Whose GH Return is More Important: Genie Francis or Vanessa Marcil?

In light of the news that General Hospital is interested in bringing back both Genie Francis and Vanessa Marcil, I couldn’t help but wonder whose return is more important to fans?

Whose return is more important?

Whose GH Return is More Important: Genie Francis or Vanessa Marcil?

  • Vanessa Marcil (34%, 808 Votes)
  • Genie Francis (66%, 1,540 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,348


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    I didn’t vote, it’s not a fair question, I want them both. I think Brenda’s return would be easy to botch(see James Franco, Martha Byrne, Natalia’s return) while Laura’s could be seamless as she could jump right into her children’s complicated lives but I won’t chose.

  2. Profile photo of daisychains7

    I personally believe Vanessa could bring in more viewers than Genie. But Genie’s return is more important. She was always the “heart” of the show to me. Plus to see Genie opposite Tony and Jonathan? Many of us, myself included, have dreamed about that for years.

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    Regan Cellura

    I love both ladies… however, if my ratings memory serves (maybe Jamey can comment) I believe Vanessa’s return did much more ratings wise than Genie’s did. From a longtime fan’s perspective, that could/would/should make you a little mad whether you are a Brenda fan or not. From ABCD’s perspective, Marcil is the one with the proven ratings boost.

  4. Profile photo of Grimm

     I felt thus at the time and will state it now:  When Genie Francis had her big blowout, point of no return, "Laura killed Rick Webber and the men in her life have been protecting her from that all her life" exit storyline , I felt it marked a true end of an era.  Genie  Francis’ Laura was the epitome of an era of Soap Opera heroine.  She was the fragile ingenue who grew into a maternal role for the next generation.  The exit storyline brought her full circle to her beginnings and paved the way for the new age of Soap Opera heroine to formally become the new senior guard. 

    From that point on, for good or ill, characters like Vanessa Marcil’s Brenda took prominence in the new generation storytelling and became more important to the canvas.  The Brenda archetype of impure heroine would influence latter ingenues and heroine, Carly, Maxie, LuLu etc.

    Granted they have since semi-successfully undid the deconstuction of the Laura archetype heroine with Francis’ returns but the transition has been made and we cannot get the old GH back.
    Brenda has more long term use in modern storytelling as a result.  While Laura has become something of a non-issue in order for other characters to move ahead (Luke with Tracy, Ethan, etc), Brenda casts a longer shadow even offscreen her presence is felt.  I think Carly once said it to Sam "Brenda always comes back, you will always be compared to her".  The mere thought that Jax might visit Brenda offscreen was enough to show that the CarJax marriage might be on the rocks.  
    Wth Laura’s return, there is nostalgia value and that is limited.

  5. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    OK, so I loved both characters.  I never really saw Brenda as the bad girl heroine.  She was always the confused heroine for me.  I think Laura was the same.  Having said that, there is no contest for me.  Laura is the character that I started watching the show for.  I enjoyed her and Scott getting together and I enjoyed Luke coming between them.   Laura is GH for me.  I have found these show runners foolish for years just for not bowing and scraping to her to get to keep her.  

    I liked Brenda.  I liked her with Sonny.  I haven’t really liked Sonny since she left.  She made him acceptable.  I think Robin does the same for him.  They humanized an increasingly disagreeable character.  He is obnoxious.  I hate the way he feels everything should be about his wants and needs.  I don’t think any other pairing as ever made him likable for me.   I wouldn’t want Sonny with Brenda though.  I would want her back and happy without him.  I would want he and Jax to be tripping all over themselves to see her and have her have zero interest in either of them.   I would love for Carly to be threatened by her presence and for Brenda to just not care.  I would love for her to hook up with Jason though.  That would drive all of them crazy.

  6. Profile photo of lefthandedboy

     Guza destroyed Laura just like he has destroyed every beloved character on GH. As much as I would love to see Genie come back, I could not bare to see what he does to her this time. If he and Phelps get their way, Laura will leave the show once and for all in a body bag.

  7. Profile photo of wjhboy73

    Wth Laura’s return, there is nostalgia value and that is limited. ?????  

    The Star Power this show maintains on ABC is because of the LUKE and LAURA Pop Culture Phenomenon.   If you walk down the street and randomly ask people who Sonny and Brenda or who  Brenda and Jax are…you’ll get looks as if you escaped from Shadybrooke Institution.   You alter the question and say Luke and Laura… and 9 times out of 10, people who don’t watch soaps or who  haven’t watch GH since 1983 when they originally left together… will know what you’re talking about…..  Almost 30 years later….. 

    Everyone , including Guza, Phelps and Frons need to get their heads out of their A$$es and make this happen….. Bring her back for at least 6 months, have her go head to head with Tracy,  get in this Lucky and Nicholas situation,   battle Luke over the infidelity with Holly   and drop the bomb that Nicholas isn’t a Cassadine, but really Luke and Laura’s firstborn…….  There’s your storyline for the year  based on history  and involving a LOT of characters people actually care about……..

    If Vanecca Marcil agreesto come back for limited time, I really have no problem.  Would be interesting to see how that dynamic plays out  since Sonny and Jax would probably drop Carly and go do battle over Brenda :)   But this is a B storyline.   The main event should be Luke and Laura.  Sorry . I’m old school on this one.

    I’m 36. I remember the 80’s heydey of soaps.   And I know the where the bread and butter of this show is.   Brenda ain’t it.

  8. Profile photo of purplebraids

    I  like both but I would love to have both Laura and Brenda back at the same to and so I  didn`t vote because it`s not fair for me to vote one over the  other so I  would like both characters both characters come with history with other characters on the canvse ,The only problem is  what would be the storyline to bring Laura  and Brenda back that would be my issue because Guza is really bad at returns .

  9. Profile photo of jlj0117

    I voted Genie. I would love to see Vanessa return, but Genie would make more since right now.

    All of the things going on with Lucky, and Nik, and this new baby that every one believs is Niks, but is really Luckys………Laura just needs to get her ass home.

  10. Profile photo of AZLiam

    I’ve been a longtime viewer since the late 70’s and I couldn’t choose.

    I think Laura is/was/should be again the heart of the show.  Genie is a phenomenal actress.

    Vanessa just seems to have great chemistry with everything/anything.

    In addition, I believe Lynn Herring is desperately needed back.  GH has been lacking her dramatic/comedic skills ever since she left GH and was put on Port Charles.  I’d sure love to see Lucy go head-to-head or partner with Kate. 

  11. Profile photo of mcmaire

    Personally, I’d rather see Robert & Anna come back. But i have to admit that Laura is the key to GH gaining back its heart.  (But she can’t do it if Guza’s writing her story. )

  12. Profile photo of mcmaire

    Personally, I’d rather see Robert & Anna come back. But i have to admit that Laura is the key to GH gaining back its heart.  (But she can’t do it if Guza’s writing her story. )

  13. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    GH storyline idea of the decade: Lucy Coe is Spinelli’s long-lost mother!! Some of her eggs were stolen from when she was Dominique’s surrogate by some mad crazy doctor (played by some magnificent veteran daytime actor or actress!), and harvested in some other woman, 20-something years later (thanks to SORAS!), we have the babbling, socially inept wonderfulness that is Spinelli!!! Guza, feel free to run with this one!!!

  14. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    alstonboy – I really like your idea.  I think Lucy and Spinelli have a lot in common.  I think I would like it even more if Scott Baldwin turned out to be Spinelli’s father.  I would love to see Scott have to deal with Spinelli and all of his mob ties.

  15. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    I wish Guza and Phelps were reading this!! Lynn Herring is a WONDERFUL actress that this show could utilize in order to build on the history of Spinell’s character!! Of course, they would probably just say that there’s no money, even though we all know that’s a bunch of bulls**t!!!!

  16. Profile photo of AZLiam

    [quote=alstonboy4315]GH storyline idea of the decade: Lucy Coe is Spinelli’s long-lost mother!! Some of her eggs were stolen from when she was Dominique’s surrogate by some mad crazy doctor (played by some magnificent veteran daytime actor or actress!), and harvested in some other woman, 20-something years later (thanks to SORAS!), we have the babbling, socially inept wonderfulness that is Spinelli!!! Guza, feel free to run with this one!!![/quote]

    Could you imagine the dynamics if she was Spinelli’s mother?  If Maxie ever "stepped out of line", Lucy surely would give her he11, and I’m sure it would affect the dynamics between Lucy and Flea’s friendship…I wonder if we’d even get a chance to see Felicia again???

  17. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Now, talk about a character being DESTROYED by one writer’s pen!! I am a Guza fan, but the way he did Felicia’s character is simply criminal!! I can’t imagine Kristina Wagner wanting to come back to play this part again long-term after it has essentially been ruined!!! Kristina has been painted as a HORRIBLE mother who is hopelessly negligent!! Otherwise, a Felicia/Mac/Alexis triangle would be hot, if they could give Kristina decent airtime and not further ruin her character, I would be open to a Felicia return!!!

  18. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    Laura! Laura! Laura!

    I wish people would either take their dump or get off the pot about these supposed talks that creep up like every 6 months or so. You hear me Guza and Phelps?

  19. Profile photo of gjr1969

    I’m gonna have to disagree with that. I don’t see the "Laura killed Rick" story as a turning point for soap heroines but a disgraceful way of discarding a soap legend. Just shows how out of touch of touch Guza and the gang are. They write out Genie, then proceed to have a  story involving her with a wig for how long? The fact that they throw this out just shows they DO see potential in Genie coming back. As it has been noted, Genie would have any number of points of entry, Luke, Lucky, Lulu etc.

    I don’t see that potential for Brenda. She has done the Jax and Sonny thing 300 times. And while she would have appeal to her fan following, I wonder if she has the appeal she had 5 years ago before she did Vegas.

  20. Profile photo of luverica

    For me that’s a no-brainer. Genie Francis/Laura Spencer is the Queen of GH. No offense to Laura Wright or Vanessa Marcil but let’s keep it real here. I love Brenda Barrett but if it’s a choice between Genie and Vanessa, then hey, I got to go with my Genie. She’s the ONLY one who could get me to watch GH or an almost daily basis and I think a Laura/Luke/Tracy triangle would be great.

  21. Profile photo of season1217

    Genie Francis is one of the reasons this show is still on the air and wasn’t cancelled decades ago. Having said that, considering the ratings surge that occurred during her last return and Guza’s absolute love for her, Vanessa’s return could be more important to the show now.

  22. Profile photo of east.west

     At this point one is not important than the other. Both have their pros in returning to the creatively rejuvenated show. Francis will add the much needed heart and nostalgia to the "good ole days" of the soap. They don’t even have to have her w/Luke (SHOCK! GASP! TOOT!= reactions ppl might have reading that). She can be a mother to her children, who need one right now in the various dramas of their life. And they can give her an opportunity to find love again, like Luke did. Marcil will bring in rating =. I am not sure it will be the equivelent to what she brought last time, but if she brought a fraction of that it would be good for the show. She represents the current era of the show. Tons of stories could be told w/her Sonny, Jax, Carly, Robin, Jason, Sam, the Qs.

    I guess what I am trying to say is both returns are important b/c they both represent a well recieved era of the show and would bring an appeasement for both sides. Hopefully before the yr. ends both Genie and Vanessa will be on the canvas in worthy storylines that continues the shows upswing.

  23. Profile photo of Analiza

    [quote=AZLiam] I believe Lynn Herring is desperately needed back.  GH has been lacking her dramatic/comedic skills ever since she left GH and was put on Port Charles.  I’d sure love to see Lucy go head-to-head or partner with Kate.  [/quote]

    This is a GREAT idea.

    I voted for Genie even though I can’t imagine what they would do with either one of these ladies should they come back.

    I really feel like they wrapped things up the last time Brenda surfaced and so many people love Luke and Tracy together that it almost seems wrong to bring Genie back (especially on the heels of this Skye thing), even if it would mean we’d get to see her with JJ again.

    Now Lucy, she can blow into town and bring a whole slew of fun with her (but please, let’s leave the vampire slaying to Buffy).

  24. Profile photo of ABCJunky73

    I voted for Genie Frances! There are always rumors of Vanessa Marcil returning then she gets a plot or something and pulls out! I WANT MY LAURA! GF is more of an asset and besides when or if she does come back, imagine the scene of Luke explaining to Laura about Ethan! I have nothing against Ethan, in fact when I do watch GH, I find the character of Ethan intriguing. But just imagine Laura’s reaction to Luke having a son with Holly! That I would love to see. Besides if GF does return and they giver her a storyline worth watching, I just might watch GH a little more. Also I would LOVE of Lucy and Scott and Kevin came back also!! Yes, I’m an "old school" soap character lover and proud of it! ;)

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    Jamey Giddens

    I think they are equally important. Genie could provide the show with much needed heart, and Luke and Laura will always be THE soap opera supercouple, but in terms of providing a ratings surge, Vanessa is the post-modern champ.


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    GENIE FRANCIS!!!!!!!

    The absolute last thing this show needs is anyone else in Sonny and Jason’s orbit. For this years Broadway Cares battle of the network family fundraising event, half the darn cast was on the Corinthos family tree and the whole thing made a lousy $25 for the charity. Meanwhile the Spencers and Scorpios raised thousands (and a team just for Laura Spencer made more than anyone for GH).  The audience wants their show back which means moving sonny and the gang a step or two back so the other families (biological not syndicate) can take center stage once again…. And the formulate that made GH great might get a little play.

    Genie Francis is one of the best actresses that daytime has ever seen. Ms. Marcil though gained skills during her stint on GH does compare by any stretch of the imagination.  Lulu needs to get to know her mother, Lucky needs his mother’s influence and Nik needs her as well. Genie Francis acting against Jonathan Jackson is some of the best entertainment television has ever seen. THATS what I want in my daytime drama!!!

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    disillusioned GH fan

    Genie Francis is to GH what Erica Kane is to AMC, or Vicki and Dorian are to OLTL. She and Tony ARE GH, even though the current PTB want you to believe it’s Sonny, Carly and Jason. It nevr has been, nor will it be these three as the face of GH because GH iconic status lies in a core couple and their family, the Spencers.

    With that being said, I believe Vanessa Marcil was the Genie Francis of the 90’s when GH tried building the show for the next generation of viewers. Although, Vanessa never achieved the stature Genie did, Vanessa made her mark.

    The 90’s were more respected by viewers than the past 10 years, in that the GH evolution has dismantled the legacy of the show. GH writing and producing has failed to build upon the iconic stature of the 80’s and 90’s by devolving into a soprano’s like bad comedy fest of criminals and their bimbo’s. GH has not created any couple or family to rally behind in the fashion it had in the past.

    Lucky/Liz (JJ years and present)

    Just making this list, I could feel the decline of the soap and it’s ability to create couples of intense interest and positive storytelling. I was thrilled when JJ came back as Lucky because the original LL2 had the best chemistry for super couple-dom that GH has produced in a long time. However, since JJ came back, I think the current writers aren’t doing them justice. I’ve been on the fence about about the Liz/Lucky/Nik sotryline, I mean it could work, but the writing to make it work Isn’t strong enough.

    Brining Laura back doesn’t have to be about reuniting Luke/Laura since there is a lot of frction to work through there. Even bringing on Emma Samms Holly for a Luke/Laura/Holly battle of the infidelities would be a good story, all the while leaving Tracy and Luke in their own tug of war. If you are going to dismantle the Quartermaines the way Guza has, you should have been building up the next leading family, the Spencers, not the Corinthos. The last decade has proven, viewers don’t accept, recognise or want Sonny, Carly and Jason as the face of GH!

  28. Profile photo of gfloyd

    Bring back GENIE FRANCIS!

    GF was the heart of GH dating back to the 70s.  The show’s survival rested on GF’s shoulders in the 70s, and when she and TG coupled there was no stopping the show’s success.  

    I would love to see her come back on a permanent basis.  I think there could be great story lines involving her children.  As far as Luke goes, I’m not a fan.  I would love to see him explain Ethan to Laura.  I would love it if Laura was no longer interested in Luke in a romantic way.  She can still love him, but not be in love w/ him.  I don’t want to see her w/ Scotty either. It would be great to see her living her life on her own and being a family with her children and grandchildren.  It would be nice to see an independent, strong women being played on t.v. At some point, a romantic interest would be interesting; perhaps, someone a bit younger than her.   No offense to those Luke/TG fans, but I just don’t see him as a romantic, leading man.  He’s too old – sorry, but he looks so much older than Laura – he always did, but now he looks like an old man.  I just don’t think the pairing would be believable anymore.

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    I find this question to be nothing short of LAUGHABLE!!!! There is NO contest, as far as I can see……

    Genie Francis is TEN times more of an asset to this show than Vanessa Marcil is, in my opinion. I don’t dislike Vanessa, I just never understood the massive cult-like following that she seems to evoke.
    Genie is one half of the most popular couple in daytime HISTORY!! She is related to, or has ties to, almost EVERY character in the town, in some way shape or form, and Lulu and Lucky need their mother!! Luke also needs to be forced to look at Laura in the eyes and explain to her how he managed to cheat on her with Holly while they were "happily married"!! I’d love to see Luke try to tap dance his way out of THAT confrontation!! He’s a smooth talker, but not that smooth!!! Bring back Genie Francis. This show has soooo many loose ends to tie up with this character, it seems criminal not to bring her back, at least for a few months!!!

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