Port Chuck… The Band!

Port Chuck is no longer just the fictional city we’ve come to love as fan’s of General Hospital. Now, Port Chuck is a band! Steve Burton (Jason Morgan) pulled his castmates together and created Port Chuck with Brandon Barash (Johnny), Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) and longtime friend Scott Reeves (Steven). All three have displayed their musical talents before, however, Reeves–who has been living in Nashville, Tennessee–is one half of an award nominated country duo, Blue County. Visit Port Chuck for tour dates, videos and more!

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    3 of these 4 men have shown their talents.  What exactly is Steve Burton’s talent?  Does he sing or play an instrument?  I think I would liked to see Jason participate in karaoke night.

  2. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Jason Morgan playing the bango and singing country tunes??? LMFAO!!!

    Wild horses couldn’t keep me away from the TV if that were to happen!! Sadly, Jason would not know what to do with a bango—after all, they don’t have built-in bullet chambers, and it’s kinda hard to kill someone with one unless you clobber them over the head with it!!!

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    I can’t comment on how the others sound but I do remember when Scott Reeves and his band performed on As The World Turns. They were great.
    Oh wait! I can comment on Bradford. He is on my ABC soaps cd and he is a good singer too.

    I hope Port Chuck does very well.

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    Too bad Rick Springfield and Jack Wagner aren’t on the show anymore.

    Not to nit-pick…but Scott Reeves’ country duo is called BLUE COUNTY. They haven’t recorded anything in a few years, though.

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