Scrap the Crap, Give us Brody and Natalie on OLTL!

Oh yes, this is just what we want to watch on One Life to Live, Natalie (Melissa Archer) and John (Michael Easton) teaming up. I honestly can’t think of anything more to say about this craptastic retread of a couple. Cut your losses already OLTL and go for what is working and that is Brody (Mark Lawson) and Natalie! Their scenes light up our TVs.

Watch this week’s OLTL promo after the jump.

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    well, maybe being with Nat will help Brody get over Messica…just in time for her to get her memories back and fight Nat for him. I don’t think we’ve had the  Buchanan sisters fight over a man, have we? 

    so how long is it going to take Llanview’s dumbest to figure out that Hannah caused Marty’s fall?

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    I agree with sunndays25, this is a soap.  How many times has Natalie herself bedded someone because the person she wanted was unavailable.  Remember Brody himself was sleeping and getting drunk when he first appeared to dull his pain.  I am a firm believer in natural story progression.  Come on OLTL regime give us Brodalie or whatever their squish name is supposed to be.

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    P.S. those Buchannan girls have a history sharing their sloppy 2nds.  I’d better stop because someone perverse could have a field day with that statement.

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    Don’t like either Brody or Natalie so it would make for decent fastfoward material.

    Cole vs. Todd is tired IMO. Todd will always be a problem for Sole and they will never like each other. I feel like this story is told every spring/summer. I’d rather see Hannah get in between Starr and Cole; at least she’s interesting.

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    Luke Kerr

    We discuss it on this week’s ABC podcast, but I think Natalie and Brody falling for each other and then Jessica getting her memory back and catches them in bed would be good old soap. I think it would be fun to watch those two fighting over Brody. It would certainly be 100 times better than their current respective storylines.

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    No Daisy

    Its really hard for me not to want Jolie together but I really don’t like this needy Natalie.  Why does she want/need to help John find the good samaritan that pushed Marty down the stairs?  If it was to clear her own name ok, I’d buy it, but the promo definately leads me to believe she is back to "my life is all about John".  She is no longer that person and it bothers me to see her portrayed this way again.

    I’d like a extra helping of Brodalie in the comming weeks.  Hey, they don’t have to be in love or in a committed relationship in order to enjoy each others company or each others hot bod.  Both Brody and Nat need to relieve a little tension, why not do it together.   Its so much more fulfilling that way.

    I’m actually interested to see what becomes of Starr and Cole after the beatdown. Go figure.

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    Brody and Natalie’s nickname would be Brat because that is how Melissa Archer plays Natalie: as a child who throws a tantrum whenever she doesn’t get her way.  Was Jared merely a speed bump on Jolie Road?  This rushed Jolie reunion stinks of a Frons mandate.  Sibling triangles are a big yuch for me but I’d rather a Nat/Brody/Jess triangle than Jolie redux.

    Bytheby: Susan Haskell proved her talents once again yesterday and by the end of the show I wasn’t just crying I was sobbing.  Susan/Marty isn’t boring Carlavati’s insistence on making Todd the focus of the show is.

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    I for one am a Jody fan. But liking the stuff between Natalie and Brody too. I am a bit torn because I do like Luke’s idea. But I also don’t like that everytime a male and female connect they have them hop into bed. Hey whatever gets some Brody airtime works for me.

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    As Doctormo77 said, Jess and Natalie have taken up w/ each other’s exes, (Cristian, Seth) but never each wanted the same guy at the same time, so that would be interesting to see.  I’d also like to see the original Tess, the one who fell for Nash emerge and fight Natalie for Brody.  Brody’s always been paired with the sweet girls, Gigi and Jess, so it would be fun to see two vixens, Nat and Tess fighting over him, just for a little while.

    I’m another one who’s over the Todd vs. Cole s/l. It’s been done before and these two will never see eye to eye, so unless this is being done to make Dani more sympathetic to beaten-to-a-pulp Todd, what’s the point?  Starr will always side w/ Todd. Cole will always side w/ Marty. But they will always have a connection w/ Hope, so they really can’t be broken up, permenantly, just as Blair and Todd are connected by their kids, as are Todd and Tea.

    OLTL went from "can’t stand it if I can’t watch live and have to wait to watch it on SoapNet" to "eh, I’ll watch it later" for me in about 2 weeks. What’s going on Ron C.? Did you go on vacation? Are the scab writers there again?  I’m still watching, but it’s not as fun as it used to be. Miscarriages, murders, beatings, and I don’t even want to mention/believe what may be coming for Tea. It’s all so depressing.  All the fun characters and spark are gone from this show. What happened?

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    I cant believe I am saying this BUT– I find myself skipping over OLTL on my TiVo these days BUT tune into AMC daily!!  OLTL is boring me– and at the same time I feel like so much of their storylines are recycled and I dont care to know their outcome.  I mean at this point I could care less who Rex’s parents are (although the on line reports are now saying he is the son of Blair & Patrick).  I can not stand John McPain- I really kinda hope he leaves town.  I’m over Marty’s endless crying.  Jessica in High School is soooooooooooooo stupid.  When I heard Gina T was coming back I was thrilled– and yet I fast forward many of her scenes!
    The only things that work on the show for me right now are:

    Todd & Tea- but I hear they are letting go of Tea

    Balir & Eli— but I have this feeling they are gearing up for a Kelly/Todd/Blair triangle— which is turning my stomach.  How many times will Blair go back to him?  And why if Todd SIZZLES with Tea- would you dump that chem to have him spending more and more time with Kelly?

    Dorian/Charlie/Viki scenes are always great!!!

    Ford & Langston– these two crazy kids are workin.  I would love for Ford to have a HIV scare & that force Langston to tell Markko!!!

    How I would save OLTL:
    ~Have marty put on her BIG GIRL pants and dump John’s sorry ass
    ~ Give Rex a set of parents that no one guessed A STICK WITH IT!!
    ~ Bring home Kevin & Cassie– and have a triangle of Kelly/Kevin/Cassie—– there is so much un settled stuff between Kevin & these two women.  And have these pairing just drive Dorian to crazy extremes!!!!
    ~ Marty needs a real LOVE INTEREST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    ~ Natalie also kicks John ‘s ass to the curb
    ~ Jessica gets therapy- gets back to normal only to see Brody & Natalie have grown so close & she is now the 3rd wheel.
    ~ Roxy— since this poor woman has really taken a beating in terms of now having no real children on canvas– I would really like to see Roxy/Natalie and Rex working towards making sure the 3 are solid- because no matter their blood lines–they are really family!!!!  And also- i would like to make sure they secure a bond between Roxy & Shane– as this LADY IS HIS GRANDMA by actions and love!
    ~ I would like to hear Stacey lied to Gigi & her parents never died but are alive.  ANd maybe have Gigi torn between moving back home to build rebuild her relationship with them or stay & work it out with Rex

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    Nat Guy

    Ha, good samaritan.  Yeah I don’t mind Jolie, but it is a little tired.  Brody and Natalie would be a fresh change.  It would be nice if they took their time, built a relationship, and then brought Jessica into the mix.  Brody could really be torn between the two.  And Viki’s head would explode.

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    I don’t think we can blame Melissa Archer for the way she’s been portraying Natalie, since Ron C is writing her as a brat. I agree with Luke that Nat vs Jess is good old fashioned soapiness,,,which is what One Life is missing these days. They need to stop this Joh and Nat madness now.

    Marty’s tears did nothing for me…and I thought it would touch me, having lost 2 babies myself. But all I kept thinking was, shut the hell up! This character has been an annoyance since she came back to the show. I LOVED Marty when she first came on years ago…now I pray for her to leave.

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    Call me crazy, but why not test the waters with a Marty & Brody romance? It’s a good way to put Jess & Marty’s friendship(which, if memory serves, has lasted for quite a while-though it hasn’t been touched on as much)through some strain and create a good triangle.

    maxsmom: Agreed on SH bringing it on Monday’s show…shifting from being quiet to ripping into Nat, then yelling at Brody. 

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    I wouldn’t mind a Brody and Natalie hook up but didn’t the article say Brody and Natalie are burning up the screen or something?  When ? Where?  I must have missed it.
    All I have seen is her whining about the Marty situation to him.  No spark at all.

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    Jessica is being a pain in the ass to watch, Brody and Natalie were fire in that walk in scene after he was doing the jump ropes. I agree lets see this, when she regains her memory Natalie/Brody would make her feel just like Brody is feeling right now. I’m sorry it’s beyond annoying w/ Jess trying to get Christian.

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    I agree with No Daisy. I like Jolie, but I only like Natalie when she has a bit of an edge to her, I can’t stand whiny, needy Nat.
    I also want Jody as the endgame, but think in the meantime the show should try a Brody/Layla pairing, not Brody/Natalie.

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