Laura back to the canvas. Now that Lucky and his brother Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) are involved in a triangle with a pregnant Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst), these boys need their mother. Sorry Luke (Anthony Geary), your newfound interest in your kid’s lives is just not working for me.

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    No Daisy

    I’d love to see this happen.  Have both Laura and Brenda come back.  They can resurect Deception and actually have jobs and try to get their lives back on track.  Oh wait that would be like empowering women, I forgot for a moment that Guza was helming this fat mess of a show.

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    Regan Cellura

    IF both or one of these ladies return, I would ASSUME it would be a short term thing. That’s my guess but in Marcil’s case especially, I don’t see her signing a long contract. Now, I hope I’m wrong. As for Genie, I could see them getting her for something longer if they can work out a deal. However, both reports seem to imply something more short term.

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    Classic Guza move. I’d love for it to happen, but after years of "hinting" from ABC execs, only for Genie to reveal she was never contacted in the first place?  I’m skeptical.

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    Why do Guza and Phelps keep getting the audience’s hopes up with reports of "talks" and "possible negotiations" with popular actresses, only to have the deals fall through, or have the actor return to a disappointing story??? Not all publicity is good publicity, and sometimes rumors HURT a show more than they HELP it!!!

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    Genie needs to come back badly.

    Her kids and Liz need her.

    I just don’t want to endure Tracy getting jealous for the 100000000th time over a woman and Luke.  If they do bring Laura back, they better bring a man for her during her time in PC.

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    This is typical Guza horseshit. How could Genie be on this summer? You know they are taping through June now, writing is probably through the summer. So at best, if they called Genie tomorrow and they instantly agreed, it would be like Franco all over again where the brakes are thrown on all aspects of the show. So the earliest she could probably be on is July WITH major storyline carnage. A more realistic scenario would be several weeks of negotiations and then a logical point in the writing for her to enter, so more like late August  or September. But, you know, no actual talking has been going on, so it’s all BS

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    I don’t care much whether Brenda comes back but Laura returning is exactly what this show needs!  Genie Francis is a fabulous actress and her return can only help the show regain its focus!

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    If bringing back Vanessa keeps Caryl and Sonny from reuniting I’d favor Vanessa over Genie .. but in terms of history and good story (wait who am I kidding its still Guza) then it has to be Genie!

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    I think they should bring Laura back for LUKE’S FUNERAL. I mean since he is not there most of the time anyway why not just let T.G go and give his pay check to G.F?
    That way Lulu can have someone in her corner against that LOSER/BITCH/Carly.

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